Building an effective buyers list

Building an effective buyers list

A pretty awesome thing that I have been doing with real estate agents that I am working with is using their access to the MLS to get me active cash buyers who are buying properties with CASH. Believe it or not, Real estate agents can actually do a search on the MLS to find and pinpoint cash buyers and can legally give you that list to work with to build relationships with buyers. Here is what I say to agents and how I say it to them to get this list to help me out. I like to do this face to face and not over the phone or email because I get better results actually talking to them. (I see this in many aspects of my investing)
First thing I will say to them is this:

"So you know in the MLS where you have to enter in weather or not the property was purchased using either "conventional funds", "FHA" funds, or "CASH" for the purchase?" (They always respond yes by the way because they have to enter this when a property sells)

Next thing I will say is "And of course you know that the MLS is one big giant database right?" (They will answer yes to this as well)

Next thing I will say is: "So as we know with any database, we know that if we have to enter in a piece of data, we can search the database for this exact same data?" (They will respond to this with a big yes as well)

Next thing I will say is: "And we know that just about everything in the MLS comes from public records" (They nod and understand this as well)

Next thing I will say is: "I need you to do something for me. I need you to run a search for the last 3 months for all properties that closed using "CASH" as the form of payment for the property." (the wheels in their heads will be spinning by now and lights will be going off as well)

They will be able to provide you with this list that will show you the address of the property sold and we can go to the county courthouse either in person or online and search tax records for the person/place/entity where the TAX BILL is being sent to. This is public record and we can get the contact information of the owner of the property.


Have fun with this one and as always,,,,,,,
Happy Investing!


My Realtor Cannot Find Where The Cash Buyer Info Is Listed...

On the MLS. She said to me that she cannot find the cash buyers. What should I tell her to do?

Working like a charm

I had my realtor do this for me a month ago going back 6 months. It's amazing what you can do on the MLS. How about this, she also sent me a link to the public MLS so that I can check for listings myself. Need to send out my power letters and make some contact with these buyers.



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Jocely wrote:
On the MLS. She said to me that she cannot find the cash buyers. What should I tell her to do?

you want to ask for cash sales/solds

tell her to call the mls help line for instructions



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Thank you for more good

Thank you for more good ideas. Tammy

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build a good relationship

with your agent; they will do this for you without having to explain anything... they'll 'get it'...

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My journal:

what next

Once you have the list of properties that were bought cash in the las 90 days what do you do next?

do you send a letter to all the addresses? I have noticed that most of the time the owner doesn't live in that house

do you look up each property in the public records? this takes a lot of time is there a more effective to find the buyer's contact information?

Thnak you

Juan D Cruz


The ones you want to mail to are the ones with different addresses of course. Even better is a company name or LLC as the cash buyer. Yes you must do the research to find their mailing address in most cases. So lets say you research for 120 hours and find a buyer that pays your $10,000 assignment fee. That was $83.80 an hour!

What are you going to do about providing these buyers with discount properties? You can have 50,000 cash buyers but if you do not have what they are looking to buy you have wasted your time.

Michael Mangham
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Buyers List

Thankyou for your post..


Sounds like you need to find a New real estate agent who knows what there doing, Just keep looking for an agent that understands investors.


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Public MLS?


Would you provide the link to the public MLS that your RE agent provided to you?

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