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North St Paul, MN
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We are intrested in all things about realestate. Love to travel with my husband and meet new people that like to do the same thing. Have been at my current mailroom recepitonist job for 20 year. We do buy leans and deeds around the country. We are also wholesalers in the state of Minnesota. We also have started a rental empire. We currently have rentals in Mississippi. We have just finished a course in Home Inspections in the state of MN.

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clerical support mail receptionist
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2011 Edge Event

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I would love to come to your event this year. However we have not yet made our first deal and we can not afford the $2,400.00 dollares it will take for us to come. Our current plan is to make a few sales first then go to next years event. Thank you Dean

Christa & Tim Niven


good morning im new to this site and selling real estate is there any advice you can give me about contracts.because im not really sure how they work,is there a section on this that has each contract broke down?

Tax Lien system. Is there

Tax Lien system. Is there any properties near westchester ny. I want to buy the system I jsut want to make sure there is some deals near me.

Tax Leins

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Yes there are. This system has a ton of properties listed all over the state of New York.

I am sorry I did not read the rules I just found out!

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I did not know about the personal contact info rule Sorry.

I am sorry I did not read the rules I just found out!

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I did not know about the personal contact info rule Sorry.

No Problem

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No Problem but that is one of the things all the coaches talk about is fill out your bio. That way they know better how to help you.

Hi Just wanted to say hello!

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Hi we just wanted to say hello and ask how long have you guys been purchasing liens??????? We're interested in that type or RE but not sure yet. We are working on birddogging and assignments right now. In the beginning phases of course..but still working on it. Do you have any advice on this?

Take care and stay blessed!