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Chip & Andrea Weule
Englewood, Colorado
About Me: 

Chip & Andrea Weule - 2008 Contest Winners: We saw Dean's show, got inspired and there was no turning back. Our first deal put $4,400 in our pocket before we even finished the book! We joined the Success Academy and shortly after did our second deal, where we made $30,000! We have built a great relationship with a Hedge Fund and are getting some great REO, Discounted Notes, even some Short Sales - presented by the Bank. We've traveled across the country educating other Awesome Students & Changing Lives!

Personally, we have been married for 7 years and have a wonderful busy little boy. We are traveling and enjoying life to the fullest! We love Real Estate Investing and would love to build a relationship with all of you!

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You guys are on fire

Ever since you guys jumped back on here, you guys are going crazy with the posting...Don't blame ya though...I know reading what you guys have written, has been giving me ideas, and helping me...So I wanted to tell you personally, Thank you and I appreciate all the post that you guys are doing!!!

Glad to help!

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We should have spent more time on here before. We get so busy in the down and dirty of negotiating that we forget all the like minded people out there with us. We always have something to share and hope to keep our momentum going!

Here's to a great 2009!!!

sandwich lease option

Chip,you were telling about the sandwich L. O.and I was wondering what you do when the 2nd ( sub lease option ) exercises their option to purchase. Do you do a double closing ?
Example; I do a lease option for 24 MOnths for $100,000.00 and I lease option for 18 months for $110,000.00. How do I finish the deal ? Thanks for any help you can give me .

Need Help In How to Move Forward

A community partner that I work closely with has informed me that their church is going into foreclosing and 3 other properties.
How do I proceed in assisting them before the foreclosure and what information would you need to advise me. I referred them to a investor who said he will wait till they forclosed on the properties. I would rather help them now, this is about friendship and doing the right thing in their situation. please advise.Email me at

Chip and Andrea,

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I hope all is well and I have enjoyed reading your posts on the DG website. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you at the Gain the E.D.G.E. event. Do you have any new deals in the works? I wish you luck on all your current and future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling (Go Cubs!) Indiana-Joe

need help getting started

i am looking for some property in the denver area to buy and rent out. is there good investment clubs there?Live in the springs just starting out don't have any deals yet could use your advice email me at jolenecollver52@****

Self Directed IRA

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Chip & Andrea:

I see where you have used your IRA to invest in Real Estate. I am considering doing this and would like any counsel or advice you could give on the subject.


Hello AC Investments

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Thanks for your comments on some of my postings and my guestbook.

You guys are an inspiring story and one that I can only hope to immulate someday.

Hi Chip & Andrea

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Just wanted to stop by and thank you again for considering doing busines with me. I will do all I can to be able to assist you with your Investments in Houston Texas!!
Have a great week!! Talk to you soon.

Hi Chip & Andrea!

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It was great to meet you at the EDGE! You are a great couple. Next year the whole family is coming!! See you on the stage!

Chip and Andrea,

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We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas 2010 and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2011! We hope Santa brings all the things that were on your list this year, except any baseball related championships! Smiling Your friends, - Joe and Stacey


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First I'd like to say... "you 2 are AWESOME"... I just read most of your blogs and what not, and learned a lot of info on RE in just a couple of hrs. I'd like to keep in touch with not only these posts, but your success as well... Please keep in touch with me and advise/coach me on my "beginning" RE success.... It would be greatly appreciated...!! Thank you very much...

Really gained knowledge at Denver "Boots on the Ground" Training

Big thanks to Chip and Joe for their excellent help and training in Denver recently! Lance & myself did both get home safely! I've been working at building a buyers list--it goes slowly but I do have some leads myself. Lance and I plan to get together to see if we can continue to help each other.

I want to meet with you.

Hello Chip and Andrea, I live in Westminster, CO. just down the street from you. ha ha.. I bought Dean's books 2 years ago and now I have the time and drive to realize my dreams. I am a hypnotherapist and love to help other people but have neglected my own dreams. Sounds crazy, right? My wife and I would love to meet you both and get started on the path to success with real estate and I know you are busy and probably don't have very much time. I just wanted to try to see if we could help each other? Thank you so much for inspiring me and my family.
Thank you,

Chip and Andrea

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It was nice seeing Andrea on the live videos Dean put on the other day. Andrea I hope you do well with the training job you have now I am so happy for you. Chip I wish you could have been in the video also. I know you both make a good team.


Rock Bottom call

Hey Andrea, I listened to the call tday via the web. How do we call into be on an actual phone? I wanted to ask questions but was listening online and did not see how to register to dia lin. Thanks.


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Awesome discussion about goal-setting on the Mentoring call tonight! Most ppl don't understand the SIGNIFICANCE of something as simple as making a to-do list (I call it a "goal-map"). Hopefully ppl will take your advice seriously and make effort to work on real estate everyday!

Here's to next week

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Hopefully, all will be ironed out tomorrow for Joe's call and that by the time I'm up next week we'll be able to interact a little more!

Feeling down

I sign on may of 2011. I am learning a lot. I haven't done my first deal. It's hard when you hear other are doing it. I just needed to talk to some one who can relate.


