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Brandon jackson
Kansas City
About Me: 

I'm a 30 year old, very ambitious male ready to get into the market, learn as much as I can learn about real estate, and start making money so I can help others. I'm a very kind hearted person, and like to help people when ever I can. I have been interested in real estate for about 8 years, have did all the steps as in going to the court house, checking records, researching markets, doing profit analysis, making phone calls, checking ads, etc... but I just haven't overcame the fear of taking the steps of having an approval letter and making an offer. I AM READY TO BE SUCCESSFUL!! I believe in the Dean Graziosi system, and I believe this will be my door that i need to walk thru, in order to become a real estate professional. I believe that once I do my first deal, there will be no stopping me. SUCCESS, HERE I COME!!!

Basic Info

Plant Technician
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


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Call me 816-820-1142.


Where did you go?

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Where have you been? Did you get all your deals made? We all thought about you at the last Marei meeting ( as we were standing outside at 11:15). Hope life is well and the real estate deals are making you successful.



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Just got your messages. Wish I would've been checking. Well, this year will be the year. It was good to see you guys the other night. Glad to hear things have been going good. Talk to you soon.

welcome to the DG family business.

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Add us to your buyer and sellers list asap.
God bless you always.