Weekly Wisdom #367 - Starting 2016 With a BANG!

They say that the smoothest rocks come from the harshest part of the stream. Just like some of your most incredible successes come from the toughest parts of your life!

And as we leave the 2015 year and head into the 2016 year, I want to share with everyone how important it is to understand that failing at something isn't the end of your dream or the end of your future, but GIVING UP is!

I think about so many of my students who were going through some of the toughest parts in their lives that decided that giving up, laying down, backing off from their dreams was SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION!

And you know what, 2016 is YOUR YEAR to say "Heck no! There is no way I am giving up! If I get knocked down I am going to stand back up! If I fail, I'm gonna learn to succeed!"

SO go watch this special FINAL Weekly Wisdom of 2015 and find out how to keep your mind focused on the OUTCOME of your actions, rather than the obstacles you may face. And how in a few weeks I am doing something so special, that it is something I have NEVER done in my entire career. This is going to blow your mind! Watch now!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

Matt's Bump in the Road

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I would like to see a video of Matt's "Bump" in the road. Since we learn much more from our mistakes than our successes why not show us Matt's blunders. Thank you, John

rough going

Thats so true Dean we really grow when are backs are againist the wall and when things dont go well, oh so true,sincerely, Jim

Cutting edge here we go!

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As a real estate investor, one of the biggest reasons to be active in the DG family is staying on the cutting edge of what works in the market TODAY. No one provides the up to the minute education like you do, Dean! Thank you for getting Matt lined up to tell us what we can do NOW in 2016 to skyrocket our success.
Matt was my mentor when I started, and yes, I paid a lot of money to learn from him. It was so worth it! Can't wait for the latest edition of Matt's discoveries.

Once again, it's "Outta the park"......

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Thanks Dean:
Once again you have delivered timely and wise "wisdom" that all of us need to hear. To piggy back your comment, How can we know SUCCESS if we don't know failure?
To hear that Matt actually failed at something is a lesson for sure. Even the great and powerful fail but that does not make them any less of a person or someone not worth following. His prior success and post failure success just proves that, it can be done at any point. I can't wait to see him on film. Smiling

As for 2015, recently, I started looking at the year with bad eyes. I'm currently working on a year end order that unfortunately, I won't have done before the end of the year. Sad That is going to disappoint a few people. But then, in the middle of the night ( about 3 a.m. to be precise), while still at my bench working, I thought: What a year I have had! Just 12 months ago, my building finally got finished. Now, I am almost fully set up and running in it. 1 side went from having 7 aquariums with a few fish to now over 80 tanks all full of fish that I have created. The other side went from wood boards and nails to a place I can be in all night if I choose and be productive the whole time. ( I hadn't had that ability in 7 years.) AND, in this year, I have had 3 Real Estate deals that I am a part of also happen. And I was thinking this was a bad year?? Reality check time! This was a great year!!! Then I started changing my thinking. No, I won't finish the year strong but I am going to be starting 2016 on a very high note. The first order for the year will be larger than anything I did in 2015 plus I have now developed a system to increase volume without increasing work hours. ( A little lesson from You & Matt I remembered. Eye-wink )

So as I look back at 2015 and forward to 2016, I can see much more success because of my previous failures. Thankfully, none of my failures killed me so they only allowed for me to grow and learn. And isn't that what it's all about? Hmmmmmm Eye-wink

I want wish you and yours and the whole DG Family a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Smiling

Until next time.....
Andy Sager ( DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013, 2014 and 2015 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud

Looking forward to 2016!

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Thank you Dean,

for lining up a video of Matt in action! How cool is that!?!

Yes, to be successful we have to take action; and when we take action, we will face obstacles, but we have to remember that they are obstacles, not failures!
Thank you for always giving us tools and motivation to keep moving forward and never give up!

Looking forward to seeing a day in Matt's real rei life!



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Looking good in the shirt and jacket Dean! Yes love any videos you send. Yeah heard about the bump Matt went through. He is awesome because he always finds a better route. Matt could do a series not just a day.

Starting 2016 With a BANG!

Hi Dean

Thanks again for another inspiring video and the last of 2015.

It's been a slow year and hopefully 2016 will be more productive.

I look forward to seeing Matt in action. Please let us know when he's ready.

Have a great New Years!



Looking forward a Banner 2016 year!

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Once again Dean you delivered another GREAT weekly wisdom.

BTW, here's another take on starting 2016 off with Great :


Thank you again,


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We definitely learn from our mistakes, then when life throws us a curveball we have to make a change!

This was what happened to me and I had to change..

I had to change my mindset and come out of my comfort zone to grow as a person, still working on that Eye-wink

Thanks for all you have done for the DG family!


learn from what's happened

Dean - yes - we often learn more quickly and deeply from those 'mistakes' or 'bumps' because they spur us into looking more actively for alternatives. Opportunities we might have ignored otherwise are more apparent. Thanks for all your 'cheer leading' and solid techniques for improving lives. Happy New Year to all.

Hey Dean!

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Thanks for the weekly wisdom! Looking forward to seeing some video on Matt's mistakes and how he learned from them to get over the plateau/speed bump. It's always the one or two little tips I pick up that turn into golden nuggets and help to keep me pushing forward in this business.

Happy new years!

Make it a great week!

Bring it on 2016!

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So true that you learn from your mistakes and that growth will take you to the next level. I've had a few "complicated" deals that I learned so much from and that adds to my experience.

Always grateful for my start with Dean since his education was the very first I bought. I did not take off like a "rocket", but I have grown every year and I get more experienced every year and I'm making more progress every year. So my style seems to be slow and steady, but I'll get there nevertheless.

Weekly Wisdom #367 - Starting 2016 With a BANG!

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Hi Dean,

Happy New Year.....Best Wishes for 2016

Looking forward to more great information from Matt & You....in 2016.......Smiling

Thank You for all you do....xo



Thanks for this site with INC Iam going to work on those things, sincerely, Jim ( jbischoff)

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