Deans Insiders Edge Seminar

Deans Insiders Edge Seminar

Has anybody been to one of Deans Insiders Edge Seminars going around the country. If so did you buy any prodcuts and how are they working?


Todd S

RE: There's one coming

No, Dean will not be present at this event. Sorry!

Thanks Tammy!

Appreciate the heads up on the Anaheim training Tammy.

Does anyone have any link or access to a schedule for all the upcoming cities and dates.


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Hard money lenders

Do anyone know who lends in PA


do you have any further information on these folks?

insiders edge seminar

Does anyone know about the 3 day Insider's Edge They are doing it in California now and some other company in partnership with DG is running it. I dont know who they are but they are
very knowlegdgeable investors running the program.

Next steps to success are a $25,000.00 investment in your education to learn directly from mentors in Vegas and in your own town. Goal is mentorship and education and them helping you walk through your first deals ultimately till you get your 25K back in cash flow/investments. Steep price. Any insight from anyone that has more info about these folks and program would be appreciated.

Lead trainer is Keith Bradshaw and Matt Richards. Others are David Stamper, & Carrington Fisk.

Thank you Megan and Todd S

I attended a 5 hour seminar at the Sea-Tac Hilton last week where Trent Ellingford spoke about the general concept of Dean's teachings after a video of Dean introducing himself and what he/his team here do. It was mostly an add promoting the 3 day Live Event in your city. Trent spoke for maybe 2 hours or so then a man named Doug Williams (I think) from a different, but Dean endorsed, organization promoted the 2 other programs just as Todd said.

I bought the tax lien course as well as Dean's event and materials. In fact I still need to get a partner for the 3 day event. I don't have to but the price is good for two people to attend so you can bring your spouse or other partner. My understanding is that the money that was spoke of is $5000. of the organizations money available for each person/team to use for funding your first deal. In addition you have access to their staff to walk you through as well as you give them the details on a potential deal in your area and they tell you if it's worth going after. If so you can use that $5000. to help make the deal happen.

I'm not sure if I got this right but I could have swore I heard Trent say that if you turn your first deal withing 90 days you got your tuition refunded. Similar to the 5 deal in a year refund of the 'Gain The Edge' program. Due to the similar names and 3 day live event, support, etc. I actually thought it was the same thing at the time.

Am I wrong about the refund deal Megan?



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I attended the 3-day...

Edge workshop; the cost was $2,000, but got a 10% discount for being a member of the Success Academy; altough no one there seemed to know what the Academy was.
The workshop was lead by real estate investor Gerald Martin-very knowledgeable. The course was pretty good; covered the foreclosure process, how to structure a deal, how to locate great deals, creative financing, working with people (the trainer actually made live calls to seller leads that we brought to class to show us how he does it); he also walked us through examples of his own deals that he has made over the years; it definitely complements the Academy, but is very condensed. I received a lot of material that I still haven't had a chance to review since I just joined the Academy in September, so I want to concentrate on that for now...
Then came the push for more advance courses; a 3-day Cash Strategies bootcamp in Las Vegas; they offered two packages, one for $18,000 and one for $25,000.
Needless to say, I had to pass upon that offer, at least for now...
I want to get some deals done before I take any more training; then I would definitely like to continue my REI education; plus, if I get ONE deal done with the strategies shown at the course within 90 days, they will refund the cost of the course! now there's some motivation!



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RE:Deans Insiders Edge Seminar $2000

RE:Deans Insiders Edge Seminar $2000. I went to this yesterday in Laughlin ,NV and could NOT afford to buy! I rented a car to get there and found out $2000 for 3 day workshop in Las Vegas, NV. Maybe it's best if I don't say more! Or maybe I should... Promised to get Refreshments! Got icewater and TINY Rice Crispby Treats: of which I passed on, as a diabetic. High pressure tactics made me feel like LOSER!


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Insider's Edge Vs. Success Academy

I am currently playing phone tag with the CS folks at PMI in an effort to get a refund on my "Insider's Edge" and "Tax Lien Strategies" courses. This is partly due to my inability to attend the 3 day workshop Oct. 28,29,30 and because there won't be another one in my area for possibly another six months. Mainly though this is because I am now going to do the "Success Academy" and I think it would be mostly redundant training. I will be more than busy with just what the academy's staff tasking me with projects and homework.

I want to dedicate as much time as possible to the academy program. I really don't want to try using a shotgun effect at REI with tax sales, foreclosures, assignments, and who knows what all else the staff will decide is best for me at this time. As excited as I am about so many types of deals and properties I want to do it all but realize I must focus on specializing with one strategy then expand later.

