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Russell Valena
Santa Rosa California
Sports, mountain biking, hoop, music, jamming, skiing, cooking, my dogs, brickandputt.com

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Real Estate Investor
No Children
Completed College

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Ask your lawyer

I went to your web site. Pretty cool. You must have or have used a lawyer for your business. Right? Ask them if they can set it up and the cost. If not, ask friends or business contacts for referrals. I hope this helps.




Trying to get started and can't get a response from the 800-315-7782 number. Any suggestions.

buying houses?

cast5973's picture

hey Russell,
I just started doing wholesale and I am looking for some buyers for the deals that I have. I want to know if you buy houses in the Houston Texas area. and What kind of property you are looking for? let me know if you are interested.

I have homes and property in Pennsylvania

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I have a couple homes and doubles both purchased and under contract ready for sale. Also lots and empty land
my name is Jamie and my #(570)241-4794
or angerson.usapropertywholesale.com


i am able to get specific about Multi-unit Apartment Complex and others What do you NOT want! I have some properties available Now!

Multy Units Available

Hi Russell,

I have some available in Philadelphia and Delaware County, PA. Please give me the stats and I will email you what I have available. Thanks.

Multi Units

Hi Russel,

Are u still looking for such properties? LV-NV OK?

had much luck finding a new partner

I am looking for a partner also ... and I can use help making a deal with transactional funding .... let's talk!