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Thanks for joining the Be a Real Estate Millionaire group. This group is setup for people who own the book and have the common interest of enjoying the material presented in the book.


Well just to keep everyone updated, it has been 5 days since our closing on our 4 unit property. We have 2 people being relentless about buying houses from us and also 1 person who has signed on to let us help him sell his house, not to mention the purchase offer we made late Saturday afternoon which will run out on this Saturday 7/18/09. BUT WAIT, the best is coming. WE JUST INCREASED OUR MONTHLY CASH FLOW BY $100.00 per month to $749.00 per month. Here is what happened.

BULK DEAL! 38 houses @ $6500.00 each

I have come across a WOW deal!

I have a bulk deal available NOW - must be able to close in 10 days or less.

38 SFR - Kansas City, Mo $6500.00 each for a total of $247,000.00

Reply to this message with contact info.


I will not send info out to "lookers" I simly do not have time for it. When responding prepare to have this info availbe upon contact.

1. Proof of Funds Letter with contact info from lender

2. Webiste/Email or reference from previous deal
(if applicable)

3. If CASH - then contact info for bank to verify fund availablity.

Brand Newbie

Hi my name is Mike,
I am totally new here and just got the book (I'm on page 100) Still a bit nervous about the whole unknown thing. Any advice or help is always appreciated.

i need help

i am a newbie to all of this.i have read deans book and i dont know where to start.i have bad credit no money and i really want to do this! does anyone have any suggestions for me???thanks

First time a charm???

Hello to my new "family"!

Just wanted to say high and give a big thank you to Dean G. for publishing such a great resource in BARM.

I have made my first purchase of an investment specific real estate property. The closing date is less than a week away and now I will venture into the world of being a landlord.

First Deal!


i just completed my first deal and i was able to make
$2000 as a finder's fee. I am so proud of myself, for following through; I am interested in finding out how i can keep an inventory of proerties going, while waiting on others to come through-thereby keeping some money coming in. Help! also, i would like to talk with those who got in a property with no money at all!!!!!



p.s. i do have a contact with propety in bulk. If you are still interested, please let me know.

I will start this off...

I own the book, and I might be a bit biased, but I think it is great. If you are visiting this site, and you haven't picked it up, I suggest you do. It will make understanding the goals and techniques discussed here much easier and get you on your way towards being a real estate investor quicker.

Any questions? Smiling

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