Weekly Wisdom #405 - Do you want my iPhone?

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to ethically bribe you to do something by offering you the chance to win my own personal iPhone 6!

So what exactly do I want you to do to win my iPhone!?

Well here's the thing, after a little over a year of diving deep into my new book Millionaire Success Habits, I have come to realize that our habits TRULY affect ultimately our successes and our failures.

That's why it is my new obsession to help my DG family and the world create BRAND NEW and super awesome Millionaire Success Habits!

So here's what I want you to do to win my iPhone...

1) Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom
2) Accept the challenge I present
3) Leave your responses below the video
4) Make it a good one and you might just win my own personal iPhone Eye-wink

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!


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The habit I have that absolutely strangles me is fear of failure or rejection. I am a person who strives to be the top of everything I do and the fear of not being able to be the best really puts an anchor on the attempt if I am not sure of myself.

My kick-ass habit is that I love to learn and I try to learn something new every day that will help me in some way. The more I learn, the more I can do to build my photography/graphic design/publishing business. Appreciate you sharing your wisdom, Dean!

Hi Dean My biggest bad habit

Hi Dean

My biggest bad habit is not to be consistent in my projects, be a afraid of failure.. and my best habit and skill is the strategic thinking.. really good in that area...

Hope this help.. or better.. you can help me!!





My greatest bad habit is not believing in myself enough. As much as I try, this lack of faith in ME keeps me from success. It holds me down. I think I've got it beat, and do really well for a time. And then, it rears it's ugly head again, and BAMM! Back to the bottom I slide....

My greatest good habit is faith. Faith in God. Faith in the future. Faith in the goodness of mankind. Faith that no matter how often I fall, I will continue to get back up, and to keep moving forward!

Thanks for all you do.

I'm looking forward to receiving your iPhone! Eye-wink

Best always,



Habit holding me back = negative thinking/thinking I am not good enough for success and fear of what people will think of me when successful
Habit that empowers me = Yoga/meditation

Habits make us who we are


Great message. A habit that I struggle with the most is procrastination. My best habit is that I'm an optimistic and creative big thinker, and I believe that all things will work out. So, I put off doing the thing that doesn't please me - confident that I can get it done it time, and in the end... there's lots of stress, as I race to meet a deadline or complete something that I'm proud of, realizing that it would have been a better work if I had given it the time it merited...

Good and Bad habits - working together! Vicious cycle - LOL!



My worst habit is trying to help everyone else and not myself followed by my fear of what people will think of me if I were to succeed because I came from a not so good background.
My best habit is breakfast and supper with my children EVERY day..it gives me time to to actually get to see life through their eyes and let them know I am always there for them.

My bad habit is not to be

My bad habit is not to be consistent with something ,it's May be lack of enough information or May be I don't have patience or May be lack of time because I work 12 hrs/day 7days/wk

My good habit is I never give up
My good habit is I memorize things
My good habit is I like to learn different things
My good habit is I like to help peoples
My good habit is to listen personal development peoples like you and to tell my family as well for example I just print
Yesterday Dr. Seuss quote the one you mention several weeks before in your weekly wisdom and post it on the wall in my kids room
Thank You for your weekly wisdom that empowers me everyday of my life.
I had a lot of problems because of your one advice that to be a solution focused person vs problem focused person. I went through those problems.
Thank You And I'm sorry to write that long comment I just want to share my thoughts

habit holding me back

I spend lots of time trying to figure it out myself. Rather than ask for help, I want to do it myself. Much time could be saved if I sought out help.

My worst habbit is wasting

My worst habbit is wasting time on small stuff like grinding sidehustles that reward me wirh just enough to put milk in the fridge. Trading my time for literally quarters and dimes.
Best habit is having positive mental attitude every waking moment in spite of my financial situation .To be an example to my 12 year old son.

bad and good haboits

My Bad is, like you use to be Dean, taking on to much at a time, sleep good, not getting much done, stumbling over to many projects, trying to hard, my needs were to big. The good is I am a great motivator, I think young and any thing is possible, would make a great coach and will be some day!Jim

The Best and the Worst of Me

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My best habit is my ability to reset, refocus, and reorganize my day with shifting priorities. This makes me structured yet flexible in managing my time and resources to meet deadlines, exceed client expectations, and make progress on long-term strategic goals.

