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You may have noticed the What's New! link on the left side main menu. That is a list of all the new posts/content on the site.

We have now added the What's Hot! link on the main menu also. This presents a "hot list" of the hottest content on the site at that moment in time.

It works by calculating the number of different people who viewed the content along with the number of recent comments over a short time frame to determine what content has a buzz at that moment.

Opps... Missing Forums

I had added a couple new forums to the site. I realized they were getting no posts there, so it seemed a bit odd. Anyways, I just realized when they were added it they needed to be set to public access.

This has been fixed, so you now have the following forums available:
- Rental Properties
- Rehab/Repair Talk
- Profit From Real Estate Right Now (discuss specifics in the book)
- Questions / Feedback (questions or feedback about using the site - not for customer service or REI talk)

New Forum Topic For Rental Property

Up until now most of the topics relating to rental property have been posted in the general investing forums. Indiana-Joe made a good suggestion to start a separate forum specifically for Rental Property, which we have added.

Please use the Rental Property forum for discussing anything related rentals, including: marketing for finding renters, property management, screening renters and more.

Growing Pains? Help Us Help You!

It has been a while since I have posted a "editorial" so to speak on the site. I am still here everyday reading some posts, front paging new posts, a couple replies when I have something worth throwing out there... but since so many on this site are so talented I have sat back and let it take an organic path.

Likewise, Dean is on here virtually everyday seeing what is new, what deals people are doing, etc. He is usually the one saying "Hey, did you see that great deal XYZ did!?" before I have seen the post.

Last Chance for Gain the E.D.G.E. Investor Summit

WARNING! Time is Running Out!

Friends, my upcoming first ever, live real estate investing training event (Gain the E.D.G.E.) scheduled for April 24-26 is only weeks away.

We still have some unconfirmed seats, so I’m urging you to make up your mind fast. Right now I’m opening 11 seats that will be available to the first of you

REPLAY! Conference Call - Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 @ 9:00PM ET

UPDATE: Listen to the replay right here! (There was a little technical difficulties with the audio in the beginning but it clears right up once the call gets going) Eye-wink

You Asked For It... Now Use Your Points To Go!

If you were on last night's call you know not only was the call a great one, but we had some big news. Dean is hosting a live event here in AZ in April, 2009.

This event is going be great and there is no doubt you will be walking away with an enormous amount of real world knowledge and secrets based on real deals, even if you are a season pro, not to mention a healthy dose of inspiration. This is a great chance for all of us who know each other so well from being on this site to shake hands and put a face and voice to the text.

As you all know, I had said in the past we would have special offers based on your site points to reward people for contributing and making this place so special. You can use them towards this event: $1 off for EVERY point you have. The point accumulation cut off date will be FEBRUARY 9, 2009.

Yep, that means some of the most active members will be getting their ticket free because they have enough points to cover the whole thing, but a large number of you have the chance to get a pretty deep discount.

All you have to do is go to and read all about the event and see a video from Dean. On the signup page there is a section to enter your username and password (the one you use on this site) and it will instantly tell you what your discount is and apply it. Keep in mind, your point total on February 9th will determine your discount amount.

If you haven't done so already, listen to last night's call online. It was great, and special thanks to Chip and Andrea! Towards the end of the call Dean talks about the event there as well.

Listen To Replay: January, 29th 2009 Conference Call

This month's conference call was a great one! If you missed it, listen to replay right here!

REMINDER: Conference Call - Thursday, January 29th, 2009 @ 9:00PM


Thursday, January 29th, at 9:00pm ET (6:00pm PT lookup time your time zone).

The phone number for the call is 507-726-3300 and the pass code is 88171.
A secondary number for the call is 712-338-8100 with the pass code 88171.

Because of response, the phone lines may be jammed, so if you happen to have
speakers on your computer, you may want to listen online instead of calling in.

Simply turn up your speakers, and with one-click of the mouse you're listening live!

To listen to the call LIVE Online please use the player below.

First, register for the call using the form below, this will get you access to the call in information!

First Name *
Last Name *
Email *

Special Note: We expect the lines to be maxed out so plan on listening online (it's a live broadcast) if you cannot get through.

When the call starts the below player will be streaming live for online access.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #8 - And The Winner Is...

The suspense is about to end!

In this weeks video blog I congratulate the winner of the 2008 "Send me Away Dean" contest. Will it be you that I'll be sending on a fabulous, all expense paid vacation?

And the winner is ...

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