My path to success

My path to success

Turned 28 today, August 1st 2011. This will be the year where life changes for me and my family.
I've been contemplating on weather i'd do this or not, but what better way to make sure you follow through with what you need to do, then a journal.
I've been interested in real estate since I was about 20 years old. Seeing everyone's infomercials on tv, and the amount of money you could make doing it really inspired me. I've always had a dream to be able to help more people financially. I knew immediately this is what I wanted to do. I ordered books, courses, you name it I probably had it at one point.
To make a long story short, I never had success, but I did have an opportunity to work with an investor which I later found out was a scam artist. I learned so much from this person, but mainly how to recognize the red flags and run. After being involved with this investor for about 2 years, my credit was messed up because of a foreclosure that went on my credit because of his "so called" REAL ESTATE INVESTING TRAINING PROGRAM. I was so naive because he actually did have properties that were being rehabbed, had been rehabbed, and had renters in them. If it had not been for my wife, we probably would have been in way worse shape than we were. So, my first REAL real estate experience sucked, and discouraged me for a while.
About a year later(2008) I purchased Dean's book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire". I received the book and read like the first 20 pages, but put it back down. At this time I had a good job, and things were going ok. But about 5 months ago, I realized that I didn't want to work in corporate america for the rest of my life. I didn't want to come home from work completely exhausted every day. I didn't want to not have time to spend with my family and friends. I WANTED TO BE SUCCESSFUL.
Since then, i've had an incredible drive to take the necessary steps to really invest my brain into real estate. I picked Dean's book up off the shelf, and finally read it through. I was so excited and inspired, I also purchased PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE, AND YOUR TOWN, YOUR REAL ESTATE PROFITS. My mind has been on a whole other level.
I joined the Success Academy Thursday July 28, and have been on a natural high since. I can't wait until my orientation call on Tuesday, IT'S BEEN 5 DAYS!!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for me and my family. I know the only thing that can stop me is what's in between my ears. All the other success stories really helped me to realize, I CAN DO IT. God has placed this dream in my heart for a reason, and I will succeed. With the help of you guys here on the site, and the coaching mentors, there's no way i can't succeed. SUCCESS, HERE I COME.

Wow I had a lot to say, lol.


Welcome. You've certainly found the right place and people to help you fulfill your dreams. There is nothing like this site on the entire WWW. DG folks are the best.

By the way, Happy Belated Birthday! I believe that when you turn 29, you will do so as a successful real estate investor.

Learn and grow and then make those deals happen!


Those who kill time murder opportunity.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers." III John 2

"To get up each morning with the Resolve To Be Happy is to set our own conditions to the events of the day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Way to go...

Yeah, God has plans for you my friend and obviously he has kept this dream alive in you despite what you encountered with this investor. This is a great site with positive influences from others. Keep your eyes on the prize (Family) and you will not go wrong.

Welcome and God speed.


Looking for realestate investor in the Georgia area.
I am an aggresive/goal oriented individual who enjoys learning and sharing that which I have learned with others. I am ambitious and I am looking for someone who appreciates these qualities. I am eager and willing to learn as well as do whatever it takes to achieve my objective. Lets get together who ever you may be and change lives as well as ours. Daniel


Thank you guys for the encouraging words. Just to update, I had my orientation yesterday from my coach. WOW!!!! I was so excited when the phone rang, since I had been waiting for the longest 5 days in my life, lol. I've started my lessons and i'm super amped to do the rest. So much information, but it doesn't even feel like school because I love what i'm learning. Can't wait to get that first deal under my belt, hopefully within the next 2 months. Back 2 studying.


Hey Brandon,

Get into a REIA ASAP! Go and soak up the knowledge and network. I know guys in our REIA that are offering to coach anyone new through the first deal or two and just take 50% for doing so. But with you being in the SA, you should be good to go! Keep us posted!



Hi Brandon

Good deal! You are motivated and are going to do this. It's amazing the lessons you have learned and I believe that those lessons are going to help make you big money. Thanks for posting. It helps people like me stay focused seeing everyone's journals.