My worst habit is my avoiding the difficult and procrastinating. It is truly amazing how many other things I can get done if I don't want to do that hard thing. So I added the following to the top of my daily priority list to force myself to push through the hard thing:

"Whenever you are distracted, it is because you know what you need to do next and you are avoiding it for a particular reason. And you need to conquer that reason and you are capable of conquering right now. So just go and do the next best step and head in the right direction."

iPhone 6 habits

Good habit: Using chemistry to create a better life for others.
Bad habit: Not focusing on what I really want.

Habits - Bad Vs Good

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Dearest Dean

My worst habit is somewhat like what yours used to be, I get stressed on my real estate deals when things go wrong (Evicting a tenant, losing money on a deal, etc.), so I've done is to use my good habit playing racquetball twice a week, doing Yoga once a week and also more sweaty exercises at the Gym to get the stress out with the sweat! staying healthy the most important thing that people take for granted.

I have learned to learn from my real estate mistakes and to move on to better and bigger things and look at the real estate pitfalls in a different way, a positive way not so much negative to sleep better and hope for the best outcome at the end.

By the way, my daughter 16 years old is desperately looking for a IPhone 6 on Craigslist, and she'd be honored to get your phone.

my good habit

I build personal relationships with my lenders to help me obtain financing for my projects. There is much to say about letting them get to know me personally and the kind of rehabs I do.

Bad/Good Habits

My biggest bad habit is procrastination! I am really good at putting off what I should be doing by doing mundane tactical things and making the excuse I am too busy! My best skill, I think is the number crunching and deal analysis (but per the above - I can sometimes get stuck with analysis paralysis.)

Deficient and Valuable

In becoming more empowered, if you dig deep within for this "exercise", it could change the foundation of your habits.

After going DEEP, my most deficient habit is that I start a project with surprising energy and enthusiasm. Mainly due to the excitement that is associated with that project. But when I hit that first bump in the road, I begin looking to other more exciting projects. And then, when that second bump in the road hits, I am off to the new and improved project that has as much, if not more excitement than the one that I was currently working on. Then, it seems, that when I am starting that new project with surprising energy and enthusiasm, there comes another bump in the road with THAT new project. And then, again, I begin looking for the next BIG thing or something more exciting. It is a roller coaster ride....and to be honest...I don't like roller coasters.

My most valuable habit is one that I really hold dearly, and that is that I am able to communicate with people that maybe depressed or down, and am able to bring them UP. To be able to look at their situation, no matter what it may be, in a different light. And get them to a more positive place in their mind and see a way to change that situation into one of empowerment.

Thank you for this weekly wisdom. iphone or not, it was awesome and am very appreciative of it. Time to lay a different foundation to change that damn deficient habit! It has been a very costly habit that needs to be thrown away!

Bad/Good habits

For the first time in my life, my time is my own! In the last five years I have had foot surgery, elbow surgery, a massive heart attack, and cancer. By the grace of God, I have beat them all! This brings me to my worst habit, I am "institutionalized" to work for someone else! I have no idea how to work on my own, to dream on my own, to be the only one telling me what to do! I draw disability, but at 56, know I still have more to do in this life. I am stuck and need help in finding direction.

That leads me to my best habit. In all my adult jobs, I was a manager. I can, once given the task, manage and complete it very well. So there you have it. I am a manager without a purpose! Help!!

My habit

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Haven't been on this site in a while, but its good to be back. I feel like I've missed so much. I think my bad habit is not following through with habits! I've learned so much from mentors and gurus, and even you Dean, but I have a tendency to not keep it going. I fail to remind myself to keep up something everyday so it becomes a habit. Then I want to wonder why I fail to achieve the things I really want. Then I wonder "do I really even want it?" And I know I do because I think about being successful everyday. But I know it only starts with thinking. Its the do that really matters.

