Detroit Metro Area Michigan

Detroit Metro Area Michigan

Hello everyone, just getting started. Looking for Buyers and Investers to network with.


Everything starts as a thought, choose the good ones!

Wrong side of the state :)


I'm on the west side of the state, but happy to network as the opportunity arises.


Other side of the state reply :)

Thanks Jeff I appreciate that, as Im a brand new newbie and can use all the help I can get. Looking at a home right now check it out on the Deals Forum. It's located in the Troy Mi Area. Have to make some calls tomorrow to get additional info on the home. Im looking to partner up and put Buyers and Sellers together for a finders fee, so that i have some capital to work with and build up my credit score so I can do the investing part.


Everything starts as a thought, choose the good ones!

Hi Andrea!

Welcome! Hope you find this site very insightful and interesting. I live on the south at the moment, but willing to network and help any way i can. Good luck on your new real estate advanture. It's fun and exciting. Go for it!



Hi Lloydsap

aaaaaaaw thanks you guys make me feel like family, and I will be asking LOL.
Are you looking to purchase any properties in Michigan, this is for both of you Jeff and Lloydsap. Thanks again.


Everything starts as a thought, choose the good ones!

Wow...some Michiganders!

Hi Andrea,

I'm in Clarkston, and I'm brand new at this. I'm looking to partner up or network with others and share the wealth. Let me know if you are interested.

God bless,
(248) 674-7414

Hello MI

Hello everyone, I'm in Ypsilanti and also a newbie. I'm looking for a dedicated partner who also wants to succeed here. Anyone??


I migh have some REO's properties in Michingan. Let me know what city and county of where you live, or area nearby.


GM-Cadillac Assembly Plant Area

Do any of you know anything about the neighborhoods surrounding that area? How much are the taxes (millage rate) in Detroit? Why does the city require an Inspection? Why does a "Final Meter Read" need to be perform? TIA answering all my questions.


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Hey Ypsilanti...

I am down near Sturgis on the SW side of the state. I will succeed, and I love to network with other like minded people. What are your goals w/ REI? I am pursuing short sales.


Detroit Metro Area Michigan

We are closer to Lansing than Detroit, however Detroit is well within the area we will be working. Networking this area would be a benefit for all of us.

Atlcamel: I will try to answer a couple of your questions, although my information is geared more to the Lansing area.
Why does the city require an Inspection? In Lansing, if you own a rental property you are required to have a permit to operate it. In order to obtain a permit, the property must be inspected annually and approved for occupancy. There are charges for them annually, as well. I'm not positive if this applies in Detroit.
When I lived in Detroit, a long time ago, I remember the city inspecting for anything from electrical problems to cracks in the sidewalks, which had to be repaired at the owners expense.
Why does a "Final Meter Read" need to be perform? This usually is done when a property is changing hands. It is a cutoff of billing for the previous owner and a point where charges begin for the new owner. This applies to gas, water and electric.
Hope this is helpful.

Hey, I am a Realtor

Hey, I am a Realtor Downriver. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I eventually want to put my own team together, just need to start making some deals =)

Scott Williams

REI Clubs

Does anyone know of any REI Clubs in Detroit or surrounding areas? I"m totally new and need to network and learn as much as I can as fast as I can..

West side of Michigan- Assignment Contracts

I am new to all of this as well, I am working on doing Assignment Contracts. Trying to get cash buyers lined up, have some good deal I am lining up. Would really like to keep in touch with the Michigan group, just to see how everyone is doing and any pointers you can give out. Look forward to hearing from all of you.

Have a great day

Michigan (Detroit Area)

This topic has not been touched in awhile. There are deals to be done in Michigan who's active still?

Michigan (Detroit Area)

Still active.

Still Here

I am still here, I am checking out some investors; I hope will turn out to be cash/or financing lined up. I want to make my first deal in Jan 2012. I really been having trouble finding cash investors to do assignment contracts.

Burton Michigan

I am also a newbie and will be attending Boots on the ground this weekend. I am from the Mid-Michigan area. I am looking to network with other like minded people. If you know of anyone who wants to buy properties in this area I would be happy to assist. I also am on linkedin. Look forward to speaking to everyone.



Hi Iam in Michigan, Jim



looking for a good realtor

l would love to team up, lm in Canada/US and looking to do somedeals mostly in the US for quick sales ,pre-foreclosures.

Sharlene Lewis

im also in the detroit area

im also in the detroit area looking to start investing. PM me if you want to arrange business

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