New Jersey are you Making things Happen?

New Jersey are you Making things Happen?

I just got Dean's Book Your Town and I can not put it down I am actually about to read it a second time LOL.

Dean is an amazing Writer and his book makes me feel like he is right here reading it to me. I hope to jump right off the Newbie list and into some Real Estate.

I look forward to meeting anyone from New Jersey... I have seen a few but they were here for a few Months then never returned. I am making a Daily Dose of Dean and come here every Morning.

If anyone wants to chat with me just PM me, I am available, as soon as I can afford to buy Dean's Mentor program I will. I have had many deals come my way but never manage to get one off the table yet.

Right now I have a 24 Unit Apartment Building Seller Financing asking 696,000 but I am getting him to take an all cash deal of 460,000 this one needs a Millionaire but the money is here to be made on this deal, this would no doubt be a Deal for Dean LOL.

This guy is open to all ideas as the Huge Building is sitting vacant.

So New Jersey where are you?

I have joined a Real Estate Investment Group and hope to begin meeting others from my State but I would love to meetup with some of the DeanG Family here in NJ.


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Hi there,

I am in Northern NJ, Wayne Area.

How about you? I am interested in joining a RE club can you give me info on the one you are attending.

Look forward to networking with you.



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Southern NJ

I'm in Southern NJ too. Down by the shore. PM if you would like to network.

P.S. I'm ordering Dean's new book tonight. Can't wait until it gets here.


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Hello there! I'm in North Jersey too, Passaic county to be exact. I'd love to hear from you all on how things are going. Who knows, maybe we might all work together some day.


If only I could remember I put a post up on the forums.

Hey i'm from New Jersey. I

Hey i'm from New Jersey. I would love to talk more about real estate with my fellow New Jersians. My msn messenger is or send me a PM which ever you want.

PS: From Middlesex County.


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central jersey

hello arlenienj, yes deans books are great and you will definately enjoy the mentor program, just completed watching all the videos and its truly amazing the things dean and his staff do for everyone in the dg family. now i just have to get out there and learn how to apply it and make things happen! welcome and best of luck.

Hello all just checking in

I hope everyone is still doing RE even though I had to take a brake LOL...

I still believe RE is the way to go, I love it and still excited about it.

I had to take a brake because I had something just as exciting working for an Energy Company and making money selling Electric and Natural Gas, something that is totally unheard of.

Take a look if you wanna earn some extra funds for your RE deals. we need more brokers there are not enough in the State of NJ.


Life is not about the storm thats brewing, its about Dancing in the Rain!

New Jersey are you making things happen

Hello fello newjersiens i an brand new i just recived my books this week very informative. iam looking to network with other newjerseyens. i are bra nd new and also veteren investers for support and encouragement. my name is emily and iam also in south jersey closer to philly. you can pm if you want to talk forther i just stared reading deans profit in your town. i have also purchased other kits and books but felt that they did not have the knowledge and wisdom that dean has. thank you dean for keeping my dream alive.

Can't go any further south...

Cape May here...if anyone is looking for some shore properties there are plenty down here to be is a great time to buy! PM me if I can be of help.

North Jersey

Hello everyone i'm in Essex county and Union county of New Jersey.

jersey boys and woman

im from mercer county and have a few things going on at the moment. my biggest problem right now is showing proof of funds for shorties and reo, i need to have a buyer to obtain these funds prior to putting in a bid?

making things happen in new jersey

hello everyone ihope everyone is having a good day. i just started the second book that i recived profit from realestate right know. i think it is a little more detailed in tecnique than your town. i like them both. bud39 have you tried flas funding dean talks about that in your town book. where you can get flash funding for reos and shoties to do a double close because banks dont like assaiments. the company he talks about is called coastal funding. iam still reading have not had the courage to do my first deal yet but staying excited. have a good day emily

hello new jerseyites

Im from south jersey waretown to be exact,Thats just before long beach island if you arent familiar with the area. I have been investing about a year but want to try some new strategies. I also joined the club so im hoping to network with other investors in nj . feel free to pm me or send me a note id love to exchange ideas and maybe work some deals together with someone in nj . good luck to all of you .


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