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thank all of you for the encouraging words. Reading everyone's journals is so inspiring!! This is the best thing on the Internet. To find others just like you, with a bigger want from life. I was asking myself why am I like this, but I heard a song on my way to work. "GOD MADE ME WHO I AM" this bought tears to my eyes, so powerful.. I'm so excited, and can't wait to post my first deal, and all the others. Eye-wink


Hey vonny, the main thing you really need to do is follow your gut. I knew this guy didn't seem 100% real, but I wanted in so bad I didn't care. Thankfully I had a wife that would say something, otherwise I'd probably be off way worse than I am.
If anyone ask you to sign a contract for a house, and you don't know exactly all the details, how's it getting fixed, etc. I was just really naive and anxious because I wanted my foot in the door so I really didn't care. I was told I would learn how to invest in real estate, and that's all I needed to hear. I can go into more detail if you want, but just follow your gut. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. If you feel like someone's hiding something, they probably are. Pm me if you want more


Accomplished a little bit today. Been watching rock bottom videos from Saturday all day. It's unbelievable how much free information dean gives away. I was blown away with all the info from everyone. ali's words were so powerful, "MINDSET AND ACTION, MINSET AND ACTION, MINDSET AND ACTION". it's drilled into my brain!!! No matter how much info you soak up, without first changing your mindset, and taking action, IT'S WORTHLESS!!
I called the coach hotline today to see if my LLC the fake investor from Missouri had me open back in 06, would be ok to invest with in Kansas. Spoke with Peggy at PMI, SHE WAS AWESOME! Had me call the secretary of state for Missouri, and see if the by laws said I could use an llc created in Missouri to invest in Kansas. They told me to call Kansas and see what they said. Called Kansas, and they told me to talk to a lawyer. I can't believe they didn't know, but I have a friend that's a lawyer, so I'm going to call her tonight and see if she knows, or can point me to another lawyer that would know. I'm taking action, getting problems solved. Sometimes you gotta go thru alot of people for one little bit of information, but I know it's gonna pay off so it doesn't bother me. Just staying positive, and looking forward to the days ahead.
Another funny thing I realized today. My mindset has changed so much, it had me laughing this morning. I was laughing because I haven't been watching the news, or feeding into all the negativity like dean said. I know that there's still money to be made out there, regardless of what's going on. As long as you have the right system for your market, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. my friend was telling me about the credit worthy stuff with america yesterday, and I just laughed because he was so negative. Saying it would be hard to make money and get loans and everything. Lol!! Dean and his successful students are proof that no matter what's going on in the economy, with the right information, education, strategies, and not to mention mentors, coaches and all the other investors(DG-ers) backing you up and encouraging you, there's nothing you Can do but succeed. I AM SO READY FOR MY PIECE OF THE PIE. Gotta be patient though. Sad

Good stuff

I am still learning and networking and building a buyers list, however I agree attitude is a big part. I have worked in marketing and Entrepreneurship for years and your attitude plays a big part in never giving up. All the best. Jason


thats cool that you already have a background in marketing. I wish i did. I've tried other business ventures before, and I believe marketing is where I failed. my wife made me realize last night how many get rich quick schemes I've tried, and none were successful. Was it because of marketing? I'm not sure, but I think that could've had alot to do with it. Marketing is so important, and I think since you already have a background in that, you're light years ahead of alot if us. Keep me posted on your progress, and I'll do the same.


A little discouraged. Just returned a phone call lead I had from a ghost ad I placed on Craigslist. Didn't go to well. I told the prospect that the property was already under contract, and he flipped out on me. I tried to tell him that I come across properties similar to that one all the time, but he wouldn't even let me finish before he hung up on me. I called him back and tried to explain to him again, but he wouldn't even let me completely explain. I tried to tell him I would try to help him find properties similar, but he wouldn't even tell me what he's looking for. Said thank you for trying to help me, and hung up. Not really sure what I did or said wrong. I had another person leave me an email on another ad I have placed, but now i'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing again. I think i'll just wait until tomorrow to return his call so my confidence can get back up. Any suggestions would help tremendously!!!

Poor Sport

It sounds like you just got a hold of a poor sport that had an attitude because he wanted that property. He may have not been able to get it anyway. You don't even know what his financial situation was. Or he may have been in the same game and trying to throw you off. You never know.

