Investors in Charlotte NC - Having success with assignment of contracts???

Investors in Charlotte NC - Having success with assignment of contracts???

Hi, I'm fairly new in the real estate investing game and I reside in Charlotte, NC and I'm being met with quite a bit of resistance to the assignement of contract method. I've talked to several Real Estate Agents/Brokers in my quest to find a really good one and I keep hearing things like: "You're not going to be able to find an attorney here that will close an assignment of contract deal." "You're not going to be able to find a distressed enough seller that is going to willingly sign over the rights to their home to you." "It's unethical because you are taking all of the equity out of a sellers home who is probably already in a bad financial situation." I was hoping to start out with real estate investing with assignment of contracts because it seemed like a fairly quick way to build my own capital so that I can eventually start buying those properties that I wish to hold on to. But if everyone around me is telling me that it can't be done, I'm not sure which way to turn now. Have you heard of this happening in any other cities? I understand that some cities/states like Charlotte, NC were not that adversely effected by the real estate loan mess so doing assignment of contract deals may not be that neccessary or even wanted. What would you suggest that I do if I have none of my own money? How can I overcome this obstacle? Should I just keep looking for those real estate agents/attorneys/brokers that can handle and are handling assignment of contracts in my area? I'm sure one or two must exist. Any advice? Charlotte, NC investors please help!!!!!


I am 30min from Charlotte


I just wanted to let you know, I live in the area and I have been dealing with the same situation. One thing you must realize, NC does not operate like any other State, and a lot of people do not believe in change, but DO NOT let this stop you. If you can't find anyone here lauch out into another state. I am doing business in Va., Ca, and I will be adding NJ, GA, and SC to my list. However, there are agents here you can find that know what you are trying to do is legit, they just scared, or do not want to loose their commission. Please don't give up, keep doing what you are doing, and remember what Dean said, you have the tools you need to make a change in your situation, but it starts with a change of mind." If you need anything let me know, I will be
happy to help. Be Blessed and never give up!!

Best Wishes,


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Hey Veronica,
Send me a private message , I live in Charlotte, I have an agent thats is (Investor friendly) does the assignment and everything else.PM me and I will give you that information.
Maybe we can do some networking?Take care

Curtis Fillers

Having success with assignment of contracts???

I am as well NEW to all of this and no I have not as of today done an assignment deal. However I plan to do my first in the next few days. I live in Mich and had the same fear, however as I was in OFFICE MAX supply store; I looked at their agrea where they have legal forms you can pick up. Look at the back for real estate, listed right on there is ASSIGNMENT CONTRACT. Now like everyone has said it may need to be tweeked for your state, but if it was
not LEAGEL to do this you wouldn't see them sell the forms for it. That's what convinced me that this is all good. I wish you all the best.

Don't give up

Hey, that's good news that

Hey, that's good news that someone want to enter into the real estate business. I want to know if there is any chance for a selling and purchasing with profit than I definitely go for it and found site as best way to join.

Keep in mind

That assignments is best done with FSBO, no thru a mls listing. If you want to buy a Mls you either need to do a double close where you have transaction money lined up or private money or hard money. By the way my name is Ed and I live in Asheboro, NC. Trust me that assignments are allowed here. Join your local real estate investor club and network with the investors.

Assignment deals.

Hello Curtis Timothy "Newbie to REI game". I reside in Charlotte,NC alot of resistance from assignment strategy. from REA/Brokers .I reaching out to you for the information of that .agent that is REI friendly, Thanks Timothy.

You can start by...

NEVER mentioning the assignment strategy to real estate agents. That's the #1 mistake I've seen on these posts lately. Agents and brokers are trained to only do 3 things: 1) Look for listings, 2) List properties on the MLS, and 3) collect a check. Only RE investors make money off assignments, don't expect salespeople to help you with them. Maybe 1 in 1,000 agents/brokers know what that is. The other 999 have been trained to be scared of it (they think you're using them for their MLS access, then screwing them out of their sales commission) or lie to you about it ("you can't do that! It's illegal!" is the #1 flat out LIE I've seen posted these past 12 months).

You wouldn't ask your kid's soccer coach how to install a sink, would you? WHY would you let a salesman tell you what the law is? If I was on here 24/7 like I used to be, I'm pretty sure I would've ripped all my hair out by now. DG people PLEASE (newbies especially) - if you're going to try this strategy, read Dean's books FIRST, then read ALL the threads on this website about assignments.

You can't be mad at agents and brokers for not being able to help you. Dean is showing people 17 different ways to buy and sell real estate. Agents and brokers only know ONE way, and it's the only way they get paid. Some brokers have called their state governments and TRIED to make them "illegal," (see DE and TX) but once you prove in court that you're not trying to be a broker without a license (which is their top false gripe about assignments), you will win case closed before you even have a chance to talk.

For the LOVE OF GOD, STOP looking for agents and brokers to make you money for free! They won't do it, and they'll say anything under the sun to get you out of their face so they can get back to work.

Number 2 LIE - Charlotte wasn't touched by the housing crash. Are you SERIOUS? Is Charlotte in America? Then it was. It might not be a ghost town (like Detroit) or a foreclosure factory (like Miami or Vegas), but you can bet your computer and internet access, every U.S. town took a sizeable hit. If you see a place that appears "untouched," it's far more likely that they took a smaller hit, and recovered from it faster with new buyers with solid money.

Instead! Look for an ATTORNEY (you know, someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS THE LAW) to help you. Make sure he's an RE attorney who's comfortable with contracts, who's worked with investors in the past. Next ask him for a title company who can close an assignment for you. Many states allow the attorney to do it himself, so ask him that first. It's easier to assign FSBO's because there's less chance of being lied to, and less people involved, so far less potential to screw it all up.

DG readers please do this the right way! I have a sneaking suspicion I would look ridiculous in a toupee. Don't make me pull my hair out. PLEASE!!!


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Hello David,

Hello David, Thanks for the information. Timothy



Curtis and David are right. I live in Concord which is about 20 miles from Charlotte. Charlotte was hit by the "crash" and there are deals out there. I am still a newbie, but I am learning more and more everyday. I ran into the same talk that you did. The main thing is to stop listening to agents who are not familiar with how investors think and work. It's their loss and that's OK. Join the local REIA club and ask members who they use. The members will give you the straight scoop on who to use and who to stay away from. I "educated" a paralegal and atty last week on how a double closing with an assignment contract should work (only my 2nd deal) and after they did some research, they agreed. The funny think is this one will be my first double closing, but I acted like I knew what I was talking about and it worked. I now have another atty on my list to use. If someone doesn't want to do what you need them to do - move on to the next person.

Good Luck,




Hello Lori I think you for the information.thanks timothy.

Valuable Information

Thank you all for the heads up. I live in Statesville and I am looking to Network. I am a newbie. I could use some help with certain road blocks that comes with this journey. Would any of you like to meet and network with me and be successful together?

God Bless You!


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'I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me!' (Philippians 4:13, King James Version)


Hi It makes no difference where you are there are deals every where and North
Carolina or South Carolina or tim-buck-too there out there just work it right and you will find them.Alot of wonderful feed back learn from and take"action"



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