Best way to find cash buyers anywhere in US!!

Best way to find cash buyers anywhere in US!!

Finding Buyers:

I like to go to google and type in:
“we buy houses” + Salt Lake City, UT  Obviously you would use your own city and state
“we buy ugly houses” + Salt Lake City, UT  Obviously you would use your own city and state
“lease option” + Salt Lake City, UT  Obviously you would use your own city and state

Craigslist- Go to HOUSING tab for your city, and type:
We buy houses in the search engine or lease option for lease option Sellers

Call these guys and say exactly the following:

“Hello, my name is ____________ and I saw your ad on ______________, and wanted to run a killer deal by you. I have a property under contract for an absolute steal at $45K that is worth $90K conservatively, and only needs $5K in rehab. I was planning on purchasing the property with hard money and renovating it myself, but no longer have the time or financing to do it. I already have it assigned for $5K @ 60% ARV after repair costs to an investor, but he is supposed to close tomorrow and is flaking out on me. The problem is I need to close in 10 days or there are several offers in backup that will and I will lose my earnest money. Would you be interested in purchasing this property? Would you be willing to replace the earnest money I have already deposited if you decided to move forward? How quickly can you close?

Hi my name is____________ I saw you add on________________, it said you buy houses, I work with a group that buy REO’ s in bulk, normally we rehab ourselves and sell them retail, but that ties up our cash longer. What we found is the more we buy ,the bigger the discount. We are looking to turn our money quicker by flipping to rehab investor's that take 35% equity after rehab costs are included. Does that sound like something you’re interested in? We are going to the bank in the next few days to get a list of REO’s. What kinda properties are you interested in? The whole point of this is to know exactly what you are looking for, because we can only make offer's on properties we already have buyer's for.

**** is a great way to network with other investors. Some will be doing what you’re doing, but if they have A LOT of cash buyers, it might be easier to make ½ as much and see if you can close a deal together.



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Thank you for your information.


Richard Armendariz

A Treasure Trove Of Local Landlord Buyers

Hey everyone, here's a tip that might help you build a solid starter list of buyers in your local market. It's working for me. Just go to the housing authorities in your local area and ask for a copy of their Section 108 Landlord List. Since housing authorities work off of public money, their list of landlords is public information anyways. In addition, they give out this list to people who are looking to get into a Section 108 rental property, so you'll have no problem getting these lists. Lists include the phone numbers of the landlords too. For those unfamiliar with Section 108 rentals, it's housing for low income families where the government pays the landlord for the bulk of the rents. The actual amount that the tenant pays is on a sliding scale based on their income and circumstances. These particular landlords are always on the lookout for more low-cost rental properties they can add to their portfolio. The landlords on this list typically own other rental properties as well that are not on the Section 108 program. When you call them, just tell them that you're a local real estate investor, and that you've just put a property under contract that you think might be ideal for their rental portfolio. There are typically more than one housing authority in your county, so you'll want to go to all of them. Some may be more aligned with apartments, while others will have more homes, duplexes, triplexes, etc. On one of these lists alone, there were 261 landlords listed with phone numbers, and the types of properties each landlord had available for Section 108 Housing. Like I said, housing authorities will provide you with a treasure trove of local landlords to add to your buyer lists!!!

a few thoughts

elixbrown wrote:
"I'd like to meet maybe tomorrow face to face. I'll bring all my paperwork for you to see, not keep, but you'll see I am for real. I will need immediate access t any property you tell me about before I can even consider making an offer. To not waste time, I like to see no less than 5 at a time, and they cannot be listed on the MLS. If that is something you can deliver on, lunch is on me..."

What would be your response???

Some people who say, "I'm for real . . ." aren't.

It's been my experience--and several studies show--that nearly half of the people who schedule meetings don't show up, and nearly half of the ones who do show up are tire-kickers--unless one does a few things to pre-qualify them.

With that in mind, my response would be to pre-qualify you on the spot. An auto-responder would redirect you to a website (a landing page). I'd have you listen to a series of pre-recorded messages that are meant to position and filter you (and they'd encourage any tire-kickers to opt out at each stage); I'd also collect different pieces of info (eg contact information, POF, answers to various qualification questions, etc) from you at each stage. If you were to make through my filtering process, then you'd land on a page that would collect a list of dates/times that would work best for you. And I'd get back with you on a date/time when a team member could meet you at the property--provided the information that you'd submit actually checks out. Plus, if you were to show up, you'd see a team member there with some other potential buyers who will join you on your walk-through.

My subtle point is that I initially assume that all potential leads are tire-kickers until they prove otherwise.

There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" marketing message. Short, concise messages will attract certain people, and will repel others. More detailed messages will also attract and repel others. We have to test multiple messages, and we need to track them.

finding cash buyers

thanks for info. I believe the more you contact the more chance you have of getting the right investor. Keep it simple and honest. I am learning that you want a relationship to continue, and not to rush investors into something that you are not ready for. Thanks Chiller


According to Mr, Murphy keeping it simple is always the best way.In some cases if you did state that you are new, but do know what type of deals you should offer,I think it builds a certain trust in dealing with that Investor.


Donna SIMON.I am interested in doing all of the strategies, then deciding which will be the one I am most comfortable with, but for now I would love to do wholesaling. This would definitely create fast cash, that I can use for investment in properties that I can eventually buy and hold.DEAN thank you for always creating that time to think of THE DG FAMILY AND WHAT WOULD be best FOR US.

kg1852 - you are right

Honesty is the best policy! Remember, EVERYONE, that finding buyers/investors is a sorting process. This is a numbers game, you will go through, talk to, come in contact with many investors before settling in the ones that you will want to work with. I always tell my clients that if you come across someone who is rude, condescending or just blows you off then consider yourself LUCKY!! Because those are not the kind of people that you want to work with anyway! If they are like that in the beginning can you imagine what headaches they could cause you if you were actually working a deal with them? True, honest, legit investors in this business are in general very kind and gracious people who want to help and share their knowledge and experience. If you tell them that you are new - most of the time you will find that they will want to help and even possibly mentor you. There are many many investors out there who will be happy to connect with you. The next time you meet someone who is or acts negative in ANY way.......NEXT! Move on! You don't need that kind of attitude around you when you are working so hard to build your business. Sort through them, weed the bad ones out and work with good POSITIVE people who will be an asset to your business!



"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

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