Keep your head up and keep on keepin on. Especially if you got the program. You can do this.



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What Is Different

About this program, is when you obtained the number of deals requested, you will be refunded the payment for the SA. That is your motivation. Forget about that call, on to the next. This is durable and achievable, but only you can make it happen. Even if you purchase two deals and hold, you would have made it. God Bless.



"You can never get to the top, if you are not willing to climb. Do not look at the difficulty of the climb, only anticipate the view from the top."
"Can't even walk without you holding my hand." (Song)
"Is anything too hard for the Lord ..." Genesis 19:14
"In all things, wait on the Lord."
"Think not of your own deliverance, but trust in God who will give in abundance."
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something." Unknown
"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about those things that really matters." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You guys are absolutely right!

I'm not gonna let one bad caller stop my success, I can't! I will get those 5 deals, and more within my year. On to the next one. Actually after I made that call last night, about 30 minutes later my Rea called, and we structured our plan to go and look at houses today. I WAS BACK IN THE GAME! my agent has been excellent so far. He hasn't had his license too long, so we're both learning together. He happens to be my brother in law, and we have been talking about getting involved in real estate for at least 6 years. I'm finally getting started in investing, and he's just gotten his re license. Can we say, PERFECT TIMING? we both have the same entrepreneurial drive, and plan on having a lot of success together. It's great to have an agent I know I can trust, finds out any information I need, and is willing to grow and learn.
We went and looked at four houses today from the mls. 2 were hidious, 2 were ok. Gonna evaluate the numbers, and possibly put in offers. Meet with coach tomorrow (2nd meeting) so I'll see whattype of advice he has.
I also drove around to houses that were purchased with cash within the last 6 months(supplied promptly by brother in law), and met some contractors working on the properties. Got business cards of contractors, but no contact with owners yet. Left my other business' business card and wrote my cell number on it because I haven't got my rei business cards yet. (will do next week)
Overall, I feel like I had a very productive day, and I can't wait to meet with my coach tomorrow. Holla, and thanks again for the encouraging words to all the DG family. WE WILL SEE SUCCESS!!!


Way to go! It is amazing how you actually meet real people that can be added to your team when you are out looking at properties. Not behind a computer building a list of buyers with no money! Way to go! You are learning what you need tom learn to do this business!! Looking at properties, meeting contractors and agents and making offers. No offer, no way in the world to make money in this business. You are on the way!

Congratulations, ACTION TAKER!!

Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


Knowledge is power, but execution trumps knowledge. Tony Robbins Seller site Buyer site Bird Dog Site Tenant/Buyer site


Wow you have your brother in law on your side? You lucky dog! Good deal!


If interested is some Internet Marketing techniques I have learned over the years visit my Blog at

Mike and jay

Thank you for the encouraging words. You guys really help a lot to keep me determined to succeed.
Had a great day yesterday. Made a lot of progress. I FOUND MY REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY!!!! It's true what they say. U know when you're talking to the right person for your team, and this guy was all that, and a bag of chips. I felt so empowered because he was asking me questions, and giving me what if scenarios, and I had an answer and exit clause for everything. It's amazing how all the information from the books and success academy are just taken in when you read, and you know exactly what to say to the questions. He also told me about 3 properties he knew for sale for dirt cheap. Gonna go look at them monday.
Not long after getting off the phone with him, I had a buyer call me back that I had been playing phone tag with for about a week. Added them to my buyers list, and they also referred me to a title company that handles assignments, and gave me the individuals contact info. The snowball is starting to roll! Next step is to study what all I need in my contract to make sure I'm protected, exit strategies etc, then it'll be time to start making offers, as I continually build up my buyers list. Success, HERE I

"Diligence is the mother of good luck" Benjamin Franklin

More progress

The last few days have been amazing. I've posted a lot of ads, but haven't got the type of responses I thought I would. So...., try something else. I sent out a mass text to almost everybody in my phone, and the response has been insane. Got 2 for sure buyers, and 5 maybes that I need to talk to.
I also talked to a title company today that said they do double closings and assignment of contract no problem. I'm so ready to start making offers, but I'm waiting until I get 10 for sure buyers on my list. Everyone keeps stressing how important that is, so that's what I'm doing.
Last but not least, I think I may have found my first deal. A corporation bought a bunch of properties in bulk, and is selling them dirt cheap. I MEAN DIRT CHEAP! $4,500 a property if you purchase at least 10. WOW!!! What investor wouldn't hop on that deal? I've got the addresses, over the weekend I'm gonna go check them out, take pictures and all that good stuff. I'm sure they're not in great condition, but even putting 10 to 15000 in each one and renting out seems like it would be a good deal to me. Looking to assign for 10 to 15000. That would be so great to have that as my first deal. I'm not giving up! Success, here I come!!!