Feeling down

I sign on may of 2011. I am learning a lot. I haven't done my first deal. It's hard when you hear other are doing it. I just needed to talk to some one who can relate.


Feeling down

I sign on may of 2011. I am learning a lot. I haven't done my first deal. It's hard when you hear other are doing it. I just needed to talk to some one who can relate.



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You've got to get out there and network. One thing that will help you connect with others is filling out your profile. Also start looking for other investors in your area.

Take note of what you've done to get yourself going...If you haven't don't much schedule one more thing each day. When you hit a road block make sure to get on here and post your questions.

Take action and it will come together!

Pro Forma

You mentioned in the call yesterday that you had a pro forma document posted but I can't find it. Please let me know where it is.

Thank you

Pro Forma

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This is in the Rock Botton Blue Print under the Done for You Marketing 2.0
Tab. The brick building on the front is the Chicago Rehab we did.

Need Help

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I do have a friend that has $40,000 to buy a house cash,and i found a couple houses here in NJ from $20,000 to $30,000,but i don't want him to know that of course because i want to put the $10,000 in my pocket....
My question is how can i make a deal to the Bank without him know the right price???
Because I'm not a Real Estate Agent,also i don't have the $20,000 to buy myself and sell for $30,000?
Is possible to close a contract with the Bank or a Realtor without any money down?
Please i need help to close my first deal with u guys that are already in this business for long time.
If anyone lives in NJ like me it'll be very helpfull..

Thank you


Wow tell me more

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Andrea, hey it’s Kim from Facebook. I just finished reading your profile on and I to would love to build a relationship with other investors too. For I want to begin to surround myself with individuals with similar goals and ambitions. For we all want to succeed. And if for some reason I’m not at the 2012EDGE this year in Arizona I will be there next year. You have my word on that. So if you have any words of wisdom just drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

Roaming the sites

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Hi Andrea,

I was blessed to make it to the edge event. I enjoyed hearing you speak..I totally get the high off of making a deal. Being a Realtor I have worked deals for others. I'm looking forward to making a deal for myself. I've enjoyed roaming DG sites today..the information found here is wonderful.
Im looking forward to a great year.


Locating Vacant property owners

Hi Chip and Andrea,
It was great meeting you at the Philadelphia Boots on the ground last week. I am the one with red hair. I have a house in my neighborhood that has a notice that the house has been found vacant and winterized. This house has been vacant/uninhabited for at least a year now. How would I go about trying to locate the owners? I am keeping an eye out for vacant properties but I don't know what to do next.
Thanks in advance for your help.


old post new comment

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Thanks for the connection and love your story.


Hello guys,

I have just joined DG network and already can say that I am very impressed. Highly professional and efficient operation!

I have few questions I would like to ask you if you don't mind?

Firs of all I would like to know if it is possible to run this business virtually from another country? I live in the UK and not sure that it is possible to flip wholesale or acquire rental properties?

I would greatly appreciate if you would be able to give me some insite.

Many thanks guys!


Add us to your buyer and sellers list asap

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God bless you always.
Keep up the good work.

Keep learning the family business is BOOMING.

killer deals.

hey chip and name is cesar ..i was scrolling around trying to find buyers and other real estate investors in the denver colorado area, anyways, i got properties that are killer deals and i was wondering if maybe you would be interested if i send you some properties to check out..please let know...thanks blessings....

Pre-foreclosure letters

Thank you for being our instructor last weekend in Bozeman. I have made a great contact with realtor at Keller Williams in Tucson that is checking on possible flips for us.They are open to working with investors and indicated that their market has tighten up so that the investors or making between 5K and 15K at the present time.
I went through the past 30 days of Prop Trend pre-foreclosures and chose ones that had a bit of equity left in the deal for the owner and ones that I thought we could afford.
I have been through all the information from the Boots on the Ground and cannot locate the information you shared with us concerning the hand written Yellow pad notes to prospective clients. Would it be possible to get the information again?
We did our first planning meeting on Monday morning and have our list for the week. Getting 15 letters sent was on my list.
Thanks so much, Jacquelyn

Got our Self directed IRA's set-up.

Thanks in advance for your help at the Boots on the Ground in Bozeman.

We got our IRA's set up and mine is already invested for three years and will be bringing in $255.00 a month. Doug's plans are dragging there feet on releasing the funds but it should happen this week. We read an article on setting up a checking account to be able to disburse funds. Any comments?

Thanks, Jackie

Andrea meet u @ BOG bozeman mt

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Hope your family visit was pleasant and that u had a good flight home.

Have a question..... Billings doesn't look like a good market for wholesaling so I am exploring other areas.

I know I am looking for low I also looking for:

high job growth?
Lots of housing for sale?
Few OR many rentals available?

I'm kinda stuck, I have a buyer with a cash buyers list and he will share my properties with his buyers list for a % of course. I am still searching for cash buyers.

thank you
Charlene & Danny Ball

Thanks So Much

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Good Morning Andrea,

Thanks so much for teaching us this weekend. You've shown us exactly what to do to make this happen. My fiancé and I are headed full throttle into this thing now because of you. You are an inspiration to us both.

In the words of my good friend Dori, "Just keep swimming."

Christian Johnson