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North Carolina
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I'm a Real Estate agent in NY & relocated to Charlotte, NC for my job. I have 2 adult sons. I initially moved to South Carolina in 2011 to be closer to parents. I've always wanted to be an Real Estate Investor. I'm going to explode in this business once I let my FEARS (False Evidence Appearing Real) go. Looking to learn & help everyone have an extraordinary life!

Want to hear from you to learn and give a helping hand...

Traveling, reading, spending time with family & friends

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Flight Attendant & Realtor
Have Child(ren)
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On all your success Monique. Getting in position and getting started is half the battle.

Wishing you well!

Thank U!

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You are the first person to comment in my guest book! 2013 here I come, I'm ready to take this year by storm:) Doing it on my own is a little scary, but that goes for anything new. I'm ready to make a difference in my life as well as others.

Looking forward to doing a deal together in 2013!

Here's to our success!

Ms. M

Rock On Lady

Keep pushing it MsMonique.

hello Monique

I appreciate your words of enc, it really meant a lot to me.

Also i'm glad you were able to close on that deal last year December ..we are all like a family here in and we help each other..

Dean techniques work and thats what has been giving me more momentum to push forward in my rei business ...

All the best in your rei journey...