Momentum builds momentum

Congrats! Keep at it. Every little job builds on each other. Just celebrate those little accomplishments (sending texts to all, getting a lawyer, posting ads etc. etc. etc.) Before you know it the whole is greater than the parts...and the deals just keep coming. I'm new at this too but every day I try to do something beyond my comfort zone, doing something in DG's blueprint and at the end of the day fulfilled in knowing we will get there one job after the other, one brick at a time, one small success after another. Never forget your WHY (in good times and in bad). We will get there. We are all in this together!


Let's go investing at the speed of opportunity!


Good encouraging words. You're absolutely right. So many times many of us wish we could skip over this part, but it's all part of our journey. It's what shapes us Into who we will be. We have to tell ourselves every day that we are successful, but most importantly we have to believe it. Success, here we come!!!


I am in the georgia area? would you like to team up?

WOW!!!! it's been a while

Didn't realize it's been soooo long since my last update. so many new things have taken place since my last post. I have been like a sponge, soaking up so much real estate info every day!!I ordered The edge 2011 videos, and thus far they are AMAZING!!! The information from everyone on there is PRICELESS!!! Well, these last few weeks have been awesome. I submitted my first offer on a property owned by a bank, and am in the process of making a deal. We haven't completely came to an agreement yet, but I had an inspection done on the property today. Figured it would be better to pay that and see what's going on, rather than make the purchase and then get a big surprise. I tried to enter the "offer contingent upon acceptable inspection" clause, but the bank countered "as is"
Inspection went ok, but a termite treatment was recommended. Even though they said "as is" I'll try to use this as more of a negotiating tool. The numbers on this deal as of now are:
Purchase price- $7700
Repair estimate (to rent)-maximum of $10,000
ARV-$45,000 (worst case scenario)
Average rent in area- 550 to 650
I plan on fixing this up to rent, and once in good enough condition refinance the property. I found a local community bank that doesn't require seasoning (thanks to another DGer) and plan on pulling the equity out, paying back the borrowed money to make the deal, and using the NEW money to finance the next deal. IT WILL BE AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS, I'm claiming it!! Should have a definite update by next week.

Not so good news

almost forgot. My brother in law that was working as my realtor told me today that he doesn't have the time to dedicate to real estate that I need him to. I really wanted it to work with him, but there was a couple times I asked him for stuff and didn't hear back for a few days. Back to the drawing board, but I know I'll find just who I need. Also, the real estate attorney that I spoke with a couple times, we still haven't been able to sit down and talk. We were supposed to do this yesterday, but he didn't answer when I called, or return my phonecall. Oh well, that just means it's somebody else out there that's better for me. These obstacles still won't stop me, SUCCESS HERE I COME!!!
GOOD NEWS- finally got my business cards, but they forgot to print the back side. But I still got 250 free cards since they were front only. Smiling I also got my "we buy houses" magnet for my truck. Now just gotta get my power team together, and I'll be off to the races.


Hey There Man,

It is great to see that you have all you goals and dreams man. That is the first start. Make sure your go Seven Layers Deep. I just found it and WOW, It just made everything so much clear. Now I just don’t want Money to Live and Support. I now know how much, why, what will happen if I don’t, ect. Have a dream man and live the mission. Also remember to look at the success on each piece you get done, not just the overall money at the end. You are on the drag way and it is Yellow, are you ready for when it turns Green Smiling


Darrell Ford
Lifetouch Properties LLC
"Failure equals my death, I Shall not Fail."

Thanks bro

Good stuff. That was confirmation for what I need to do. I keep saying imma do the 7 layers deep, but I keep putting it off. I WILL DO IT TONIGHT!!! And YES, I'm ready for green. I been revving the gas for years, time to skirt off. Lol. SUCCESS, HERE I COME!!!!


