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Roberta Eastman
Central Coast of CA
About Me: 

Invited to DG website by Keith (keb64), we (my husband & I) were lucky enough to have Keith cross our path.

Supporting a retirement strategy, my husband & I are learning, connecting & sharing in the world of Real Estate Investing.

I look forward to further building a relationship with you, a like minded person.

Committed to You Multiplying Your Business,


Help Others Accomplish Business & Life Goals Through Impact of Sharing, Connecting, Teaching, Leading & Learning

Basic Info

Business Management Medic
No Children


Thanks Greg

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I appreciate the welcome

Thanks for the welcome

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Thanks for the welcome Keith! I appreciate you sharing this site with me.

Something Bigger Than Ourselves - VOTE!

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-- Everyone is a winner whether in the finals or not, simply for taking action and moving forward to being the Author of Your Own Life!

Please stand where you are, turn around and reach out your hand to help someone in the Send Me Away finals (Of course I'm a bit bias that you vote for Keith -keb64- for all he does for our local community & for the DG community but) JUST VOTE!!

Then take your accomplishment over the top...stand where you are and VOTE for YOU by taking 1 small step forward TODAY towards whatever ultimate result you want in your life.