Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #39 - Updated: Is 80 Your Lucky Number? Did Dean Snap? Find Out Now!

During the LIVE filming of this weeks blog Dean gives away the BIG prize he offered you last week.

He also admits how he got so darn excited reading all the comments from last week, that he decided to do ANOTHER give away!

Well, he may very well have lost his mind, because while the camera was rolling, he promises to fly someone out here or to Utah to spend time picking his brain FOR FREE!

Oh, and all it takes to win is a few simple things like sending in a picture of yourself along with typing FOUR - count ‘em - 4 little words.

What you need to do is watch the entire video blog then click the link below for the details on this amazing opportunity Dean is offering.

Watch the video and then use the form below to enter the contest!

I just submitted my Pic.

Four words are not enough to describe you and your program; even though I haven’t done any deal yet.
I never believe in something like this in my whole life; I can’t wait to have my first deal rolling.


wow, wowowowowow

Rina's picture

That is all I can say about today's blog. Even if you were my own family, I don't think my heart could be any bigger with pride. It is SO amazing how far you go to reach out to your students and get them inspired. And NOBODY watching could dispute the fact that you are doing it from your heart. You know how a person just glows when they're doing something with a passion? Well, that's how you look, and yeah, it LOOKS GOOD! Eye-wink

God bless!!


Better than winning the lottery!

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I believe Blog #39, will become the weekly video blog of all time! It was great how you picked the winner live in the filming and informed all of us over what is coming next!

Each week I can not believe how anyone could not be visiting and contributing to the DG website. Like a fine wine it keeps getting better with time! (each and every week, there is something new, exciting and informing!) The "Blitzkrieg" was tremendous and now your latest weekly video blog takes the cake.

I had to call my wife, Stacey, and let her know about it and all she could say is "your kidding me, that is so cool and unbelieveable, Dean is the most generous person I know!" You consistently exceed expectations! I want to thank you for what you have done for all of the DG students and continue to do for all of us!

I hope the winner of this contest knows that if they win the photo drawing, it is better than winning the lottery! Knowledge is power and the knowledge and time they can spend with you to discuss real estate is priceless! Thanks again for putting the DG Students Number One! Continued success on all your deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

My pic has been sent

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guinshy wrote:
Four words are not enough to describe you and your program; even though I haven’t done any deal yet.
I never believe in something like this in my whole life; I can’t wait to have my first deal rolling.


I totally agree with Guinshy that fours are not enough to describe you and your program. Along with everything else that Guinshy had said.

Life without boundaries

Hi Dean,

Love the videos, post and everthing you are sharing with us. I think that it is great what you are doing. Can't wait to close my first deal so that I can share my experience and details. Keep up the great work!

May God continue to Bless you!


Holy Cow!

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Dean, I dont know how you manage to top yourself every week, but you do! This blog was so exciting, and so personal - just fantastic. The funny thing is how excited YOU were, let alone all of us watching. You look like a kid in the candy store - and that is such a testament to how much you love what you do. Cant thank you enough for all you've done and continue to do for me by being here on your site taking a personal interest in our success. You are truly the best!
Much love,

Dean snapping

Dean you are the man and a true friend to your students, its amazing how you keep wanting to give and i admire your comitment to making a difference in peoples life.


your friend Nate A.


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I am not sure if WOW even covers it. You always amaze me with all that you do. Every week you seem to top yourself.

Thank you for the incredible things you do for your students.

Carpe Diem Stacey :0)

You motivate like no other......

phoenx777's picture

Your books and programs provide the tools needed to do the job. However, it's your weekly video's that keep us all motivated! This field requires a lot of work and at times a deal doesn't go as planned. So just when I (students) start to get a little discouraged....your video blogs, pulls us up by our shirt collars and keeps us going for that life changing dream....financially independent, home owner, Real Estate Investor....whatever "the dream" is for each student. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and giving us all the opportunity to learn and apply.

Donna Palmer


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Submitted my pic and all I can say is wow!! I totally got chills when you said what you were giving away this week!! That is amazing!

powerful dean,powerful!!

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4 words ONLY DO NOT describe you and your products.if i tell 10 people about you and your products and only 1 or 2 buy them i feel bad for the other 8 that would not at least look at this as i know where it would put them in their financial future.the difference with you is you keep PUSHING us to take action over and over and over .nonstop coaxing and coaching is what makes US successful and YOU R THE REASON!! THANK YOU!!
jay ps:i submitted my pic,cant wait to meet and learn from you further!!

Pretty amazing

Wow, the chance to pick deans brain. what an honor some lucky person is going to have.
good luck to all

Words Can't Describe

quick6's picture

Everybody has said it all. Dean, you are an exceptional human being. If everyone could give from thier heart like you do it would definately be a better place. We could all take a lesson. God bless.

