New here - introducing myself

New here - introducing myself

Hello everyone!

Karen here. I just found out about Dean and his courses last week. I've watched the Rock Bottom Blueprint marketing videos, all of this week's live event videos and spent HOURS on YouTube catching up on the videos there. And I'm in August 2009 on Dean's video blog.

(I'm a video junkie, by the way. I just LOVE videos! If anything's taught on video and it's free, I've probably watched it. LOL)

AND I just got my Profit From Real Estate book today!

I've never done any RE deals in the past, other than my husband and I buying our own house almost 7 yrs ago, but I was working with an investor maybe 10 years ago while he was studying another real estate "guru."

I've wanted to invest in real estate for the last almost 20 years, and in our current situation, it pretty much seems like a necessity more than anything else.

52 yrs old; lost my job about six years ago due to a medical disability only two months after we made settlement on our house. I've been working from home online ever since trying to make something - anything work, to help pay the bills.

I have to say, from the first Rock Bottom Blueprint video, Dean just blows me away. Inspiring and I wish I had his energy! And the genuinely REAL people that are making this work are a tremendous inspiration.

I'm anxious to get started because of our current financial situation, which could be worse, but certainly is still too stressful.

Also, I told my husband I would LOVE to be able to invest in the Rock Bottom Blueprint. By the time I got to the last video I was hovering over "Add To Cart" knowing right well I had NO way of paying for it. So I bought the book instead.

While we're reading the book and getting all the right things in place so we're prepared, I have a question that maybe someone can point us in the right direction. (And if this is not the right place to ask, point me in the right direction, please. Smiling)

We bought our house six years ago this past March. We paid $150K for it, 100% financing, and at that time it appraised at almost $275K.

Today it's appraised at about $200K. The mortgage is current, but because our credit in the crapper due to unemployment, disability (we're both on permanent disability) and the economy, we can't get refinanced.

So I was wondering, are there ANY lenders today that would do a refinance to help us pull some cash out of our house even though we have crappy credit and no money for fees or closing? Or is that pretty much a pipe dream? We're not talking all of the equity; just maybe $20K or $25K, so half, if even that.

I feel like we have this asset but we've just not found a way to tap into it because in order to get some of our money out of this house, we have to already HAVE money. But if we had money, we wouldn't want to try to take out any equity.

So that's my rather lengthy introduction and my refinance question. Most of the articles and videos I've gone through so far discuss how to assign houses and buy houses to help other people avoid foreclosures.

Fortunately, we're nowhere near a foreclosure and we absolutely do not want to sell our own house, but we could really, really use some of the equity out of it to get us through and relieve some stress while we read more of the book and get something moving on making some deals; like a cushion just in case it takes us longer than 30 days to do one successfully.

Thanks a bunch!


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Newbie to Rock Bottom Blueprint

Hi All,

I'm excited! I just purchased Rock Bottom Blueprint course and ready to rock n roll. I've been wanting to invest in RE but, let my fears get the best of me. I'm ready to go all the way!!!

Any tips or feedback on getting started will be helpful!

Looking forward to meeting my fellow Investors!


Ms. Monique
Charlotte, NC

~thoughts become things along with taking action~

{*when Life, Fear, Excuses get in the way- it's about showing up and doing it anyway!}

Welcome New Members,

...Welcome to the DG website it is filled with information and inspiration. Good luck with real estate investing. You want to have an open mind, learn as much as you can from Dean's books and programs and take action and apply what you learn. As you navigate the DG website you may want to view all of Dean's prior video blogs and conference calls for more tips, techniques and strategies. Each day learn a little more and your confidence and skill will grow. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Newbie in Idaho

I just joined this evening with the encouragement and support from my hubby! : )
I'm excited (and already a little overwhelmed) with all the info...more excited though than anything! So I'm going to eat this elephant one delicious bite at a time!: )


"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."
Og Mandino

Hi Monique - new member to

Hi Monique - new member to new member welcome. Smiling


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Hi Newbie in Idaho, from

Hi Newbie in Idaho, from Newbie in Pennsylvania!

I'm excited too! My husband was already looking online last night and was finding what sounded to be like some really good deals. But first things first so we're prepared of course, like getting the buyer's list set up, the real estate agent in place, which we're fortunate there. I've know our realtor for almost 10 years; she's used to working with investors and she helped us get our house.


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Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for the welcome Indiana Joe!

I'm almost through every one of the video blogs. I still have the latter part of 2009 and 2010 to go yet. LOL

Then I want to go through some of the member journals too. That should be really interesting! Smiling


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Just Joined as well. Investing in Oklahoma

Congrats to everyone that is finally taking the first step. I have considered real estate for years. I've studied a couple different courses and got really excited. But, when I started seeing the big dollar signs involved I was always too nervous to pull the trigger. I don't remember who said this to me so unfortunately I can not give them credi but someone said that the only limitations in real estate is your own creative limitations. With the right terms you can always put yourself in the position to profit or back out of the deal with no financial cost to you.

With the new addition of an absolutely amazing daughter and my family's income being cut to about 30% of what it used to be I have finally made the decision to follow through this time.

I just purchased the RBBP and I am starting with the 30 day bonus. I will be finding a Real Estate agent on Wednesday (tomorrow). I just moved to OK 5 weeks ago so I have a lot of exciting new changes in my life.

Anyone else here living or investing in Oklahoma?


The only thing that will get you out of your comfort zone is your why. It's what drives you. Is you why stronger than your pain? If not I suggest you go back and focus on your why!!!!

You may not always get what you ask for but you'll never get what you don't ask for. So what if someone tells you no.

Welcome Firewalker!

I just made a couple of posts to see about doing some bird dog work to get my "feet wet" so to speak and I'm looking for a mentor for us here in PA.

We visited Fort Sill OK a few years ago for Thanksgiving when my stepson was out there on the Army base for training. We went to a couple of really cool places, like the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and it was a nice trip. Smiling


Berks County, PA Property Finders-RE Property Locators for Cash Investors:
Berks, Schuylkill, Lehigh and Immediately Surrounding Areas

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