Weekly Wisdom #370 - Stop Self Suffering!

So many of us have found a way to make ourselves suffer when bad things happen in life...

Somebody might hurt us, or lie to us, or make us feel like we aren't worthy. But you know what, no one can make you feel a certain way unless you give them permission to make you feel that way!

And that permission comes in the form of making yourself suffer. Well what if we decided to stop suffering? What if, when someone did something to us in a negative way, we stopped and thought to ourselves "oh, well their loss! I'm gonna be just fine!"

In this Weekly Wisdom I want to share with you how you can cut out some of the self inflicted suffering in your life!

Watch now!

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Good Morning Dean giving am

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Good Morning Dean giving am taking my dad in 4 a all day cancer treatment & mom 2 the doctor in the next office 2 have a skin can set cut out.

I want 2 say ur weekly wisdom was great.ur daughter is so precious!!

Wounds are powerful but our words can be even more powerful
especially when we allow God 2 take our hand in those painful things people say 2 us or where there may just be pain in our hearts.
PAIN is an interesting word that can have 2 out comes.

Powerful Anointing Is Now or it can be a
Powerful Abuse I Now
If u look closely @ both sentences the word PAIN spell out 2 different out comes
1 is am anointing in other words power over the P.a.i.n.

2 is an abuse over yourself P.a.i.n

I would like 2 retype this but I have 2 run I need 2 get my parents 2 each doctor now I hope this made sense

Examine, Consider, Observe

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Dean!

Your words influence me every day with every Weekly Wisdom you send.

They bring me up when I'm suffering and help me dance and celebrate when I'm not.

I know you already know this, but your careful examination, observation, and consideration of your own life helps us all examine, consider, and observe ours.

Also, with regards to your conversation with Bree last week...?

Could you be our dad too...? Smiling

Great Timing

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for this weekly wisdom, I'm at a point in my life now, that it seems that my ex-wife has the power to do things to just shut me down and I go spiraling back to a standstill. And the memories come flooding back again. But today I make a decision to stop the suffering and move on with my life and become a better me.

Thank again Dean for that nudge.

God bless, you are rasing a powerful young lady she will impact the world greatly.


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Just finished Be a Real Estate Millionaire Dean. A lot of good gems in there. I recommend it for beginners, such as myself.


Great subject Dean.I like especially the part about being the thermostat of our lives.So true.Thanks.

Dean's insight

As usual,
Dean you have no idea how close to home you hit on a lot of your w.wisdom's, especially this week, over the weekend I had a "difference of opinion" with my youngest boy(27), and things got said that were not so kind, and I'm struggling to be bigger than where my mind automatically goes to.
As I said before,"as usual" Dean hit's the nail on the head once again, "no-one can can make you feel a certain way, unless you give them permission", and "That" is exactly how I need to deal with this dilemma,I need to stop suffering, and concentrate on the 30+ yrs. that have been invested into trying to do the best that I know how for my family.
Thanks again Dean, your usually pretty close to where the best of us should be.

Thermometer vs. Thermostat

It's funny and coincidental that I hear these words from someone I admire so. I notice myself suffering from anger management at times, as I recently said these words to someone very close to me, "I feel like a thermometer, become angry and at the verge of exploding. Then, when you see I am about to explode, it is when you finally step back and try to calm me instead." Your words have made me reflect on myself. It is I who has full control of my emotions, and becoming the thermostat, not the thermometer, may help me too, in controlling my emotions. Your words to your daughter,"...say to yourself, 'She's silly'" are going to become mine too. Thank you for sharing some of your lives secrets that have helped you and in turn are helping many of us. May God continue blessing you, Dean and we are blessed to have you share yourself in our lives.

ww #370

Thank you Dean, Very much I ALWAYS get something from everyone
of your weekly wisdoms.

with much Gratitude, Linda

Weekly Wisdom #370 - Stop Self Suffering!

Dean, thanks for another great weekly wisdom.
This one is particularly deep and important.

With me it feels as though there's a second person of which I'd like to life coach, if only he'd listen.

Your children are fortunate to have parents who seek to offer and instill knowledge and guidance throughout their lives.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge and guidance with others.

Weekly Wisdom #370 - Stop Self Suffering!

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for the weekly wisdom.......Smiling

I always take something away from them....xo


very touching Dean...

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what you say is very true: we can give love to others, but oftentimes, we do not give ourselves that same love... I'm working on being the thermostat!

Thank you Dean!

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