Weekly Wisdom #345 - The Gift of Giving (MUST SEE)

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I have an incredible story about a man who affected my life so powerfully without him even knowing.

This man; who had so little yet was full of joy, reminded me of something so incredibly important in life I HAD to share it with my DG Family.

This may be one of my most simple yet POWERFUL Weekly Wisdom's in years. Watch now!

And make sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think Smiling

Thank you Dean!

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it saddens me when I see people like the man you describe in this Weekly.... but it also makes me realize how fortunate and blessed I am. Ever since I read The Secret and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, I'm always looking for reasons to be grateful for... especially first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up, and again before I go to sleep. It really helps me have a positive attitude throughout the day...
Thank you for giving us another Weekly with a great message!

Thanks for sharing

Very nice weekly wisdom. You already know how important I think the Attitude of Gratitude is. We must honor other people and be humble showing care and concern.
If I didn't have any struggles I would be in a grave. No matter what my troubles are I know I have way more than many others and I am blessed.

The Gift of Giving

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Thank you Dean for your this recent Weekly Wisdom. Focusing on the positive, not the negative; should be our main objective. You have mentioned this many times in the past. Many of us, tend to dwell on the items that have not turned out the way or manner in which we want. We often loose sight of the thought; that it can always be worse. No matter what the current situation is; you can change your attitude or view point by an active decision. Then, talking to yourself in a manner that will not allow the negative thoughts to continue in your mind. Self talk second by second; on a daily basis. Just one of tools your Weekly Wisdom's have given me to use.


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Thank you for helping all of us be aware of life, as we walk our journey.

Your weekly wisdoms and messages, help us become conscious of what we tend to let slip away in our minds as we go through our daily life.

Being the author of your own life is easily achieved when you stop to notice people as you did with this man.

Then with the clear intention of contributing to something bigger than ourselves, we receive the ultimate gift --the joy of helping others while at the same time growing ourselves within.

Thank you for sharing, it has transformed my level of consciousness for today!

Roberta Eastman



Thank you again for the reminder that no matter our circumstance, there is always someone in a worse position.

We should always be grateful for the little gifts we receive in order to grow and receive more.

I am currently re-reading The Science of Getting Rich which also stresses the importance of gratitude.

I try to find a way to give back almost every day even in a small way......even gave the person behind me at Starbucks the balance on my gift card!

Thank you for sharing!

Linda Bowen

It really is funny how we

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It really is funny how we can come across people that will help us to keep our issues in proper perspective. As the elders in the neighborhood I grew up in used to say, "No matter how bad you think you may have it, there is always someone who has it worse than you." Also as my most favorite book says, Give and it shall be given unto you. Giving makes you feel better than all the material possessions in the world. Its sad that we live in a culture that mostly teaches people to take and not give. As I heard a wise man say a few weeks ago, "You will never become wealthy if you are a taker, and if you do, it won't last."


