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Reynolds & Haidee
Las Vegas , Nevada
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We, my family & I, live here in Las Vegas. Almost 20 years. Been doing construction here the whole time. Now I feel the need to move forward with a dream. The dream of being the "BOSS", and also "THE AMERICAN DREAM".

We purchased Deans Profit from real estate now program from a seminar here and quickly signed up for advanced training. Then we went to our 3 day workshop with Stephen Edwards. A very great speaker for Dean. Got more of Deans books for more knowledge. Knowledge will be the key to success. Joined up with his Success Academy, for a little more guidance for us. In gaining wealth through real estate. So we can pass it on to our children what we learn here, and they can do the same to their children.

I know it will be a great year, with many more to follow. In whatever market it is at those times.

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Real Estate Investor/Carpenter
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One



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Here I come!!!
It is okay to fail, at least I tried!


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My husband and I recently did Boots on the Ground. We had a 3 week vacation planned a week after attending. Short story--we are now starting our third week of real estate investing i.e., building our buyers list, looking for properties, going to REI clubs. We are taking action and increasing our knowledge each week. As each week comes and goes, it's starting to make more sense. Keep coming back to this site. It is invaluable. Welcome and good luck!



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I am on my way to his one day seminar. it sounds like you have to spend alot out of pocket before your first deal. so far ive not seen yet on this web site Deans Tax return. Im just a little concerned since my resources are very limited.
Ive been to alot of these type seminars and have lost a few bucks. However Im still a big lover of real estate.

Boots on the Ground

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Boots on the Ground and Dean's Summit in Las Vegas have been amazing educational tools.
Jim & Susan Boyd