Weekly Wisdom #391- You're blocking your own happiness!

What if I told you that you're stopping your own happiness, joy and success without even realizing it...?

What if I told you that you are creating suffering in your life when you could literally flip a switch and create fulfillment in your life?

Because here's what I know, and what I want to discuss in this week's Weekly Wisdom...

95% of the time, suffering occurs in our lives because of the thoughts we have running rampant in our own minds.

We create these stories in our head about how bad a situation is and how terrible something may be rather than finding a solution, learning from the experience and finding the good in it.

So in this week's Weekly Wisdom, I am going to show you how to STOP self suffering and instead how to self-soar.

Watch now!


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Hi Dean,

How are you? I signed up for your online real estate class maybe almost 2 years now and I still haven't done anything about it. Something always pull me back even I put it on my to do list to go thought the course and find deals. I lost everything almost 10 years now and my wife not use to stay home but since we lost all our estate, life saving her only option is to do nails and that it's not good for her health. She wants to buy a house again but where we live is too expensive. I work night shift and I always have this though to get her out of doing nails where people there are suck always fighting for money. I m so confuse even writing things here to tell you. I can't seem to get ahead in life. I m turning 50 next Tuesday and still looking for the next breakthrough!!!!


Life will play out uniquely

Life will play out uniquely in contrast to you need it to and the more you expect that, the better off you'll be. Being in control is a figment that depletes your vitality, bothers you and makes you miss all the well done.
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Weekly Wisdom 391

I agree with the remark above I make plans and something seems to come up and get in the way if I want things to change then I have to make it happen.

Thanks great as always

Weekly Wisdom #391- You're blocking your own happiness!

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Hi Dean,

Another weekly wisdom to think about.....Eye-wink

" Only I can change our situation in life. " Quote by Reinvestor 42 "

Thank you for all you do Dean.....xo


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You're blocking your own

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