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Sandi Klumb
About Me: 

Worked in the medical field for 28yrs, as a unit coordinator and tech, in ICUs and trauma rooms.
Raised on dairy farms and also rescued and trained horses for 30yrs.
Miss my sidekick, my lab/retriever who died from cancer after 11yrs. She loved being around the horses, and the new born calves.

Have a daughter who is a blessing in my life. She married a great Christian man and they both love the Lord and serve Him. Proud of them both Smiling

Have done several assignment deals, lots of bird dogging, worked on a short sale/probate, and rehabbed a flipped a house, was hired as the project manager, currently looking for a new flip.
April of 2015

Love sharing the Lord with others. Also love hiking, long trail rides with the horses, piano music, and love being retired now and doing investing.

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Basic Info

Retired from hospital work, wanting to make real estate my life for retiring.
Have Child(ren)
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


Hello & Welcome

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Hello and Welcome to the DG Community!
May You have Great Success on your Journey! You will find a vast array of information at your disposal on this site. Most of your questions can also be answered by researching in some of the Forums, Posts, and other links available


Hi Sandi

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I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Dean's board he has created for all of us to enjoy and learn from. I hope you enjoy your stay here and learn lots from everyone. If you have questions please post them on the board and you will have many folks helping you to get your answer.
I am so sorry about your dog having cancer. Our animals are our little family members and we love them dearly. I know how bad it hurts to loose one of them...and it hurts for a long time. I will pray for your doggy to not have much pain and for God to comfort your aching heart as much as possible. Sad
I look forward to hearing about your first deal. I know how excited you will be and well will all celebrate with you.


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I just found this web page today, never had any idea that I could get any emails on here. Not at ALL computer savvy. So today I was clicking around on things and just realized I had this..
Last week I put up a profile, never knew about that either. And found out I had an inbox too last week.
So thanks for the note and I am really struggling to understand Set For Life. I saw 2 webinars, never knew about the first one, and when they talk about all this stuff like how to put up a web site and put on pictures, I am totally lost and usually walk away. My computer screen is so small, as it was free, that I can't even read half of what they are showing.
So keep a prayer out for me, really am having a time with all this and need to do a deal now, or will lose my phone too.
I did put on a blog, trying to find someone from Wis but didn't get any answers. Hoping to find someone else that wanted to help each other through this. But don't even know how to set up a title for a new forum.
I believe there has to be someone out there, that couldn't get the Set For Life from my area, and we could even team up. But no luck.
So thanks for the hello in July..But just didn't realize that was on there. I am praying hard for my brain to kick in and I'll get this done!
Have a great day.


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Hi Sandi,
sorry about your dog; I know how they can become part of your life; try to think of the wonderful and happy times you had with her. If you have determination you can accomplish anything, and as DG says, desperation can be a motivation to get you there!


Happy New Years Sandiboots

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So, Its 2011 and I am totally ready to start my buyers list. Share some great ideas to generate buyers traffic?

Late...happy new years!

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I just today noticed your email on here. I usually never scroll down on my acct page and did today.
How long have you been doing real estate? And is always good to meet others, because it helps us with encouragement.
Will talk to you later...have to check on the Packer/Bears game, friend just called me from a bar he is at, with other truckers, and told me to put it on!
Have a good day!

GB / Bears Game

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The cheese heads are on their way and I hope they win it all!!!!! Have a good evening Sandi.

@Sandiboots Who won the Game?

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My team the Vikings had a bad year, However; Thanks for checking back with me.

I am partial new in real estate and have a clear understanding about the business of investor from DEAN's book.

My question: I have Buyers which are people not investors. but I am working hard to generate Investors. I have a buyer who looking at a house that is listed by an RE Agent. How and what contract will I use to close this deal or agreement?

My Buyer will only pay 90k and which the house is listed for, how can place my fee in the agreement?

What makes me important then my buyer going right to the agent to buy this house?

Than you Sandi

Thank you for that comment.It has been alittle hard to put any time in since it is actually my wife that has cancer.We do have a dog and he is one of the family,we love him very much.I feel like if i try to do this that i wiil be taking time from my wife.I know i can do this and its nice to see people that really do care on this website hope to hear again from you sandi and thanks again made me feel alot better today.


I'm knew to this whole thing but I need to make this happen. I have a kid on the way and don't know wht to do. I just got done making my web page and have just started to make the 1800 number I really hope this works. How is this system working for you? Can you help me out a little bit please?


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Hi Sandi,
I was reading the post today about Private Money, and I saw where you were going to share with Gena, what you are doing now , I guess too attract Private Money. Could you give me some help with that also? I am in a position where I really need private money, but just wasnt sure the right approach.Thanks for anything you could help me with.

Take care
Curtis Fillers

retiring in Wyoming

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Hi, just read your profile and this morning I saw that Wyoming has NO state income tax and only 4% sales tax. Sounds like a great plan to retire there. Been to Jackson Hole a few times....beautiful.


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Just been there once in late Sept of 2007. Landed in Denver on a Tuesday afternoon, met my girlfriend, we drove to Laramie and looked at her land she just bought, then the next day headed for Estes Park, and was back in Wis by Sunday. So didn't see much. But loved it out there. Not sure if retiring there is a good idea, but want to spend a couple months out there this fall or winter...providing I make some deals go through here Smiling


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Just stopping by your DG guest page to say hello. Looking forward to hearing more about your insight, stories, progress and future real estate deals. Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

Long over due!!!

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So sorry, I have been so we have had the opportunity to speak that I simply forgot to place a comment!

Good morning and I pray that you enjoy your day today! It's awesome to have the opportunity to learn from a great person!

Take care and stay blessed! Ttys! Smiling


May your life be blessed!

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Dear Sandi,
It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance here in your guestbook.
I hope your life is appearing before you as you have planned. I enjoyed reading your ' About Me' section. I love great outdoor views! I grew up on several acres of land. I enjoyed all the large gardens; playing ball with brothers, cousins, and neighbors; riding bikes, shooting BB guns, attending farm animals-chickens, rabbits, cows-one bull, dogs, cats, and fish. My family had plum trees, black berry trees, and a few rosé trees planted in a few places. I love the 'smell' of the blooming seasons.
I hope you have found success in rei, if not, keep persisting.
Freedom Seeker,