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New Castle Deleware
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Single dad of two girls ,x marine like to fish,woodcrafting,fixing up old homes,I like to draw and have been a carpenter/home mechanic for 25+years,im a homeowner and cant wait to do my first deal,I keep haveing so many setbacks its depressing but ive got the ulimate comeback I GOT FAITH IN MYSELF ,that is whats going to make my first deal so special. My advice to everyone is dont ever quit anything you believe in no matter what. GO FOR IT !(Life is to short live it like its your last day, every day.)Dont ever take anything for granted,enjoy.

woodcrafting,drawing,home renovations,fishing,watching a good movie,and traveling,haveimng my morning coffe and waveing to all my neighbors who think im nuts as they make their bosses richer ,me im done with the rat race.Its time to invest in me.

Basic Info

Carpenter/Home mechanic
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


Locking the deal up or on contract

HELLO everyone,what exactly is that im thinking you need to get a lawyer to make all the paperwork leagle and presentable so I can present to the buyer, not sure of how to do this Ive found properties and buyers but Im baffled about this locking the deal up or on contract,any insight would be helpful. Greatly appriciated. The D G Family is like a breath of fresh air in a smokey room. In this crazy mixed up world we live in, ita a blessing to know something like this actualy exists.I thank you again.hyattwood007@****

Locking the deal up or on contract

Thanks for everyones help.

1st deal almost

When you find the deal and the person, how do you LOCK THE DEAL UP without the person stealing the deal and you getting ZERO out of the deal,If anyone could please help, ive come across a lot of crooks who dont pay.Thanks any help would be greatful9d