Attorney said no generic contracts??

Attorney said no generic contracts??

DG Fam,

I have an issue here. I found an attorney I thought could draft a contract for me but he responded and stated he doesn't draft up generic contracts with fill in the blanks, just case by case basis. Now if I'm going to be wholesaling and wanted to have an official purchase agreement meeting state regulations with my specifications, i.e. and/or assignee and contingencies, do I need to make one up myself now?? What is the best suggestions for having a purchase agreement with my terms? This really caught me off guard.



get one from re agent

you can also get a generic one from Staples or Office Depot

(attorneys are very cautious about giving out a 'fill in the blanks' forms drafted by their offices to prevent any possible lawsuits against them)



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All you need is one agreement.

All you need to get is one "professionally" created purchase agreement and then retype it into MS Word making sure that all the legal stuff is in there. You could have your attorney draft the first agreement (which you will get a copy of) or submit one offer through a real estate agent and copy the content of their form.


Great question and great answers. I think I'll just go to Office Depot or Staples and get one. WAIT a minute! Doesn't Dean have the contract in the Documents section?


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Google "Georgia purchase and sale agreement"

Dean's contract works fine for me

You don't have to get caught up on the contract stuff, just use the one Dean provides on this site and you can add any terms you like to it. I'm using all Dean's contract and closed multiple deals with them, I just put some of my own terms in them and switch up some of the writing do to my state. You can do the same and have your attorney go over the contract to make sure you abiding the laws in your area. Your attorney is just trying to get you to pay him/her money to draw up a contract and those can go anywhere from $100-$250, its up to you if you want to spend the money.


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Sometimes, depending upon the area or the people you're dealing with have reservations if the documents are different or even too simple. I found that if you use the same contract as the local RE agents use it keeps people calm & trusting. You can get from your RE agent or local title company.

Purchase Agreement

Thanks everyone for your input. Just want to get it right with the paperwork and understand it better..


Bernard thanks for posting you just saved a lot of fellow dger's time (which is always precious) and a scratch on the head..........

And everyone who contribute as well :0)

hallbernard wrote:
Thanks everyone for your input. Just want to get it right with the paperwork and understand it better..


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