Weekly Wisdom #392- Who and what makes you feel bad?

In this week's Weekly Wisdom, I have a powerful message and a powerful question for you to answer...

Who and what are you allowing to make you feel bad?

You see, so many times we put so many of our eggs into certain baskets, whether it is a job, a desired outcome on something, a relationship or even just other's opinions.

And in turn, we allow all of these things to ultimately control our happiness!

But here's what I know... When we can push out the things in our life that bring out the worst in us and don't serve us, that is when our full potential can shine!

Do you have any desire to kick out the things in your life that don't serve you and instead replace them with the things that do? If so, then you have to check out this week's Wisdom!

Feeling good! sure beats feeling bad

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As usual - you are right on target. It is a choice we have in front of us every day. Eliminate the negative. Close the door to darkness. Open the door that lets the sun shine in.

If your not feeling good about someone- DO THE WORK

Do the work with Katie Byron,

she has a wonderful tool to help you work through a situation and your thoughts about things or people that cause you stress or discomfort. The work will bring you peace of mind. Try it!! Dean you should do this!!

she is on line, look her up!


What makes me feel bad is.....

Since attending one of your 3 day real estate seminars, I have been wanting to put more action into it, but what makes me feel bad about is that there is someone that is holding me back. I really would love to continue where I left off, but I just feel if I met you or was able to attend your Las Vegas seminar. I see houses for sale a lot in my area and I would love to become more educated in it so I too can achieve something good in my life. I dont know if it would make me feel better about continuing the business or make a difference. I just know that I might learn more, but not really sure if that is the road I should be taking or if I should be taking another road that will lead me to where I want to be instead. What you teach and how you teach it is very wonderful and makes a lot of sense to me, the problem is I am not the decision maker in this business and that upsets me bc it makes me feel bad. I know I am not out of options, but wouldnt mind knowing what advice you could give me. I would appreciate it. Thank you. Dot

hey dean

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so being transparant man I must say my wife makes me feel that way sometimes its tough dude other than her nobody else really guess ive repelled them away now Smiling

Weekly Wisdom #392- Who and what makes you feel bad?

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Hi Dean,

Another weekly wisdom that hits the mark....Eye-wink

Anything that is negative in our lives, we can to remove it.....Smiling

Not that easy to do that with the negative people in our life.....Sad

Thank You for all you continue to do.....xo


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