Weekly Wisdom #369 - Interviewed by my Daughter! (AWESOME)

The Weekly Wisdoms are officially back! And I'm starting off with a bang, by sharing with you a special interview I did with my amazing daughter Bre Smiling

For school she had to interview somebody; anybody, and she chose me. Aren't I a lucky dad!

Some of you may have seen this when I shared it live on Facebook, but for those of you who didn't you've got to check it out!

Watch now!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my best-selling books for free, go to http://www.deansfreebook.com.

The best one ever

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She was with you on every word that you said. I watched her the whole time and she was so fixed on the education you were giving her. I think that has to be the biggest thing we can give our kids is the good things in life we pick up. Great shoot..Keith

Amazing Children

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Hey Dean!
Got to love when you bring your children on because it's a reminder to us all not to forget that's how we all started. We all were very young children who believed it was all possible and had so much to learn everyday. We must not forget that! But we get old and for some reason think we can't follow our dreams or think that we know it all. We got to be innocent and willing to accept new information like our children and youth do. I don't have kids but if I ever do I hope their like yours! Another awesome weekly wisdom.


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Hey Dean! Reading your book Real Estate Millionaire. Really good motivational stuff. Beautiful girl by the way!

Love it!!

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Wow Breanna is getting big, they grow up so fast! Great idea to film the interview as a WW. Enjoy every second you have with your kids!

Thanks for all the mentorship and advice! Its time to go to another level!!

Make it a great week!


Now that was totally cool and actually learning from an adult and a child.
thank you both!

Great WW

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Hey Dean,
I can't believe how big and grown up Breanna has gotten. Smiling It seems like just yesterday she was a wee toddler on the set so shy to be on camera. I'm sure you can remember those days too. Eye-wink

Great wisdom from this shoot. Things we all need to know ( or should have known already) for sure. Thank you for posting this as a WW.

Have a great week!

Andy Sager
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2013,14,15 and soon 2016 EDGE attendee Laughing out loud

Weekly Wisdom #369 - Interviewed by my Daughter! (AWESOME)

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Hi Dean

As the saying goes " The apple doesn't fall far from the tree".....So True.....Smiling

Maybe your children will follow in your footsteps....Eye-wink

I liked the question about " Failure "....failure it keeps us humble.....

Thank you for all you do for your DG Family....XO


You are so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter and she is

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Hi Dean
It was really great to watch a weekly wisdom again. I have had soo much on my plate as 3 years ago I became a caregiver for my 83 year old mother when she fell and broke her tail bone. 2 years ago I became a caregiver for my 86 year old father who is fighting cancer. Any way back to your weekly wisdom.

Your daughter is soo adorable and You are soo blessed to have such a beautiful and smart young lady as your daughter, who is really smart to ask those kind of questions that cause people to think about themselves. Some of those questions would even make great weekly wisdom.

You are so blessed to have such a beautiful and smart daughter. And she is soo Blessed to have a father like you. I just loved watching the father daughter relationship between you and your daughter. I think she would be great at interviewing you for your new show. When is it and how can I watch it?

Her first question How do you deal with someone who is mean? And Your answer help me today. My father took us to fry’s electronics (he still drives but I always have my keys in case he needs me to drive for him.) today after the doctor’s appointment. Moms knees were hurting and because of that she would walk slowly. As we were walking out the door of fry’s I was helping my mom with every painful step she took and this man came up behind us and pushed my mother and I out of the way as he said excuse me. I said to him I wish you would have a little patients’ as my mom is having a hard time walking with a lot of pain. I will not repeat the words he spoke to me. They were very unkind and very crude. As he said what he did, all of a sudden I heard a replay of Breanna’s question how do you deal with someone who is mean to you? Your answer they must be having a bad day say a little prayer for them.

So what could have been anger in my heart was defused by Breanna’s questions and a part of your answer.I love her question on how do you get trough a hard day. Dean that would be a good topic for a weekly wisdom. You are right having a bad day is a mind set and if we can learn to manage our thoughts we would be better off.

An example of that A friend gave me your new course Real Estate Profit system for my birthday and I am so grateful to that person all I can think about is that my friend made a real investment in me. And I want to give that person every bit of value I can in my effort for every penny they spent on me. I must succeed I cannot fail . I do not want to let that friend of mine down who made a huge investment in me. I keep thinking will I be letting my friend down because I am not as far as I should be in my new class. I need to learn to keep my eye on the goal and not care what my friend thinks. As a caregiver there are many challenges and at times I get really frustrated as there really is no DebraAnn time there is only care giving time when you are all alone and you have no one to help you.

That brings me to the question What does failure mean to you? And you said failure is a good thing that is something I have really needed to be reminded of. You are right failure is something that is not working and find out what we are learning forms it. So you need to change what you are doing in the process learn how to succeed.

An example of that In my life is my biggest fear is that I will fail my friend if I do not get everything done on time. So I have been staying up when other people are in bed just to do my homework between 12:30 -3:00am. Using equipment that Is not working correctly. Long story but also staying up so late made me a bad caregiver as I was to tired to do a good job. Falling asleep at the computer wasn’t doing much for my education either. So I have decided I need to find a balance between being a caregiver and a good student.

Dean I really want to Thank You for all your weekly wisdoms and the time you invest in so many people you don’t even know. You will never know how You and your hard knocks that you have overcome are a real blessing for others as you get through them those same hard knocks in your weekly wisdoms. As you take the hand of your DG family and help us to get to the other side of the pit falls we may be facing today. And Dean I really want to Thank You and Matt for investing your time in a class that is so awesome and I know that the investment my friend made in me will really make a change in my life by the time I get through it. I hope my friend will not feel as I do not value that gift that person gave me. I just pray that my friend will realize what a challenge it is to be a 24/7 caregiver with no help.

I just pray that my friend will understand that balancing out care giving and school is a really challenge I need to learn how to overcome . And just like the story of the torus and the hair I may be slow because of the everyday challenges as a caregiver and schedules that can be relentless but I will keep pushing through and one day I will win the Real Estate Race. Dean I just want you to know I may not be fast at your course but I am going to use the course my friend bought me for my birthday to help me balance my life out between care giving and DebraAnn time. I am going to find a way to make time other than lack of sleep because I am finding that is one reason I am failing as a caregiver and a student,

And the last question what is the hardest decision you ever made. Was to follow your heart don’t care about what others think. That is a hard one as I want my parents to be happy and I want to give 100% or more to my new class but I need to get to a point that I don’t care what other people think at the same time if I let the person who bought the course for me down, it will break my heart. It will also break my heart of I let my parents down. So the lesion I take away from this my challenge is not to do the class quickly but get the work done and find a real balance between care giving and homework
Thanks Breanna Your questions made me think about my own life and how to change from a failure to a success.

Awwwwwwe! Such a cutie!

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yes, I saw this video on FB, but it is well worth it to watch again!

I can see why Breanna would like to interview you from all people - you are her hero! Very sweet! Loved the giggle the two of you had when you mentioned her skipping school and hoping the teacher wasn't watching! classic! Smiling

Thanks for your continued advice and motivation!

Breanna's Wisdom

Wow ! You know that comment, "out of the mouths of babes ", well Breanna's questions were so wise that I was thinking maybe you wrote them Dean, until you said you hadn't seen them yet. Such simple questions but with such profound perspective to them. Amazing really ! You both are blessed to have each other !

Bre"s interview

WOW!!! How Cool was that.....

Great interview

Great video.
The questions from your daughter were very mature and wise as well your answers Dean.
Thank you both.

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