I don't want to discourage anyone from "The Insider's Edge" or the "Tax Lien Profit Strategies" courses. In fact I believe I will do the tax program, or whatever new training is available on that subject, down the road.

If I can not get my money refunded I will do my best to make the most of what all of them have to offer, implementing the course material of the others into my academy training experience. We will see, but either way I am determined to make this my full time (and only) career before the end of 2011.



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3 day training

I rec'd a few months ago, an invitation, that said from the desk of Dean Graziosi, for a 3 day seminar. I did not go, but the friend I am staying with, did go. He spent all kinds of money at the event, going to the "back table" and bought 3 other products over $4000 total.
I was upset with him as I was already am a student of Deans. When I called Deans office, they didn't know about it, but apparently these other people find a way to say it is from Deans desk, though not sponsored by him.
My friend then rec'd tons of pressuring calls from that system, wanting him to spend several more thousands for more detailed coaching. He is now out the money, finally got them to quit calling him, and that system just sits on the shelf, another problem, their training DVDs were a problem trying to get them to play on his computer. And finally he gave up.
Needless to say, he now works with me on Deans program, he loves the training and the Edge training. We are now working on some deals together.
So beware, just because it says from Dean, call and check it out, because Dean doesn't work that way. Dean is above that and his training his excellent! And you can do his strategies with just his books.

Insider's EDGE, Evolution Group and Dean

With every new book he releases, Dean’s reputation grows. His commitment and integrity in the field of real estate investor education has spread like wildfire. Sadly, along with the increased recognition comes many an opportunistic individual. People and organizations who try to associate themselves with Dean to improve their own reputation and/or trick people into doing business with them. It’s one of the pitfalls of being good at what you do, people will always try and jump on the bandwagon and like a parasite, live off the hard work of someone else.

We want to clear up any confusion about just “who is” and “who isn’t” associated with Dean Graziosi and Dean Enterprises. In the summer of 2010, prior to our 2nd “Gain the EDGE” event (now held annually in Phoenix) we first tested the concept of holding 3- hour introduction seminars. These 3-hour seminars were not taught by Dean, but were lead by real estate professionals selected by Dean. The purpose was to give people a chance to find out what Dean’s mission, vision and philosophy on R.E. investing was all about.

We took the feedback of the people who attended those 3-hour seminars and used it to help shape what we are calling the ‘Insider’s Edge’ events. Again, Dean does not teach these seminars himself, but has a staff of trained investors who host these introductory trainings. These trainers are involved in other business endeavors independent of what they do for Dean. They have their own organizational name, (The Evolution Group) and we have contracted them to deliver the content of our 3-hour ‘Insiders Edge’ events, as well as an advanced, 3-day training, simply so we can make sure quality teaching is delivered to more people across the nation, something that Dean, as one individual alone, simply could not accomplish. You can rest assured that the Insiders Edge, events, whether they are the introduction 3-hour event, or the 3-day intense training, are authorized and overseen by Dean Graziosi and our home office of Dean Enterprises.

the Edge Training

The 3-day ($2,000 cost approx.)intense training was very informational; but the trainers also spent quite some time trying to sell us some more training-a live training in Vegas (cost $25,000)- I could not afford that, so had to decline.

Now I'm also getting phone calls from the "Inner Circle" to join some other training...

I'm currently enrolled in the Academy, and what I'm learning is that you have to pretty much just take action, make your mistakes, and call the coaches for guidance. The manuals have all the information you need-expanded from Dean's books...

Trainings are great because they motivate you and keep you focused on your real estate investing, and provide information that although you probably already have, sometimes we forget about it...but I don't want to get into the habit of just attending training after training and not taking action.

Think creatively and take action... happy investing!



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Insider's Edge

I signed up for the Insiders Edge Training Dec.3, 4 & 5 in Palm Beach,Fl. I'm hoping there will be more training than selling. If not I'll be working hard on the home training. Between this website and the DVD's there's a lot of information. I'd like to learn some new stratagies so I can beat the 90 day mark to get my initial $2000 investment back. When that happens then I'll take the phone calls from the "Inner Circle" If you work hard enough I guess anything can happen.


I went to a 3 day training seminar in Charlotte 2 weeks ago. The three speakers gave us lots and lots of information but I was looking forward to haveing hands on training, actual how to do with actual forms and paper work with step one step two so on and so on. The main speaker was brilliant but none of them had a business card and only one e-mail on how to contact them. EDGAR

3 day workshop

In NOV 2010,a friend bought the course and ask me to go with them to the 3 day workshop, which was 150 miles away.

