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About Me: 

I'm 31 year old, I live in Miami, Florida where it's summer all year round. I have twin girls that just turned four. I love to go out in my boat, love fast exotic cars along with muscle cars. I've expirienced the ups of real estate as well as the bottom, and this time around im going to stay in the top and help anyone that wants to climb that mountain with me Smiling

cars, the ocean, and being a successful investor

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Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


Mike Team Building

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Peter here, in the Pinecrest area. I doing homework on finding my first deal. new to the wholesale business and trying to put together the system flow.

Are you interested in teaming up or getting to know new investors?

my phone number is on my profile page.


Hi Mike I am on the other coast and also started this in 2008. Life has been hectic and I too need to get out of this rat race and get on top, any help you can throw this way would be very much apperciated! Diane

Wholesaling Info

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Hello Mike I'm trying to do my first wholesale deal. I am currently working the 25 to 1 strategy from Dean. No RE agent yet. What were some of the 1st steps you did? I appreciate any help. Thanks Michael


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hey mike, im also doing homework on finding my first deal. Im stuck at finding investors let alone a buyers list. Can really use some help here. thanks

Properties in Ohio

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Hi Mike, interested in Ohio? I live in central Ohio and am in need of cash buyers to add to my buyers list. If you are interested please feel free to PM me and let me know what you are looking for and we can do some deals!


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Whats up Mike, just saw your video and congratulations on your hard work and success. Im in Miami and trying to kill it also. Let me know if you have any tips, ways i can help you, or contacts for REI in Dade County. Thanks Bro!


Hello, fellow real estate enthusiast, my name is Jon. I am currently pretty new here to the DG world, but I'm starting to grasp the information presented within. I have a quick question for you: do you believe it necessary to sign up with the Success Academy? I am currently trying to gather the funds for such a venture; however, while I'm not sure why, I am finding myself anxious about the idea.

Best of luck to you on your future investing career, Aizen Eye-wink,

JC Atom

Just getting started

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I seen your post about driving for dollars and was wondering if you would mind giving me more information ???

Hi Just drive around your

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Just drive around your area and look for houses that look a little run down, tall grass, roof with blue tarp, or just a house that is not being minted. write down the address and look in your county website to see if the owners mailing address is the same. Then you send a letter saying you are looking to buy a house in the neighborhood and leave your number so they can call you

Hi JC Def need to sign up to

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Def need to sign up to the academy. That is how you are really going to excel and become successful in a shorter period of time.

Waz up drjonmiller Awesome

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Waz up drjonmiller

Awesome to see some one in the success academy from Miami as well.. send me what ever deals you have under contract, I can help u move it or I can also buy it.

Hi Mario You def need to

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Hi Mario

You def need to build a buyers list first.. go put some bandit signs on real busy intersections and get your self a majic jack number so you can't be traced Eye-wink
you can also put some ghost ads on craiglist and when people call you for information you just tell them its under contract and proceed to get there buying criteria and email so you can add them to your buyers list

Hi First you need to build a

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First you need to build a buyers list. can't sell a house if you don't have buyers... once you collect around 10 buyers you start finding the same criteria properties your buyers like to buy.. keep buildng your buyers list, never stop... put bandit signs out there as well as ghost ads on craig list

Hi Diane All I can say is "

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Hi Diane

All I can say is " How bad do you really want to get out of your rat race? "

If you really want it that bad you will sacrifice a lot of things and become real dedicated in succeeding.. less tv watching, more reading, more networking with investors, etc.

start building your buyers list

Hi peter, Always looking

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Hi peter,

Always looking forward to connect with other investors.. We're fb friends so once you get your first deal under contrat let me know so I can look at it.


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Find Buyers on craig list.. Have your realtor send you a 90 list of home bought using cash and cross reference the address in your city website to find the mailing address, Now send them a letter. Put Ghost ads.. Don't stop be consistent

Wholesailing info

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Put a ton of bandit signs every week

We buy houses

house for sale


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You still in the game?

Need some help in ramping up to 5-7 deals a month

Arkansas here

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Thanks for all the info you gave.We are getting started on our buyers list and this info helps.

Hello Mike

Just wanted to say "HI".

I bet you are rocking those deals out here in Miami.

All the best in your investing!

My favorite quote of today "No matter what comes your way, shake it off and move forward. When you have a positive mindset, you can't be defeated."- Joel Osteen