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Nothing is unattainable when all work together towards a common goal. Wholesalers and Investors, both new and experienced sharing knowledge, experience, and insight, helping one another reach the goal of financial independence using real estate.

Looking for great deals in Cleveland, Ohio?

These deals are a little different to regular wholesaling and work as follows:

1. We find the property and present the numbers to you.
2. If you're happy with the numbers you enter a tripartite agreement with myself and my contracting team to purchase the property. We will rehab house to an agreed ARV.
3. You provide up front 30% of rehab cost to begin rehab and for materials.
4. At 60% completion of rehab you provide an additional 30% rehab cost.
5. At 100%, you pay remaining rehab cost and consultation fee.You end up with a high quality property that you can rent for a great price or sell at the agreed ARV.

The great things about this deal are:
1. not all payment is required up front
2. high quality rehab work
3. accurate ARV estimates

Wholesaling in Massachusetts

Hi. my name is Francis and I welcome all of you to this post..I'm here in Boston, Mass. and I would like to get some resonses from those of us from Massachusetts that wish to get in this group.

I am new and never made a deal yet.

I try..just recently I got a resonse from one of my posts and would you believe my luck!!!!

This DGFamily member is a realtor..so I write and she is interested in getting a group started.

How COOL is that?

I am going in the near future to a real estate investment club here in the bay state.

I can't wait. We will have a lot to talk about.

Hey Dean! I can't get over this site sometimes.

It has it all!

Detroit area investor assistance needed

Need assistance from someone in the Detroit area regarding a property I am holding. Anyone working in that area that could help, please contact me.

Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America

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