Thanks Good, I was putting off for a while also, but after doing it I have a way better understand on why I am doing what I am doing. SO just hit the gas and blow through the lights and See you at the top.


Darrell Ford
Lifetouch Properties LLC
"Failure equals my death, I Shall not Fail."


WHAT A DAY!!!! Just went to my first REI club meeting. THIS WAS MY MOST EXCITING REI EXPERIENCE TO DATE!!! I met so many people that i had already spoken to because of calling on bandit signs. I networked so much, and met so many cool people, and people that were already doing what i'm working toward. It was like a live DG experience. Everyone was so nice, and there was so much real estate investing information everyone.
I even met a fellow investor that does vlogs and i had been watching his videos on you tube. His videos had inspired me so much, and I couldn't believe he was right in front of my face. I introduced myself, sold myself with my story, and told him how much his blogs had inspired me, and he was excited to hear that his videos were reaching out and helping people. He's in the process of putting together another inspirational video of successful people, and he loved my mindset, and said he had went through the same thing I was currently going through, and would love for me to be part of the video. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!
This meeting has inspired me sooooo much more. I have so many phone calls to make tomorrow, so many real estate tasks to do. If you haven't done it yet, GO TO YOUR LOCAL REI CLUB MEETING!! SUCCESS, HERE I COME!!!!


It's been a loooooonnnnnng time, too long! I don't even know where to start. Well, let me start by saying I have officailly purchased my first real estate investment property. What a great accomplishment. I closed on the property on 9/28/11, exactly 2 months after i started in the success academy.
I got such a good deal on this property it's ridiculous!!!! The bank had it since november last year, and hadn't even listed it with an agent or anything. From then until now, they only had 2 people make offers on the property, so competition was small to none for me on this property.
I found this property by using Joe's strategy for dealing with a bank REO property from Dean's book Your Town Your Realestate almost exactly as stated. I called and asked for the REO asset manager, and asked if they had any properties, and they had 2. After about a month or so, i went to the bank and the banker took me to the property, and told me, "WE DO NOT WANT THIS PROPERTY. $10,000 OR CLOSE TO THAT AND IT'S YOURS" I offered $9,200 financed (which he told me they prefered not to finance) and $6,700 cash. They countered $7,700 cash, so i asked them to meet me at the property one day so i can have an inspection done. In the inspection, found out house had a small area of termite infestation, and a high concentration of radon in the basement which would costs a total of $1,400. I took this, and made another offer of $6,500. They countered $7,000, and i accepted. House value is $50,000. I'm in the process of rehabbing the property now, and i'm learning so much every day. My bro-n-law and cousin know how to rehab, so they've been doing the work and i've been asking questions, lol. Already got a good rehab crew, and didn't even have to look far. AND IT'S NOT COMPLETE STRANGERS!!
My family has been great with helping and cleaning, and I couldn't ask for better support. This is just the beginning and I know there are many more deals to come. SUCCESS, I'M ON MY WAY!!!!!

O yeah...

I was going to do a quick sale with the property and sell it for $20,000, but I kept getting tire kickers so i decided i'd fix it and rent it. It's close to 2 universities, so I may be able to ask for more than the average rental market really is. I plan on refinancing with the same bank i purchased the property from when the rehab is complete because they have an in house portfolio and don't require seasoning, and give 75% LTV. When all said and done, I should be able to pull out between $20 and $25k which i will reinvest, pay off private investors (whom I will give a 20% ROI) and pay off my crew.
My main goal is to keep reinvesting the profit from each property so my funds can keep compounding at %100. 15k become 30k. 30k become 60k, etc.. I WILL NOT BUY FOOLISH DEPRESHEATING STUFF UNTIL MY EARNED REAL ESTATE INCOME IS OVER $100,000. This is the fastest way to get to financial independence, and that's my goal. SUCCESS, I'M ON MY WAY!!!!


How exciting! Congrats on your first deal. May it be the 1st of many, many more!!


Those who kill time murder opportunity.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers." III John 2

"To get up each morning with the Resolve To Be Happy is to set our own conditions to the events of the day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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