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Karen S Musselman
Mohrsville, Berks County, PA
About Me: 

Our website went live today (8-26-11)! http://berkspropertyfinders.com/

I own a couple of websites and blogs but my heart has also been in trying to get started in RE investing.

I bought into Dave Del Dotto's "no money down" course back in the day and worked with an investor who studied Carlton Sheets. That investor ended up in bankruptcy big time.

But since RE is something I've been interested in since my teens, I decided to buy Dean's book, which my husband has since read through from cover to cover as well.

We met with our realtor today, the same savvy woman who got us into our house a few years ago, and while she's a self-admitted "nay-sayer" when it comes to anything out of a book or course, she's worked with investors for decades herself and she's also as open minded as they come.

We've also both been reading through the forum and taking notes; my husband's ready to roll but I know we still have some stuff to get into order and I'd like to have a mentor to learn the ropes from and pitch ideas to so we don't fall on our faces just starting out.

I'm a self-admitted Internet junkie with two websites and three blogs which are finally starting to show some signs of eventually generating some cash. I also love reading fiction novels and trading them on swap.com

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Disabled and self-employed
Completed College


Thank you!

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Thank you for the welcome! These forums are great!

Welcome fellow DG

I am also new to the DG family and we are practically neighbors.I live here in the Lehigh Valley