Weekly Wisdom #379 - What's the thorn in your arm?

So what is the thorn in YOUR arm? And I know you're probably thinking to yourself, "What is Dean talking about, has he lost his mind?!"

Well in this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to show you that you have a thorn in your arm, and that you are doing everything to protect yourself from the pain it's causing except for the one thing that can get rid of the pain for good.

Check out this week's message and I promise it will all make sense. This is a must watch!

Watch now!

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

Can't Wait

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Can't wait to see you in just a few short days!

Today's weekly wisdom

Dean, I really like the the daily wisdom you give us it really makes me think about my life. I have taken charge last week I gave my two week notice and my husband and I are moving back to Idaho from working in the oil field. We finally let go.
Thank you for your wisdom you give. Now I need to go to work.

Just Do It!

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Great Weekly Dean!

getting past the fear to overcome our insecurities is not easy; but if we don't, we may never reach our goals and our full potential... we have to think Nike...Just Do It! Smiling

Thank you!

pull the thorn out

Dean is so right that we built up protection and/or excuses over things we ought to just face up to and do. The funny/sad thing is we know that building that wall or cushion doesn't really help but yet our 'stories' hold us hostage to limiting beliefs. Thanks for the quick reminder.

That was excellent

Thank you Dean,

That was an excellent another one of your weekly wisdoms that are always helpful for me.

Thank you!!

Weekly Wisdom #379 - What's the thorn in your arm?

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom....Smiling

There are different thorns, at different times in our lives, we just need to know how to remove them....Eye-wink

Thank You for all you do......XO



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Dean, so many thorns in our life right Smiling that have to be pulled. also the edge was off the chain!!!!! really, it changed my life, so incredible and touching, all the speakers.

thanks so much for everything!!!!!!!!

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