Free Automated Phone System

Free Automated Phone System

Hi DG Family,wanted to share this with all.I came across a phone system that is free,and operates similar
to ring central and COA.The only difference is you don't get a toll free phone number,but you do get a number with area code that is the same for your area.I
use it and it works great.If anyone looking for an automated phone service,check it out and see how it works.

go to




thanks for the tips anything free we can get our hands on is great. I just signed up for an account!! Lets see how it works

Thank you!

Very generous of you to share that information with all of us on here. I appreciate it. I'll sign up and give it a try too! Thanks again!! Laughing out loud


Cool Elena Cool
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This Website is grate .I'm spending so mach time in here , what I don't even have time to go to DG classroom . (By the way , what is CAO?) Every time new tips or new information
Thank you very mach for this one I'm definitely going to use it

Thank You!!!!

We really appreciate the information. I am going to the site right now.


THanks for the info. im jus starting my new journey in real estate and really didnt wanna pay a monthly fee. i will definitly go to the site.

Thanks, that's great

Just signed up for a free account.

Thank you for sharing the information.

Advice on this phone system

Has anyone used Phonebooth? I am currently using COA Network and it is great, but it is $30 per month. I am wondering if PhoneBooth has the same features as COA such as the ability to be able to set up individual extensions.



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Yes you can set up mulitiple extentions, go to the site and watch the video
it will show you how to set everything up.I am setup and using PhoneBooth.


another great tip

thanks for the info - when starting out saving money is definitely a priority.

Really Cool!

Hey, I just went to the site and set up my FREE account. Thank you for sharing this info with us. I was using another free account called K7 but all the numbers are out of Washington state...didn't get any calls. This one looks to work much better. This is what I like about this site. Everyone is so willing to help and support each other to success! Not like the cut-throat environment in which we work. Thank you Whurndon.



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I'm currently using COA. I wish I would have known about this before.


Thank You for the information

Steve and Veronica.


Thank you for sharing this info. I'm in need of setting up a phone line and this info was shared just in time for me. Thanks again. Happy investing!!


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if it works and its free we better get on it right away

thanks for the info im going there rt now
is there anybody here who have a strong buyer who would consider the miami,fl area for investing just pm me ur info and we'll talk
thanks again!!!



free phone service

they don't have any available numbers in my area - coastal sc. has anyone used you get a toll free number, from the website it doesn't appear to have a monthly fee.


You may want to check out Google Voice,watch the video and see if it fits
what you want,its free. Go to


Free service

Yet again some very important and helpful information!
Thank you

toll free #

i checked out for prices - the cheapest set up fee is$39.99 for a random 866 or 877 number. it's a one time fee and there's a $7.99 monthly fee and fees for incoming calls.for now, i'm going to go with my regular number. i will check out google voice, also


i set up an account with ring central, i got a free trial through vista print. they have a lot of options, including fax service and their customer service is extremely helpful. if you download call controller - the icon comes up under hidden icons (windows users) and the ones on the desktop don't work. call controller is part of their system - no extra charge - easy to send and receive faxes.

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