Ask Matt Larson A Question

Ask Matt Larson A Question

Hi everyone! I wanted to start a post where anyone can ask me a question. I will do everything I can answer each and every question. I haven't been posting much lately but I can promise you I haven't stopped doing deals. I am making more money now than I ever have. You can do it too! Don't let hitting a roadblock stop you. Just ask me how to power through it!


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

10% down on a REO prop

Hi Matt,

Did you ever have to put down 10% on a REO property and if you didn't is there a way out of that?

Where in the world is Matt Larson!? LOL

Where in the world is Matt Larson!? LOL
How did it go, Matt? Did you attain your goal?
Inquiring minds want to know! Laughing out loud


Happy Prospering! ~Kat, Liberty Residential Investment Acquisitions
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Proper way to ask for a cash buyers list ??

I spoke to a real estate agent and asked for the homes sold in the last 90 days that were bought with cash, then she told me that, that information was private. I believe I asked her the wrong way and wanted to know if there was a proper way to get this information from a Realtor

hey ADTG, I have asked about

hey ADTG, I have asked about 3-4 new agents that i have under me, and each and every single time iv asked, i have NEVER had a problem with getting that list,

Yes its privet information BUT its not privet is you are working together, u guys are now business associates... If they refuse to give you that list then tell them kindly that everyone else doesnt has a problem giving that info and if so then cut ties and look for another agent... why, because this agent might not be expirenced with investors...

My Agents work full on with investors so they know alot of out techniques, this should be a surprise request. ... hope this helps

Buyer's List

Hi Matt, i am impressed with the success that you have built for yourself and wanted to ask you if you can list three important elements that undergird the mindset of a real estate investor. What advice would you give a novice like me who is just starting out without any money,credit of experience? I want to excel in real estate!


Hey matt! Thanks
With a trustee sale/auction can you make an offer before the auction and do you make that offer to the Trustee or a re agent? Thanks in advance for a reply.


" Not Having a goal is more feared than not reaching one"

Christa Niven

Just startin out.

Matt from all i here and read it seems you are the man and congrats on the 1000 deals awesome job. I have the right mindset i am committed to making this work so that my family can enjoy a new way of life. I have read and am currently reading Dean's books and am doing the real estate investor series from Dean's advanced training will be starting with a mentor tommorrow Eric Roberts and am looking forward to it but i have a insatiable appetite for knowledge. So my question is and since i am asking it it is not a dumb question. What is the best way to do assignments. I too like the fast pace sprint. Any wisdom you care to share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Bo Scott



Real Estate Agent

Hi Matt! Im looking for your exact script on how to find an Agent, but for some reason I can't seem to find it. All of you help on this matter will be greatly appriciated.


New type of cash flow

Hi Matt,
I thought this might be an interesting way you and Dean could help us and make money. Kind of WIn Win which is what I love about you guys. Long story short I was one of those silly people who purchased a retail condo without any money down with two loans. The two long were refinanced to one at 7.25% in 2006 and then bought by HSBC. The worst bank in the world to have as a mortgage lend. I pay 1086.10 a month 847.20 in interest to them and 238.90 to principal. How awful. I have tried every place to get help to refi and if you don't have a certain kind of loan forget it. I would love to just cut out HSBC completely. Borrow with your bank and split it $500 a month on principal and $500 in interest. Wouldn't you like to earn $500 a month? The total of the loan is $138,400. Need help to get out from under. If only I had kept the adjustable rate I would be in a different situation. Thanks.



Your R.E.P.S. program

On a video with Dean, you made a statement about a program that was in development called REPS, has this been completed and if so, how could it be obtained. I am floundering around with this "wholesaling business" with no financial results(except for more expences). I desperately need to recoop my substantial investment in this training, and hopefully realize a new path in my life. HELP!

REPS Program

How can we buy the Matt'a REPS?


From The Twin Cities

Interested in growing in my real estate career.

Hello Matt

First of all I read your amazing story. I appreciate you sharing your experience. You are an inspiration.
I would like some advise in regards to my mothers probate. She recently passed away on June 2012. We are currently finalizing the probate process. But my question to you is the following. There are 7 siblings and only 4 are remaining on title. Our probate attorney indicated that its best that all 7 remain on title to avoid to tax increase on property taxes. I guess our attorney is trying to avoid us from having us pay a lump sum on taxes, just in case if taxes get pro-rated from the date mom passed away. During the process our brothers have giving us tremendous trouble, just getting them to sign a quick claim and other required documents, I guess my worry is keeping my brothers on title and later they decide they don't want to sign.

My question is how much money do you thing we might end up paying for taxes?

My mother owes $150,000
Home appraised at $170,000 from the time of her death.

Current market value today is around $215,000

I have been advised from our attorney not to call the tax collectors office because we will complicate things more. But I really need to know how much because based on the amount being assessed, I will make a decision on how to record title. I guess what the attorney is saying is that it's going to cost us ex $amount if we get pro-rated. Which is OK even if we end up paying $2,5000. That's OK to.

