Realtor can't find cash buyers on MLS

Realtor can't find cash buyers on MLS


"30 Days to Real Estate Cash" mentioned that a realtor should be able to find cash buyers in MLS but my realtor is not aware of how to do that. Could someone please let me know how that is possible so I can educate him?




Have them call the MLS Help Line.



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MLS is for sellers only. Buyers need not apply!


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Your agent should atleast be able to get you the property addresses that were purchased in cash, then you can search the property deed for the buyers name and address. Thats what I had to do, it takes little more time but its possible.



The MLS has history of SOLD properties and how the buyer purchased. FHA, VA, CASH and so forth. You can get a list of the properties that sold for cash from your agent. The agent gets that SOLD info off the MLS. Say the last 90 days. Sends it to you and then every buyer that paid cash and has a different address than the subject property is more that likely a cash paying investor. BINGO! Contact them and add them to your buyers list!

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HEY SONNY !!!!!!!!!!!

ask your Realtor for all of the properties that sold for cash.... not a list of cash buyers but all of the properties that sold for cash in the last say a hundred and twenty days hope this helps let us know.


The agent wants to shoo away Sonny, what better way? Besides, no incentive. Everything requires an incentive. Selling agent does not provide enough of an incentive.


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I had this problem before

You will always get some agents who just don't know how to pull the cash buyers list, so you will have to ask them to call the MLS 1-800 number. Some agents are just lazy and don't want to do this work, I had an agent once tell me she couldn't give me cash buyers names. You have to make sure you tell your agent you want the a list for properties that sold for cash and that you will be using this for your investment strategy to determine where all the investors are active.


Reynold Orozco

Right Reynold!

If an agent does not want to perform, on to the next! Like you said you have to be clear in what you are asking for. Not buyers, but properties sold for cash in the last 90 days.

You just can't let yourself believe or listen to those who say things won't work. A good agent WILL provide you with a cash sold list when approached properly.



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Real Estate Agents / MLS Searches recommended by 30 Days

I am an agent.

Each MLS has slightly different tools. Mine for example allows me to search for the type of 'Financing' that was used for a SOLD property. I suspect that not all real estate agents fill this out accurately but it does give me a list of suspects to investigate further.

It also allows me to search available properties for the keywords "AS IS" for example or "MOTIVATED SELLER" and I can search for those that have had price changes.

When I don't know how to use the MLS tools to properly answer my clients question(s) I FIND THE ANSWER either by talking to my team leader (office) or talking to the MLS support folks. It MIGHT come down to a more complex need to pull the raw data and filter it for what my client wants to know but much of what clients want to know can be searched for using the MLS tools available to me.

Keep one thing in mind, not all agents will really know the 'hot' neighborhoods and may make the mistake of looking for those areas where a higher number of transactions have occurred rather than really knowing their market. Those numbers can be deceptive as we have a shortage of inventory in the most highly sought after neighborhoods.

Rock On with Real Estate Ya'll.


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Self interest you ever control properties and assign them for yourself as a realtor or does your broker frown on that? Like, do you lock up a property and get your comission as well as an assignment fee?


I am an agent also I yes i do assign my deals, it is not illegal. The only time I have trouble getting my commission is when it is a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac seller.


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Sonny, that's the same for

that's the same for me, my agent just ignored my request, so I guess he's done!!! But my dad new someone, and somehow I received list also of addresses, WOW!! what fun. still trying to decipher? Keep on plugging.


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Question about Tax assessor results


I did some research and I have found some homes with normal people names on it... and I found names like this:

Mailing Address: 212-214-S MAIN ST STE 227
Mailing Address: 8200 JONES BRANCH DR

I know the first one has a PO Box at my post office based on the address... and the second one is out in Virginia. I'm just curious if I'm finding the information correctly on the website...

You think that those are investors? The federal home loan mtg is throwing me for a loop...

Penny for your thoughts on your experiences?


Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your input. Turns out that it was a technical issue where my agent had to add "Finance Type - Cash". I have the list and now I am in the process of correlating the purchased property with the tax assessor's website to find the buyer's address. Seems like a lot of them are LLCs so I guess I am going to have to do a direct mail campaign.

Does anyone have the template for the postcards that Dean and Matt use?


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