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I don't know if you will read this, but I hope this finds you.I have just moved back to Southern Michigan and the first time I log in, get back on the site, there you are, in Warren, near me doing exactly what I'm here to do.The first thing on my computer was this weekly wisdom, I'm glad it was. Here is a little about what and why I'm here I have been away from the site, and REI for the most part for a little over 4 years. I have constantly and consistently had REI on my mind in one way or another.I am on my first day back, I have posted up at the local library here in Adrian Michigan , and have spent the day on the phone with technical support on getting my laptop working properly (exactly the last day of my warranty which i was unaware, I bought this exactly a year ago, lucky me). So when I say I'm fresh and back at it, I truly mean it! lol My move has coincided with a couple family tragedy's, my sister passed away and my mother is 72 and diagnosed with breast cancer. I have no kids and am not married so I have moved back to the area to help. Obviously that is first and foremost, in addition I have had in the back of my mind for quite sometime to restart (start) my investing goals and aspirations here, in my small hometown area, where it is very much needed, and where a little can go along way. I will focus here in Adrian,as well as the other areas of Lenawee county as I learn and grow in REI. I will also keep eyes and ears peeled for outside opportunities, for the simple fact of wanting to keep actively involved. My friend and mentor has recently moved back as well, he has restarted his appraisal company which is going quite well, and he also is looking to get back into investing as well, he has had numerous properties previously and his knowledge and activity dwarfs mine, but I am excited none the less. We are currently looking into an upcoming tax auction, where at the same auction he purchased the house he lives in now and has renovated.So there is opportunity there. In addition, and actually what I'm most excited about is I have a nephew who is a general contractor, who has the best reputation and does the best work of anyone around, we are also extremely close. One of his closest friends is very passionate about improving this area as well, he happens to be very well off and willing to invest, and has connections to others in town who also share the same goals and have similar resources as well. So it appears the stars are lining up Smiling After business hours I am meeting with my friend and mentor to work on our plan to bring all of this together and start rebuilding the community,one house, block or street at a time, whatever it takes or wherever it takes us.At some point I'd love to get into commercial properties, and help bring jobs and business' to the area for the community to thrive, but first things first right? That actually is what my nephews friend is doing right now, he is actively involved in community organizations that are pursuing and acheiving some of those very things.They have recently even brought on an outside development authority who takes into account the economic status of the area as well as population and im sure many other aspects that are above my understanding lol. You might wonder why I'm telling you all this, well I'm only figuring that out as I'm typing this isn't planned out at all. One reason would be if you are interested there are some great opportunities here, it would be beneficial to all those involved in a financial sense, but more importantly it would be noticed and palpable in such an area. Once I have a plan more concretely down, written, and articulated correctly, if interested I'd be honored to give you an opportunity to check it out! Another reason and actually what I first thought of when I watched the weekly wisdom and noticed you are actually in my neck of the woods, knowing that you don't live here obviously.. I would like to offer my services free of charge, if you should ever need feet on the ground in the area, hands on a wheel, frankly if you need anything done here that you cant get to and could use a hand I'm game. Anything to be involved and active. Again not looking to make money or a position of some sort, just the same as my reasons here, I'm pursuing knowledge, experience and productivity.The money will come, I will be successful, that is not at the top of the list of a driving force for me, and that's coming from a guy who doesn't have 2 nickels to rub together. Whether or not you read and or respond best wishes and thank you for everything you continually do, I've always knew even after years of inactivity that this would be my base and where i would reboot and it's thanks to you.

Arthur Melchor

Very Awesome Weekly Wisdom!!

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Thank you Dean for this fulfilling weekly wisdom, thank you for pointing this sort of things out. To be thankful for what we have and always try to focus on the positive and not the negative. The power that we have to make a difference in others lives is truly great. Even a smile can make a difference in someones life. As people, as real estate investor, doctors, accountants, whatever we are we can make an impact in someones life, and that is what we should do. If we cannot help our fellow brothers or sisters, than why are we here? why are we doing the things that we do. It is this kindness and love from above that makes the difference. Also props to Arthur Melchor the post above mine. He is starting anew, I hope you can make your goals come true. Alright have a nice week everyone. Take care.

Fred R


I am always mindful of how blessed I am. Just as you said, being thankful that I can get up and walk whenever I want to. Appreciating the things we might easily take for granted every day such as being able to see, hear, feel, talk, think, love, and laugh. I thank God everyday for the privilege of being able to do all of the above!!

Wow Dean!!

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Great ww this one really hit home since I have spent time in a wheelchair. It's a different world when your in a chair and all you want to do is get up and walk. I used to see people sit down and get up without even thinking twice about it. It was at this point where I realized what gratitude is and how there is soooo much that we all take for granted but usually we do not realize it until it's gone!

Please anytime anyone meets someone with a disability introduce them to the challenged athletes foundation. It's an amazing organization that help disabled people exercise and provides equipment to do so since it is rarely covered by insurance but it is proven that exercise helps disabled individuals (and everyone else for that matter) live a better quality life!!