I think one thing that is a good a good habit for me and would apply well to real estate is always trying to find someway to solve someones problem. Even the job I have now is a job where I spend 8 hours a day on the phone, and I'm really not supposed to get personal with the clients, but I can't help it. Its a habit.


Hi Dean
I keep myself busy with too many things like getting emails from 5 or 6 investor sites like yours, I have two part time jobs and tend to take on too many projects.
I keep myself busy not doing what I want to do!not being honest with myself

Good habit -I'm made a decisions to find a duplex to buy.
and hold. Thanks

-Matthew R.

My Habits Today for Dean's IPhone Tomorrow

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The Thinking Habit to Change:

Managing my many work projects along with home-making and children. Since I work from home, it is easy to be distracted by thinking of, yet another, home making solution requirement. This is not decorating....this is like creating a new study space for my high achieving high school student with a new desk and bookcase, and other "shopping" stuff. Or finding a simple solution for my 19 year-olds bad habits for leaving clothes piled up in the bathroom. I started changing this by reminding by 14-year old that he needs to consider me at work during the 9-5 hours. But, it's not on him, I need to also take a thinking vacation from home-making solutions during those same hours.

My Kick-Ass Success Habit to Keep and Grow:

Out-of-the-box, innovative thinking that encourages others to bring me in on their power team. I love to get those in my circle of influence to re-frame their thinking, offer creative solutions, then step back and watch them flourish. I know this same innovative thinking will help me create a unique brand and market my new real estate investment business.

Bad Business Habit


Of the many I could list, not taking risks always seems to prevent me from getting to the next level.

Next would be focusing on too many things. I believe they play off each other.


Habits & Attitudes

What holds me back is caring too much what others think when I should simply be me, but what carries me forward is gratitude.

Bad vs Good (Habits)

Good habit?

I never give up.

Bad habit?


Yours is Mine Too

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I chose one of my "other" habits to change, but I did consider this one as well. I get to 80% and then I have to take the leap of faith and finish to get the 100% on the project. Really difficult when you are your own boss.

I Love Finding Solutions Too!

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Finding solutions is so fun, it's so creative, it's so cool. It's a great habit to be solution oriented rather than letting roadblocks stop us in our tracks.


My Good Habit is That I am Charismatic. I see the best in people and push them in ways they start to believe in themselves when talking to them.

My bad Habit is spending time like weekends on unproductive things like drinking and watching sports and fantasy football. Basically sabotaging my success.


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I agree.


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My habit that holds me back is procrastination and fear of the unknown.

My strength habit is my ability to communicate and Decern what people are saying despite what people mean.

Thanks for the opportunity to rejoin the weekly wisdoms.


My bad habit is focusing on unimportant things. I routinely catch myself working on the simplest issues and leaving more difficult tasks to deal with later.
My good habit is watching weekly wisdom from Dean:)
Dean, your guidance has made my life better.

Good Habit / Bad Habits

Hi Dean!

How are you doing? Can't believe I met you at Wealth Mastery; I admire your energy and openness.

My worst habit that is preventing me from breaking through a terror barrier is fear of failure, loss of wealth. Right now I have worked really hard to get my little cushion of liquidity that is barely enough. And I feel so constrained from reaching out, because what if I lose what little capital I have? I'd like to feel safe first. I bought your program. I'm going through the steps, but I'm scared of moving too much over the edge because what if it doesn't work out? What do I do when I get to that negotiation and I don't know what to do or I didn't check a contract or I thought something was enough t it wasn't? Fear of failure has been pretty awful for me and I want to break that habit. My conscious mind knows it's whack, but my subconscious still needs hand held guidance out of it.

My most awesome habit? Discipline at doing what works. When I get up in the morning, everyday without fail I write with my nondominant hand, I feel what I'm grateful for, I meditate for 5 -15 mins to connect myself with the present, and I study Think & Grow Rich. I've read it so many times. Each time I learn something new about myself & it gives me the strength to keep going.

Thanks for listening!

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