the best real estate (cash) buyers database

the best real estate (cash) buyers database

Can you please recommend the best real estate (cash) buyers database for me?

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Ask your realtor to supply you with a list of buyers from the county records in the county(s) you are working that paid cash. When their address is different from the property they purchased that could be a cash buyer. Build your own database from that info!

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I think what he was referring to was a database program? I have been doing an online search for one today myself. If anyone has any suggestions (any free ones out there?) that would be great! I tried to use Outlook but it's buggy (even '07 is). So, I'm looking for one that's geared for just real estate. Thanks!


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Cash buyers list


Good advice, just what I was going to tell him.

Jim Kendrick

maybe an excel ws

Maybe an Excel worksheet. Does anyone have a templated one they use for their needs?? Willing to share with DG family


Reynolds & Haidee

Hey Everyone! Newbie here:)

IOWA 51565 NO COMPS AVAIL in this area Sad
4 beds 3 baths 1,560 sqft 3 miles in town a comp was for
For Sale

Need help please:

I got the gentleman down to 95K, not sure how to handle this from here on out. I don't have the money to put anything down.
It is on a balloon land contract and they will not re-new for him, and it ends at the end of this month June. And, he will go into foreclosure at end of month.
I would like some feed back of what my possibilities are?
Time is NOT on my side!



First question, do you have a buyers list?


Depending on the terms of the contract, your seller may have 30 days to cure the default which would give you some time, but again, it depends on the terms of the contract as there is no standard land contract per se.

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