Florida bird-dog wanted

Florida bird-dog wanted

If you are interested in finding GREAT deals for me in Florida, please respond here. I live in NJ but am interested in purchasing property in Florida.

Thank You for your time.



Florida Birddog

WE have recently (within the last few days) expanded our search for homes and/or condos to the southwest Florida area. We are recieving listing details daily if you would like to learn more about them. Are you an investor? We are new to investing but know the southwest Florida area well and love it their. This would be a great way for us to "get our feet wet". You can email us at dill7602@msn.com to contact us. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.


Sunset Real Estate Investments Inc.

I sent an email to the email

I sent an email to the email address you provided.

thank You.


Bird Dog

Hi John, I am interested. I'm marketing in Orlando for properties and I have an Inspection / Appraisal co. www.housedetectiveinc.net based in NY, that does business in Orlando as well. Thanks, Dan 518-884-0675


Dan Wos
Home Inspector / Real Estate Investor

let me know what kind of

let me know what kind of investment propertie you are looking for i have diffrent hot properties web pages. my e-address is m_s_t2008@live.com


Remember not to give out to much info! John is testing the DOG.I have a person asking for info and not giving too much!


bird dog in fla

i've found some great deals in the orlando area,please email me at "divarena1@myway.com"

really ?

I spoke with Dan and we had a great conversation. Whay would you suggest otherwise ?


Licensed Florida RE Agent willing to scour

Hi John, I replied to your message.

Anyone else looking for deals in Florida, feel free to email me at klstark8@****, on here, or call 419-754-1141. I've been absent from the site for a good 2 months after purchasing our own little piece of paradise and spending a good part of the winter there re-charging and studying for my Florida & Ohio licenses (Florida done, and just about finished with Ohio). I'm re-charged and ready to go!

I LOVE to find bargains and am working with a REO and short sale specialist so please don't hesitate to ask.



"Whether you think you can or can't, you are probably right" Henry Ford



I would be willing to work with you provided the circumstances are win/win. I am looking into doing some assignment contracts as well. Do assignments also interest you?


Where are you located? Do you have a target area or price range in mind?

I am certainly not against assignments, however, it all depends on the offeree and if they will look at an assignment.

Probably should private message, or call me. Thanks


"Whether you think you can or can't, you are probably right" Henry Ford

I'm just getting started with bird dogging

I am just getting started with bird dogging here in the Tampa, Hillsboro, Plant City, Clearwater and Brandon area of Florida (central Florida ).

You can reach me at snowite0@**** or call me at 813 270 1896.

If you email me(preferred), please send as much info as possible as to what you are looking to purchase, what type of neighborhood, and any other particulars. I will be happy to assist you.


fl. r.e.

since west and central fl is well repped, i must throw south east fl in also john. I do palm bch county, but can cover st. lucie to broward. contact me at Jimelinvest@****

Manatee County

Looking for something to invest and live in winter months in the Palmetto/Ellenton area. PM me if you have anything at a steal.

Thanks, Brian

bird dog in Florida

If you let me know what you want I have a son who lives in Florida and has lists of properties there. I am sure he would love to help as long as you are willing to pay a finder's fee.

Space Coast Area

I live in the Melbourne area (hour south-east of Orlando) and come across great foreclosure deals all the time. Let me know if anyone is interested...



What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve...


south florida

hello kate,john ! my name is dennis, i am new to REinvesting, started a few weeks ago. would like to get my feet wet in south florida.recently moved from p.b.county to asheville,nc. i'm in the beginning phase and would like to partner up with anyone interrested in taking me under their wing. take care, dennis navaroli

I can find you some on the

I can find you some on the internet I have people that live in FL send me a PM

There plenty of good deals

There plenty of good deals in Florida. I already have some bird dogs in Florida that can find deals. I have about 20 bird dogs throughout the state in; Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Gainesville. So send me a message if I can provude some assistance.


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We Are Cash Buyers

We are cash buyers & bought over 30 properties with cash on our own right here where we live in Citrus County; but are amazed that we have never have a
fellow DG member find a "killer deal" for us so we could make money together.


I have experienced the same thing. Not one killer deal in my area supplied by anyone, not one! Most on DG have no idea what a killer deal is or how to find one. They go off in all directions with out acquiring the knowledge that is the basis of this business. The ability to properly evaluate a property! It's much easier to build a buyers list, make a website, put out bandit signs, tick off realtors, make stupid offers etc. etc. than it is to learn their PRODUCT.(business 101) I guess we will just have to keep finding our own deals!!

Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquitions LLC


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http://www.mdhomeacquisitions.com Seller site
http://www.mdhomeacquisitionsbargainhouses.com Buyer site
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I have the property

I can find the deals, I have one on the table that I need 18K for a closing. 70K in equity with a renter to move in. Tell me your your terms if your an ivestor, I want to close on this. The timing was just bad for me too many deals in one month. The deal is gone tomorrow I have to wire funds for Monday closing, I have requested to move the closing by a week both with this low price and it being an REO, I doubt they will move the date.

SW Florida

forgot to mention 3/2 home in SW Florida. Doing all my own stuff in Charlotte County

Gary and Michael,

I agree with both of you. There is a whole lot of lip service going on but no one really knows what to look for. HINT... I don't need things listed on MLS.

I even scheduled a whole week to stay at the office to talk to anyone about anything and didn't even have one local taker. Talked to a couple people on the phone, but no one wanted to learn about birddogging, assignments, L/O programs, etc.

I think most people here are just afraid of anything new.


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Orlando and Tampa

Im working in Orlando and Tampa Area, And I have other Partners that find all kinds of Deals..Matter of fact my first deal might just turn into 10 deals at one time..I have a Buyer that wants all.Got the contract last night going over it.Money will be in Escrow as soon as I fax the contract back.I got luck and found a deep pocket Buyer


I am new REI in miami Florida
I created a good list of buyers, tenant
if anyone interested in my buyers list
and work out some deals
to make win win
you may private message me


I am New REI
starting in Here
From Miami Florida

Did I hear NJ?????

Hello John, You mention you live in NJ. I have 20 years of experience and currently live in AL. I have a book of business in NJ with several properties under contract and several in the due diligence phase. I mostly work with distressed homeowners and commercial properties. I can Birddog anywhere.

However, seeing your location....if you want great deals in NJ, I am always looking for and interested in working with experienced investors who know what a Birddog is!

If you are coming in with cash as an end buyer/investor, then I have deals for you. If you are looking for total birddogging deals, I have those deals for you, too!

Another focus area where I am getting started is Alabama.

Anyone out there reading this who would like to partner on a deal and/or needs a Birddog, feel free to contact me direct at itsyourhome@consultant.com

Thank you!

I live in Miami

Hi guys! I am a REA and wholesaler in Miami, FL. My main focus is marketing to non listed properties in Florida. I started to hit hard a few weeks ago and have a few great deals under my belt! PM to network!

I have a couple good deals

I have a couple good deals in Jacksonville and Tampa currently.

email me if interested.



My House Buying Website - www.I-Buy-Florida-Houses.com
My House Selling Website - www.Florida-Wholesale-Houses.com