Greetings everyone. I thought I would start this forum topic on how to find, fix, ans sell (FLIP) a hose and still make a profit. It will be a multiple part series so just follow th numbers to keep up. I am far from being an expert but I am posting this info because we ALL need it. So thank you for your attention in advance.

Part One - FIND: How to Find Houses With Investment Potential

Defining target neighborhoods is a two-step process. In the first step you will identify the various factors that go into evaluating a neighborhoods, we will call that your personal criteria. The second-step is applying that criteria to choose your target neighborhood.

5 Benefits of Defining Target Neighborhoods
1. Lower cost per qualified lead - your money is
focused on high quality leads and minimizing
the unwanted ones.
2. Less Time Qualifying Leads - You spend less
time filtering and rejecting unwanted leads.
3. Find Houses Quicker - You become an expert in
your target neighborhoods enabling quicker
assessments of what houses sell for and what
they cost to fix up.
4. Buy More Houses - You will have more qualified
leads which means more house-buying
5. Buy The Most Profitable Houses - You can be
choosy about what deals to take because you
have more leads to choose from and more

Criteria For Neighborhoods
1. Proximity of neighborhood to amenities
2. Selling prices of the homes in neighborhood
3. Sales activity of the homes in neighborhood
4. Ages of homes in the neighborhood
5. Appeal and charm of the neighborhood
6. Safety of the neighborhood

You do this by prospecting, advertising and networking. Utilize the team you put together for referrals to properties an/or homeowners.

Connect with people who can connect you to houses and sellers.

Places To Prospect: Your target neighborhoods
The Multiple Listing Service

Advertising: Create an appealing message to attract
buyers and sellers.
Focus on the benefits to the customers.

Utilize creative places to place your advertisements such as in Dean's book.

Networking: Use the great support network or team you have already created to generate great leads. Then cultivate it. Use some sort of spreadsheet or contact management system to keep track of your contacts.

Categories of your Network:
Resources - People who might send you leads

Allied Resources - People who can and will
and you leads

Advocates - People who will absolutely send you

Core-Advocates - People who are in a great
position to send you leads and will.

If a seller (a) has equity in the house (b) has cash to pay off the loan (c) has an agreement with the lender to reduce the loan THEN this means (1) they need to sell quickly and/or They don't want the hassle.


Look forward to the next installment in this series.


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Donnie Strybos There are at least 3 cash buyers in the current postings who are looking for houses throughout the states.

dstrybos wrote:
Ok, I just bought a few houses cheap around the country (5). According to Prop Trends and Total View there is money in these. I bought them thinking I would do a light rehab and flip. I am having an issue getting realtors in the areas to assist me in moving them. These days the money is in the buy and hold anyway but I don't really want to do that now. My question is: how do I find people who are looking for deals? Does Dean have a site or a link to a for sale site for buyers and sellers to get together here? Four of the homes I got for under $10,000 (2 of those were under $5k. I think I just want to clear them out. Any thoughts? Here are their locations:
Flint MI
Evansville ID
Harrisburg, PA
Unionville MO

Donnie Strybos

Hi, Donnie~

Hi, Donnie~
Why not post them on (post), Craigslist, FSBOdotcom, ByOwnerdotcom (+ other sites listed in RE Forums for free classifieds) and at your local REI clubs? (Maybe partner on the rehabs with another investor)?

Posting them to local Rehabbers, other Wholesalers, and/or Section8 Landlords may be a good route to take.

There is a property posting and networking with members by access on DGIE, too.

With the props being in 4 separate locations, you will have to market each one locally, I'm thinking. How about your buyers' list?


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The fact that we have so

The fact that we have so much information and support from everyone. I have wanted to flip houses for a log time. with lots of experience with investors find,fix and sell houses. thank you Anita and everyone that gives their time and information.
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Target Rich Environment!

I personally like to target zipcodes with the lowest Days On Market (DOM) whether I am wholesaling, or Fix & Flipping, since in order to get any investor to buy you are going to have to convince them that if they buy for "X and put "Y" into the property it will Sell for "Z" in less than 90 DOM. The X, Y and Z are always going to fluctuate between buyers, but I have found that if you stay in markets where the average DOM is < 90 DOM to begin with, then half the battle is already won for you!



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procedure of buying property from sales by owner

Does anyone know where I can find step by step on what to do or procedure in order to buy a property from sales by owner? the property is in New york state. Do I need an attorney or title insurance closing is good enough





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