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waretown , nj
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I am a mechanic with the u s postal service for 28 years will be retiring soon and looking forward to putting more time into finding deals. I find it takes more time then I have sometime. Been making offers about a year a half mostly on reo's but that can be frustrating at times when youre competing with owner occupied buyers.I was working with a line of credit but the bank I was using has stopped all lines of credit . So Im going to open up another line with another bank but Ive decided to shift my focus to assignments and iee for now since cash wont be an issue using these techniques.

fishing, cooking, real estate . not necessarily in that order.

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Hello and Welcome to DG.com

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Just read you bio after commenting in your post about making REO offers.

I see you a Mechanic? Cool, I went UTI in Chicago to become an Auto Mechanic and now all of my tools are in my Garage since I left the auto industry to do other things. Still tinker around with engines here and there when I make the time for it.

Welcome to the site, your in a great place to learn!

Well ty for the welcome ill

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Well ty for the welcome ill be retiring in about 5 months so i can spend more time focusing on real estate. Right now im focusing on assignments. Building my buyers list and looking for an investor friendly title company here in ocean county.

Hi Frank!

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You wrote concerning the rehabber we're looking at ... thanks for the caution about getting a good estimate. Hope to have that this weekend. I answered a few days ago through my inbox but am not sure I did it right, and wanted to be sure you heard back.

If you would PM us as to your location and what specifically you're looking for? Hope the months go by fast til your retirement ... REI is waiting for you! Smiling