Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville CA

Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville CA

Hello All, wanted to know anyone from the area. It would be great to have other investor's close to motivate, and congratulate on all the up's and down's that we WILL go through.



I have family and friends in

I have family and friends in your area, but it's too far from where I want to concentrate right now in the Los Angeles area. Best wishes,
Pas. Greg


Im new to the program and I am located in sacramento. I would really like guidence and help.

San Francisco area

Hey, I'm here in northern California. Maybe we can help each other.
Let me know.

Michael B


Welcome to the DG family all you Californians, my favorite state! It's great to have ALL of you here with us. We look forward the sharing in your success with you. Feel free to look around and start your own journal, we're all here to support you. Eye-wink

God bless you all,


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Fair Oaks area

My wife and I are also looking to chat with other investors in our area.
We currently live in the Fair Oaks / Orangevale area.

California Newbie

Hi all you Californions,

I live in Nevada County, Grass Valley to be exact. I am just starting to get into REI. I would love to hear from any of you about your experiences. I am only about 45 minutes from Roseville. I have a daughter that lives there and my husband works in Sac. Look forward to hearing from you.


SF Bay Area

Haven't received BARM yet, but I thought I would check the forums. Good to see folks from Sacto and the Bay Area. I look forward to reading about your experiences and hopefully share mine.

that sounds great

I would love to hook-up with anyone to receive help and encouragement. I'm looking to start my REI profile yesterday.

I'm looking.....

Im looking for a few more investors to possibly assign some deals to. If anybody know of any in the greater sacramento area, or is in investor them selves looking for a condo opportunity. Contact me [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]

Hey northern California investors!!!

Again, I want to remind you, I am in the East Bay near San Francisco and Oakland and I am not afraid to travel to Sacramento. I wouldn't mind doing some deals in the central valley.
Let me know if you are interested.

Highly Motivated Newbie... Paradise looking for a local/ regional mentor whom is a DG addict like myself. My personal goal working with a mentor is to develop an LTR network with like-minded investors while gaining the vital knowledge and confidence I need to succeed.

I used to live in Woodland( my Valley preference ) with a primary interest in areas such as Portola, Reno/ Sparks, and Carson City targeting ( pre )foreclosures, tax liens, and no-money-down assignment deals. I welcome any recommendations/ suggestions you may offer to make this desire a reality in my life.

Contact Don at [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]
if you are or know of a seasoned individual whom would be willing to mentor me in this career move.

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Lodi CA. San Joaquin County

Hello all,

I was wondering how many of us were around this area. I've lived in Lodi for last 8 years. Before that Rio Vista, Isleton, Walnut Grove.. Nothing like the Calif Delta, 1000 miles of waterways,many islands 8 are floating islands built by the Chinese. Those of you that haven't seen the Delta are missing out.Has everything with in 1 hours drive. Bay area(SF)coast&ocean, The Delta- 1000 miles of waterways. Lodi- Wine county. head towards hills hour away you have the mountains, snow sking. Any one know any investors looking for great place, in this area, I've been here for 44 years, Know where to look for what you need. Im just starting out with DG family anyone close. Lets help each other out. Realtors agents not so helpful around here I have found. Seems like they dont want to let new investors get any of the properties available. They have their own little click's. No outsides allowed. Lol. any one else having same problem. Thanks guys.

SF Bay Area REI Club

Hello All,
I just started a forum/club for California Bay Area Residents. Please Join and start posting.

It is intended for Northern California, but I do deals all over california. I am a real estate broker and would be happy to share any and all information with anyone with a serious interest in REI.

Let me know how I can help and I'll let you know how you can help me....we are in this together...


Local Yocal

newbee will finish reading BARM tonight extremely excited ! up here on the mendocino coast. spoke with a local realter today and was very helpful as to where to start looking. its awsome to see this many onthis site from ca.. will share as i go and please drop an e-mail, (see profile) Happy Hollidays and a prosperous new year.Todd

Northern California Networking

I live in the California Gold Country north east of Sacramento. I am interested in learning from anyone successfully investing as well as help others be successful . I would like to learn and network, with others from anywhere, concentrating in northern California in the Sac Metro Area, I-80 corridor and the northern Gold Country.

REI Clubs

I'm from SoCal, but I know there are a ton of REI Clubs in the Sacramento Area. Try Look under resources and then investment clubs. They have pages of REI Clubs.

Thanx for the site I'll

Thanx for the site I'll check it out. Another good one is

In the bay area too, so am looking to connect up

Can you send me a link to your forum/club?
The nay sayers are telling me there are NO deals in CA - Bla,Bla,Bla.
I am not agreeing and am very excited about profiting from this historic down market.
Just got Dean's "RIGHT NOW" book - only 50 pages into it.

Fellow Bay area investors, I welcome your advise and encouragement!


I want to offer my help to the DG family

I have been hired by a great RE Broker in Grass Valley. Grass Valley is in Nevada County in Northern California. I am still waiting for my application to be processed but have been hired as a RE sales person. My resources have been expanded greatly and again I want to offer my help to the DG family. No matter what level of success you are looking for your net work is a key component in your REI tool box. I will have feet on the ground in Nevada County as well as Placer County.


That is good to hear. I am happy that you are moving forward and still keeping in touch. I am still moving in on getting a deal done here in the greater sacramento area. No luck so far, but hopes are still high.

Great job holez

Thanxs for the congrats

Good to hear your still at it Bryan, Keep going.

I would love to network



Who wants lease options

Hey everybody.It's good to see some one started a forum for nor cal.I just wanted to let everybody know that i have alot of people contact me about lease options who are not always looking to lease in my area which is amador county.I get people from sac,roseville,folsom,stockton,lodi,grass valley and el dorado county who are looking for lease options where they live which is alot farther than i would like to travel.If anybody would like me to contact them if I come across a tenant in their area please let me know so I can refer them to you.



Dixon, California

Dixon, California


I am in SAC......

If you would like to network PM me. I have been investing for about 5-6 years. Talk to you soon....


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I'm in the Sac area

Hi everyone, I am looking to start investing. I live in the Sacramento area and would love to network with investors in the area.

I'm near Berkeley

Hello All,

anyone near Berkeley?
Wishing everyone great success!



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My journal:

Hey there all! Northern CA

Hey there all!
Northern CA is certainly a place I'm looking to invest in, in the future. For now- I'm getting started in my local area, Northern NV. Reno/Sparks/Carson.
You help me, and I'll be quite happy to help you!

Sac & Woodland

Hey i would love to network with folks in this area


Hi Sactowns finest. Would love to network with you. Im just getting started but i know a lot of deals out there in Sac and Woodland