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New Investor

Hello, I am new to real estate, I am interested in Assignments. I am open to networking with like minded individuals. Any information on how to get started would be appreciated. Please e-mail me. I am in Michigan. Thanks.



I have been in Real Estate for over 30 years, if interested in investing in real estate or purchasing real estate properties, just drop me an e-mail and I will be glad to reply.



Robert I really could use your help !!!

Hello robert i am so new to R.E. Investing but I love it and have great passion for it. however I need to do my first deal,and could use some hands on ,and someone to walk me throuhg my first several deals. I am a Single Father of two girls for 11 years now ,I really would like to change my life and my kids. I have not enough money or credit,so i need to do deals that wouldn't call for either of these things,but will
put a lump sum of cash in my pocket. will you help me.I don't have the money for Deans
acadamy right now ,so i have to find help some how.

heres my phone # because this site bloks out my email.

here to assist

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please feel free to email me, for more details.
we provide for all 50 states.....


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Hello Antoine,

I read your post and I just wanted to let you know I'm alive and well in the Downriver area and am looking to network with others throughout Michigan. I am interested in bird dogging and assigning and eventually investing. I thought I would drop you a line. I am looking to network this month (MAY 2010)with all of the Michigan DG members. Maybe we can kick it up a couple of notches! -Lori O'Rear

Hello, am looking for a

Hello, am looking for a single family in Wayne Co Mi. so i can rent

Thank Bud

Rent To Own

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..looking for a place in adrian michigan.. ready to move in.. wil do some painting..


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I need investor's help with property Daly City ,Ca area I have 20k looking for rent to own property or lease to own atleast 3bd/2bd , email at bmmanalo@****