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Real Estate investor. specialize in Florida property

travel, hiking, beach activity

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A deal sent by an agent

I am new and wonder if the deal sent by an agent, it is also listed in MLS. If I sent the deal to cash buyers, they can look MLS and negotiate with the agent directly. How to do wholesales with this type of deals?

I also have same question, how to get around 1%~10% secure deposit and proof of funds?


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Hello and welcome to the DG Family online!
Be sure to complete your profile, location & interests. This will tell other investors if you are close to their target area or far away.
As for your questions.......click on the forum links, click on Top User link in lower left-hand corner, then ask your questions there.
Tip: Be sure to find a forum that relates to your question to avoid changing the flow of the conversation.
I would personally suggest looking for FOr Sale By Owner properties, vacant homes, or advertising on Craigslist for the type of property that you want as we'll as advertising for real estate buyers.
Your NC DG Family,

Personal experience

thank you very much Anthony for your suggestion and guide. I will follow the valuable suggestion.

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