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Jim McKinney
Southern California, Brea
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2/4/2013 - I have recently attended one of Dean's Seminar's in search of the next path in my life journey. I am 55 and have spent my life working independently for many different companies and have no retirement program in place. I feel like this program will give me the tools to make both the daily income I need as well as long range residual retirement income through rentals. This meets both of my requirements. I will update as I head down this path.

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Time with Family - Wife, Children and Grandchildren, Love to read - Fav's are Jack Reacher, Dirk Pitt, Oliver, Stone. Also a bit of a MMORPG nerd when time permits.

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you are so right....keep right if you are slower...

so you like to play MMO's, so do i but i dont have time for them any more. I have to spend all my time working on the business but will go back when i get more time. I was playing WOW

Well dont tell bad about not having a retirement program in place, I am in the same boat. I took all that i had to live on while i make this business work and it will put more in retirement than any job will do. You should check into self directed and see what ones will let you purchase Real Estate for an investment, it will give you much better returns than any stock market

Nice to see you not giving up but pushing forward