Fear Not,

Your energy is contagious

ShrednChil's picture

Ever since I saw your commercial to buy your books I've been addicted to investing in real estate again. It was once a dream but somehow I let it go. Thank you for keeping me focused on my dream.

Life is what you make it,

Fantastic Dean!!!!!

I can't say in words how happy and excited I am to hear you over and over again how you really wanted to help us succeed and be financially independent in real estate. And by giving back through a contest like this really tells me one thing about you.....sincere and truly honest. I bought your book, joined your Success Academy and bought your EDGE kit. I have not yet close a deal yet but I am working on it. I would really love to be picked so I can meet you and learn more from you . I will send my photo right now...


Yuuddaa, Yuuddaa Besstt!!!!

Absolutely Awesome...Dean, I always get a fresh injection of inpiration, motivation, courage, powerful tools, resources, and the list goes on and on and on. Thank you man for being real!! I haven't made a deal yet, but getting closer. I can't wait to share it with you once it happens. thanks again for all you do. You are appreciated, Shalom...


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have a gift that many can see. A gift of help. Thank you for believing in yourself. All is good now for so many! Continued success.........Lubertha

Dean NEVER stops surprising us!!!!!

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This weeks blog #39 is once again worth waiting all week long for. Dean is by far the MENTOR of all mentors in real estate investing today. We should be so lucky; no, we should be SO fortunate to have someone with his experience and knowledge guide us to be able to reach our goals and our dreams. I just wanted to give Dean a BIG !!!! THANK YOU !!!!!

My picture is on the way......


Submitted my pic

Dean, your surprises are never ending. Every time we feel that we have enough, you continue to replenish our glass to ensure that our thirst is continually being quenched. For this, we are thankful. God Bless.


Sent Mine

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I would love the oportunity to meet and speak with Dean.


Woah!!! Words Can't Describe This....

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Dean knows how to get our attention & knows the exact magic buttons to press. I might fall off my leather chair next week if I see Dean holding my picture & saying that I won the prize Smiling Whoever wins it will sure deserve it, good luck to everyone since we're all part of the DG family!

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

inspiring, sincere, passionate, motivating

REvans's picture

You asked for only four words but my 5th would have been Awesome!

New Smyrna Beach FL 32168

A Miracle worker!

EricVan's picture


Even if I'm having a crummy day your messages and video blogs uplift my spirit. Over the past few months you've put hope and excitement back into my life. "The world is my oyster" is now my new mantra!!!

Now let's go get it!


Four words?

Ray177's picture

What are you kidding only four words to say how great you and your products are.Oh yeah! your website is off the hook with all the friendly people and information everybody can find. You are by far the best teacher and mentor.I am a newbie and I can't wait to make that first deal.

Thank you Dean............

I'll Just Come By The Studio, Dean! lol

bombercpa's picture

Hey Dean...

Now since my office is about 3 miles from yours, shouldn't I atleast get 3 or 4 hours? Hey, I'll even buy you lunch ok! Besides, think about how much you can save on airfare! lol Smiling

Seriously though, even during some tough times this week, I still found myself excited checking out this weeks video blog! See, that is what is so great about you Dean. You just have such an uncanny ability to inspire others; a natural born leader! I feel blessed to be part of this community and I thank you for giving me hope for a brighter future!

As others have said, 4 words is definately not enough, but only 2 are necessary!


Good luck everyone!

Robert M. Burkett CPA

Blog 39

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Very Very Cool keep then coming so we all can succeed sooner. Thanks Cal

4 Words Photo


Four Words that I hope apply to me regarding your products and yourself once I have studied and applied the knowledge provided from your books and materials is the phrase "Teaching America Life's Joys".

That's what your products seek to do by its ability and desires to teach others how to make their hard work work for them so that they can enjoy the pleasures of life by working smartly and investing in themselves for the future.

Thank you for setting me on my path to success! LOL, there is another idea for a four word phrase "Teaching Paths To Success".

Now please pull my name out of the box, hat, bucket, etc...

Korey, REI 4E

Your Programs Are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love all the post in regards to not only your Awesome Real Estate programs but you also being held in such high regard and its all well deserved, you reap what you sew. You`ve been doing this for years, have created a following (myself included),Your passion for your students success is very real. Thank you & Congratulations!!!

To Your Continued Success,

Picture didn't upload?

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Hmm...the page refreshed too quick. I don't think the picture could have uploaded. It so happens that my photo is online:

My four words are:

"Dean, keep on clamming!"

Bob Kelly
Bellevue, WA

Dean I am sincerely excited.

gladia1985's picture

Dean I am sincerely excited. Honestly, all I can imagine is getting a chance at this opportunity. I know that if its not me whoever does get this opportunity that its an opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately we all can't get this chance but what we have is just as good. I am fortunate for just having the chance at this REI through Dean. Thank you very much!

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