(My Question): Matt would you be able to help me figure out how much money we will end up paying if moms property gets reassessed.

I hope I didn't make this confusing to understand.


My other question and advise that I would like to ask is?

I have been in real estate since 1996. But I really haven't done much. I have done mostly sales as buyers agent. I stopped selling real estate after the markets prices increased. I took care of my mother. Now that I am ready and willing to work hard. I find that the market has changed a lot. I am ready for changes in my life and would like to grow at a different level in real estate. I shared Dean's real estate techniques to my real estate broker but he didn't pay much attention to me. Our office doesn't provide trainings or seminars. I am looking for advancement and education education education to enhance my knowledge so that I can take my real estate experience to the next level. But I find my self all alone with my ideas and thoughts with no one to work as a team. I look around the office every day. The office is slow. I am practically all by myself most of the time. Having to return back into real estate after being absent for a long time and without the skills to go out there to accomplish my goals makes it very difficult for me. Matt I hope I don't sound negative. I realize that I have to expand my knowledge in loans and programs so that I can be able to help my clients. This week I will meet with two loan reps to discuss some of the programs. Matt I really feel that there is more out there to learn on how to make better sales and money. If you have any ideas of what videos to start watching first, let me know. Also if you have any recommendations for me how to approach listings and buyers that would be great. Appreciate your story.


Elvira Gonzalez

Proof of Funds? 25:1 Strategy


I'm trying to get started and I found an investor friendly agent. However, she is telling me that even though we may find that 1 Diamond out of the 25, when we go make our offer we will need to provide "Proof of Funds".

Here is my problem. I have no funds and will be utilizing a cash buyer. Is this true? If so how can I overcome this obstacle?

Your advise is greatly appreciated.

Deanna H.

Hello Matt

Listen I have a deal in Michigan, owner must sell due to health , all is good
Comp in the 140's
Neighborhood clean
Outside of my trading area
I don not have team in area.

Call me Bill Kaminski

778 991 1749

Mortgages on U.S. properties for Canadians

Hey Matt, Nate mentioned at the Edge that you found a financial institution willing mortgages U.S. properties for Canadians. Can you share? I haven't been able to find one yet that is willing to do so if the house is purchased through an LLC, only personal.

Matt Larson's speaking schedule

We heard the presentation in Denver that you gave yesterday. It was so very concise and good to give the numbers is a great quick overview of everything. Our daughter lives in Houston, do you ever have any speaking engagements in the Houston area? If so, when? Can you notify us of where we can get your schedule of when and where you may be giving this presentation again.

Do you have your schedule on a website? Are you giving this concise presentation at the Summits in Las Vegas now? Those would be AWESOME. We will be going to one again in March or April of 2015.


Judy Curtis

Earnest money through real estate agnts

Hi Matt,

I have a question about wholesaling when a real estate agent is involved.

When doing this through an agent, how do you do to pay the lowest earnest moeny deposit possible? Agents will usually want to see higher deposits, since they believe it increases the chances that their clients will sell the house, when in reality it changes vey little. Is there anything in particular that you say to convince them to take a very low earnest money deposit?

I dont have more than 300 dollars to use, but have seen ggeat opportunities form my agents. I dont want to miss them because of the fact I cant make a big deposit.
I am looking at houses priced from 170K-400K. In this cases my deposits would be tiny, so I really want to convice the agent selling the house.

What should I say to convince the other agent? How do I explain this to my agent, so taht he can help me convincing the other agent?

Thank you!

Alfredo Roberts

hi matt

i've struggled getting a deal going not sure what i'm doing wrong, i've spent over 33,000 in education with no return on my investment. i here bits and pieces on how you made it but i have yet to strike gold and now i really need to, i have no job and no money i was a truck driver that owned my own truck for over twenty years when my engine died so did my job. what advice would you give a person that is about to fall on there face.




check this out


if you have the time look up 935 blair st portsmouth va 23704 and let me know how i messed this up. it was for sale on the mls for 66500 i got it under contract for 60000 and tried to wholesale it for 70000. did not work everyone saw it on willow for 66500.after repair value was 143000. what might my problem be?


Purchased home.

Hello -

I received a call from a person wanting to sell their deceased parents home. I home is in another state (Arkansas) The current two sisters/owners wants 10K for the house. I gathered tax records, and determined the house has not leins or loans.The house is move-in - ready but needs some cosmetic estimated at 2K ( three windows, and a new front door. I purchased the home. The house is estimated online of 80K. MY question is can I put a loan on this house,pullout my cash entry and then rent the property?





If your credit is good enough to get loan on house, Yes you can is the answer.

You can get even More than what you have in it, keep that cash and rent it out for even More profit.

Best Wishes


Mike Free tools


hopefully someone can help me with this.. i have quickly skimmed over the 4 Weeks to Freedom videos after watching them completely and im having trouble finding where i can find the equity of a home. i read the 30 Days to Real Estate cash 2 times and i could just missing the part where it all talks about finding the equity. maybe my realtor is supposed to tell me... i dont know. can someone please tell me where to do this?

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