Gerald Martin was speaker at the event. Dean was not there.

Alot of high pressure sales and excitement for the new investors.

Additional packages were available starting at $18k to $25k on top of the original purchase of $2000 + the 3 day workshop.

You can buy all the courses, books and cd's,but, you have to take ACTION to get deals done and make the money.

SO many people spend their hard earned money on courses etc. and do NOTHING...
except complain. The valuable books, courses, cd's end up in the closet for years until they decide to put them in a yard sale.

If you make a choice to buy ANY REI book, course, etc. also make a choice to use them and CHANGE you life. You paid for it-use it.

That is like buying a Taxi cab and letting it sit in the driveway.

I still get asked the same old question 'does that stuff REALLY work?'

I use the same old answer...It will if YOU will.


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Insider's Cash & Cash Buyers Program

Today I attended a seminar in Lisle, IL where Trent Ellingford was the speaker. I thought he was a dynamic speaker and I walked away feeling as if I learned a lot of valuable information. However, there was a couple programs offered that I was really interested in, but just not in a financial position to register for. The program I was most interested in was the Insider's cash/cash buyers program, which I feel would really spark my real estate investing. Does anyone know if there's a way to register for that program outside of those seminars? I think I would be able to afford it in a few weeks or so. PLEASE help!!! Thanks!


Couldn't have said it better! If it was easy everyone would do it.

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Insider's Edge in Canad

I attended the conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. For some unknown reason, Canadian television host and contractor Scott McGilvary is associated with it, but only in the most nominal way. As in, his name appears a few times, in the place Dean Graziosi.

Anyway, the course itself is great and speaker Gerald Martin is great as well. For most of the second day, he took our leads on properties and made offers over the phone, so that was exciting.

They give you a lot of information in a short amount of time and try to dazzle you with some of the numbers you could potentially make.

If you can keep a cool head, take a lot of notes and pick up on the information you will definitely learn a lot, but it's easy to get confused if you don't already understand how it works.

On the second day, they pitch you a program for $25,000 that includes supposedly intense mentoring and "archived" lessons which I assume means on DVDs.

I'll say that I don't doubt there is extreme value in that investment, but I simply can't pay that much.

This is my opinion, I make about $40,000 a year. If I spend $25,000 worth of man hours trying to figure out the subtleties of real estate transactions using what I've learned over the weekend, I think I'll be fine. I might lose a year doing it, but that's ok.

As someone above said, the information is only as good your ability to use it and I can't help but get a bad taste in my mouth knowing that they're pitching $25,000 books and conferences knowing full-well many simply will never use it.

Once again I stress that Martin knows his stuff and when I looked through the books that were part of the package they were full of useful stuff, but I'd rather make deals at my own pace and using that $25k for one of them.

Insiders Edge Event

I attended one outside of Washington DC that was held in Silver Spring, MD. They had Dean's picture a short Video of Dean. The Host were Steve Wyman for the 1st section, high paced part. Mitch Johnson the 2nd talked on Tax Lien, and about website/drop ship plans. Doing business with eBay. The company was Momentum. We were offered training and the cost of each plus when. I could not afford any, but felt a lot of pressure to GET THIS "NOW!" We were given a DVD set of Dean's. Titled Insiders Edge, a picture on the outside. There were 2 DVD's #1 Empowering Conversations #2 Your Town Your Real Estate Profits. Plus a Digital Camera that Doesn't work. This event was Nov., 4, 2010. By mailed invitation. I felt odd, but I haven't been to one before.

I feel like you DrexelRE16.

Let's Keep Doing This. Bruce......

Insiders edge

It is an excellent seminar. well worth getting into. There is so much information to be learned.


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3 day seminars

Is there a place where the dates and places of these three day seminars will be posted? I'd like to find one near me.

Upcoming Events

All upcoming events can be found at or you can call 888-684-3304.


3 Day Workshop

I was a VIP guest at the free seminar and let me tell you, it was fantastic! My wife and I bought in on a few of the offers and they're most definitely going to be the game changers that we've been praying for. Tomorrow I start my 3 day workshop. And as far as DG'ers getting first dibs at this and I've been a part of the DG family for some time now, I received my invitation through the mail.


Bryant Slade

Insiders Edge

Will there be another Insiders' Edge training in the Dallas TX area soon?

Dean's Insider's Edge Seminar

I attended Dean's presentation in Houston and he was not there personally. It was a very good presentation though and well attended.


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