Bandit signs and foreclosures

Bandit signs and foreclosures

This may sound elementary but it proves to me that my brain is starting to "Think a Little Differently," because other than buying my first home over 10 years ago, I have no real estate experience. Here's my thought. Could it be a profitable idea to place your bandit signs that have info about foreclosures in neighborhoods that you find foreclosures in on the AFF. This may already be printed elsewhere and may even be in Dean's books but I have yet to come across it. It would be more of a plan of action than just placing them at random locations.




Probably would get a few calls, but here's the thing. You don't pick random locations to put out your bandit signs. You put them in high-traffic areas, like wal-mart, McDonalds, target, etc.... These companies have done all the demographic studies for you already. The majority of townspeople shop at walmart right? So put signs in intersections around walmart, maybe even near the turnin of walmart if they don't complain. Tons of people will see your signs.



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All through this site I see people getting deals from bandit signs. I think it's a GREAT idea to put them in area that have a lot of foreclosures. Thanks for the tip.

I think it's a great idea too!

especially because the homeowners in foreclosure will feel more at ease if they make the call; they've probably been getting loads of letters and advertisements in the mail already.

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That is a good idea, maybe better if you can get them before foreclosure.I have an account with RealtyTrac they have everything, they also have pre-foreclosures, these are people that have received a notice.So with Realtytrac yoeu can find pockets of places same with foreclosures, then put signs in those areas, along with the areas like walmart etc ...

Good luck

Curtis Fillers

Great idea

I think it is worth a try, and to Amani51, I saw the news piece with the 14 year old buying her first home. cool!

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I've never heard of that before, but what an outstanding idea. Looks like I really need to make it to one of those EDGE events. : )


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Bandit Signs

I hear from students around the country that they are having problems getting or purchasing bandit signs. Yes they can get expensive sometimes.

One of the best sources I tell students is to start picking up political signs after the elections. You are doing your city a service as well as being "Green" for the environment.

They are usually sent to the land fill and are not recycled. and now you can do that.

Spray paint yellow if you want on the reverse side and write your message.

Do wait till the day after though. Even at this writing I am still seeing many signs left up as I drive around.

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Bandit signs

Okay! I am NOT a handy man. I am a very much senior citizen and spray painting signs ... well, how about using an already hot pink plastic or alreadybright green plastic sign as there are no already hot yellow plastic signs ... and then as my husband said to me today (kind advice from many states away) "Nickie, to put it bluntly and as kind as I can ... you are not a carpenter!" Just how hard can this be? There are no tomato stakes available at Lowes at Christmastime! So do I nail or use a staple gun to adhere this plastic to a wooden stake? One stake ... or two? What happens when the wind blows as it has been really doing here this week? Do people leave these Bandit Signs up forever or put them up Friday afternoon and take them down Sunday evening? I am so new at all of this that ANY help will be appreciated. Thanks! ... Nickie in Texas

Got Foreclosure?

I've thought about a "Got Foreclosure?" bandit sign.
There are so many foreclosures in this market! Thinking about placing the signs near some of these properties. I would route any inquiries to an auto message about foreclosure help and/or via my website to explain how I can help them with their predicament.

PS. I've seen some "NEON" bandit signs around; even neon biz cards & door hangers.
And one time I had gone to Lowes in a pinch for bandit signs, but no yellow ones.
So I picked up a few white ones along with a can of neon spray paint to spray the sign's edges for an attention grabber.

@Nickie...Where in Texas are you?
Lowes sells the "H" stakes individually. And signwarehouse sells them, too.
Garden centers may have the tomato stakes.
Or you could buy wire (roll) at a hardware store & make your own. Be creative.


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