Looking for Partners to Network and set-up a money machine wholesale fix and flip group!!

Looking for Partners to Network and set-up a money machine wholesale fix and flip group!!

Hello Fellow DG's, in the next 10 days I would like to see who would be interested in joining me in setting-up a LLC to solely wholesale and fix/flip properties in the PA, NJ, NY, CT, VA and DC. We can add more states but this will be a way to get a group of people together and help each other getting the motor starting. I have details and a game plan but before I share it I would like to know who is interested and how serious the individuals are in getting to the next level. With a little push and having to meet daily and weekly goals this would be the perfect opportunity that some of us need.
Thanks Joseph



Hi Joseph - I can only imagine you will get bombarded with positive responses! Consider me IN! Working in a team sounds perfect and I'm looking forward to hearing your game plan.

I attended Dean's 3-day event with Stephen Edwards this past June, BOG in July and my first Buying Summit in August. We've been making offers and building our buyer's list. We are IN IT TO WIN IT!

If I sound like someone you want to partner with, please send me a direct message!



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Hello joseph I believe you will have a lot of responses, I believe it's great idea to have this wholesaling group to help one another, I am building my buyers list and so for it's looking great,yes you are right we all need that little push I am in I am following dean's 30 days to real-estate cash.

If I am one of them that think can be in with you then please send me a direct message

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I'm in! I'm in Southern

I'm in! I'm in Southern Maryland, about 45 minutes south of DC. Please message me with some more details about this.



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Hi Joseph,

I think this is a great idea and would love to join in, if Georgia can be included in the states to invest in. Please let me know...looking forward to making money as a group of DG students!!!



Let's do it!!


Hello Joseph, I'm new to

Hello Joseph,

I'm new to this investing and already learned a lot and still learning from all the resources available. I'm from the heart of Bay Area and recently moved to Centraly Valley and learning my new town.

Goodluck and God bless us all!



I will split my fees with anyone that can provide a wholesale deal in Colorado. I will supply contracts, agents, title company, POF, earnest money. All you have to do is provide the deal. I get it under contract, wholesale it using MY buyers list and we split whatever I net at closing.
Check out my video under success stories and you will get an idea of what my fees average.
Now, can anyone do it?

My criteria: Anywhere that has a low average DOM and my buyers will realize a minimum 10% cash on cash return, after we make OUR fee of course. $50,000 to $500,000 buy price.

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