Thanks dean for all you do!

Make it a great week!!

making it joyful

We can never forget our blessing each and every day.I wish I knew more of this mans story and his warm smile.Every day is a new day and we should be so thankful we have continued opportunities to get out and do great things. I seen a lady last week in a wheel chair and I was going to get up close and ask her if she wanted to trade me I was on a bike, just to see what she would say but she was busy greeting most every one she came into contact to, so it got buy me, Ill get another chance, there all over the place.I ran into a military vet this morning he is homeless with a heart condition and he is going through some tough times and I told him I will try and help but I cant at this time, I am trying to get on my feet as well, but to see that big smile on his face meant a lot.Dean I am amazed at your caring with all that you have financially that saids a lot for you. Gratitude is a must from the heart to be successful, we must be thankful from the heart and truely mean it.I get up each day and Iam thankful for a shower, able to brush my teeth, able to walk, get dressed, able to eat, walk, ride a bike, do just about ant thing, can you imagine what it must feel like to be in a wheel chair and only look at what others are able to do, or have no arms, legs to get around and yet these people are more happy than those who have a there body parts working and they live full lives with there handy caps,now isnt that something beyond belief for most.I seen a dog not long ago with no front legs and the dog walks on its hind legs, now thats adaptable and creative and they talk that dog around to military hospitals to help lift the spirits of those who lost legs and arms in combat zones, these are the great ones in our lives who over came so much and they make the best of there situations, hey we have nothing to really complain about, opportunity a bounds we just have to over come the fears and what else to make it happen, we all go through something, thank God for all we have and be blessed, I dont believe in getting old and people think I HAVE LOST IT, oh well thats there lost not mine , we always have opportunities we just have to look for them, there there sure we have to work for them but anything worth while takes work.Blessing come when we enrich others and ourselves, a true win-win for us all.We are all brothers and sisters, we all came from the same parents in the "GARDEN OF EDEN ", SUCCESS IS A CHOICE,lets make the very best of it no matter where we came from in life, lets make the very best of our lives so we can be examples and bless others and be blessed, thats the way it works out, with pure and caring hearts.Much success, Jim ( do something great to day and each every day of our lives, WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO GIVE)

Weekly Wisdom #345 - The Gift of Giving

It is an awesome feeling to help someone who is in need. God loves a cheerful giver. "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward them for what they have done." Proverbs 19:17
Thanks Dean for your Weekly Wisdom's teaching. Sharing or giving to others is a wonderful feeling, and one of life's great deed.


Hey Dean,
Its been a while since I last posted. Awesome Weekly Wisdom. I thank God for the Mustard Seed stuff that happens in my life. I thank God for you Dean and all the DG family. If you think postive you get postive; if you think negative you get negative. I keep thinking postive that I will soon do a deal. Peace out and keep that Wisdom coming.

Thank you, Dean

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This weekly wisdom really touched me. It helps put things into perspective and make us grateful for all we have. We are more blessed than we know. I pray peace, joy and a strong unity for you and your family.

Weekly Wisdom #345 - The Gift of Giving

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Hi Dean,

Another moving weekly wisdom......Thank you......Smiling

It is better to appreciate what you have in life, than wishing for what you don't have.....Eye-wink

Dean you are a good man.....xo


Counting our blessings...

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I used to work with quadriplegics as an aide before I became a nurse and have cared for many new spinal injuries in the hospital during my nursing career. It's a devastating tragedy. Do you know it typically takes a quadriplegic like that 1-2 hours to get ready every day with their aide just to get in their wheelchair? And then this man gets on two buses and travels to that Starbucks location. Yes...It does make you stop and count your own blessings. What an inspiration just to hear his story and to know that he travels all alone with such a physical disability on a regular basis. He clearly has an amazing spirit and a message that says "never give up". Thanks for sharing. Judy