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Hello Folks,
I understand that the "Live Events" are to recruit new people and to see how aware the general public is to how the economy is effecting the R.E. market.
As I have done before I sat through the first two segments of the event, and got some really good info about our area, but when it came time to accually sign up, I knew I didn't have the $2000.00 "CASH or CREDIT CARD", but the host said to go to the back, and speak with one of the folks in the back of the room, and they "MAY" be able to work something out with payments or some other way to pay for the 3 day seminar.
As I made my way back to the rear of the room, I got into a conversation with another fellow who was sitting near me, and it turned out, he had the same situation.
I started to speak to one of the guy's in the back, he asked what day's I could attend,and as I asked him the day's, I made it clear to him that I work full-time,and it would be difficult(money wise) to take off a day and attend, which his response to me was,"Well you really don't need to be there the first day, its not that important. How did you plan to pay."
He also informed me that if I did't have a thousand dollors "CASH,CHECK,or CREDIT CARD" when I signed up, there wasn't anything he could do for me, but if I wanted to stay for the third speaker, that was fine.
I accually left the event very disapointed the way this was handled, although I have been following Dean for quite some time, and think he is genuanlly trying to help people find a new way to live there dream, and try to help others help themselves.
I am very dissappointed and wonder if Dean accually knows how these are being conducted.
Sorry for the negativity, but this really seamed to get under my skin.
If there is a way to get the classes, or learn "WHO THE MONEY PEOPLE ARE", I would really appretiate the help
CJmiddleman @