Prospecting for FSBO'S

Prospecting for FSBO'S

Most real estate agents are intimidated to call For Sale by Owners. Why? Is it because FSBO’S eat their young? Is it because you think the FSBO’S are smarter than you? Do they know more about selling houses than you? What causes you to believe that you can’t list and sell a FSBO'S home? You do realize that in the current market,it’s almost impossible for a FSBO to successfully sell their home…So, let’s talk about calling FSBO’S.

Where Do I Find FSBOs?

If you were a typical FSBO, how would you advertise your home? A sign on the lawn, ads in the paper, on for sale by owner websites, and Craigslist are some obvious choices. It takes a lot of time to compile your own list of FSBOs; I recommend signing up for a service like Land-voice or REAP. These services charge a minimal fee ( they average about $1.00 a day) and give you the names of the FSBOs in your area, with phone numbers and other pertinent information you need to successfully make the calls. Remember, often, you have to spend money to make money.

When’s the Best Time to Call a FSBO

In a competitive market like this, there really isn’t any specific “best” time to prospect FSBOs. I recommend calling 2-3 times a day until you speak to them. Start by calling them around 9am, then again around 12pm, and if you haven’t reached them, try towards the end of the day, at around 6pm. Remember, it’s a lot easier to get a hold of a FSBO than an expired, because FSBOs are expecting calls from potential buyers.

What do I say to a FSBO?

Be positive when you communicate with a FSBO, make sure that you do not insult them by telling them that they are wrong for trying to sell it themselves because they will immediately become defensive and refuse to do anything with you.

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Need a partner

Hey,I am in the huntsville al. area and looking for a DG family member to consult/partner with anybody interested?????


Jerry W Bolden

Hello Huntsville Alabama

What's the market like where you are?

Thanx Randy, great info!


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Great info Randy

Thx I am going to check that out dont mind paying $30 a mo to get leads. I am about to put 50 bandit signs out and have a lot of faith in that too. Im working on my 1st deal & will have it soon.


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Thanks for the information I had wondered about when to call and also how to find FSBO... Amazing


Kingston Investor

Calling Fsbo

Remember when calling Fsbo let them talk about the Property and just listen. Then ask, why are you selling? Now you will know if they are desperate to sell or if they just want to put there home up for sale just to see what happens. Then ask, is the price negotiable & WILL You accept the pay off! And stay Silent...... Dont say a word, let them speak first. Now they will tell you if it is paid off, upside down, or they might even tell you how much they owe, so you now have a place to start in negotiating. You will also know if you have a potential deal or no deal, move on.

Insight needed on Land-Voice/REAP

I took Randy's advice and looked up land-voice as a FSBO subscription service, but you have to have current MLS access in order to sign up. It doesn't look like you need this for REAP, but their sample listings show a text-only stream of houses, no links to listings, photos. etc.

Has anyone used these two services, and can you provide some insight? I want to target FSBOs for possible owner financing to accumulate rentals (have excellent credit but little money for downpayment), as well as lock some in for assignment to get some quick cash.

Need to get started ASAP so any advice on these or other ways to attract FSBOs would be appreciated. Thanks!

FSBO lead site

Hi there, everyone!

So, I searched for landvoice and found out about another company doing the same thing called RedX. I read some reviews posted by real estate agents (apparently they use the information to solicit FSBO owners to see if they want to list), and it sounds like the quality of the leads you get depends on where your market is.

This may be a good investment for me since there really aren't very many FSBOs where I live (very stable area). The southern part of the city has more FSBOs but it's like 40 miles one way. Plus I have no reason to go down there in my daily life.

I will keep you updated, folks!

Matt Inomata

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