Weekly Wisdom #269 - 2014 Kickoff

I hope 2013 was a great year for you... and here is the great news: Whether it was spectacular or drastic, it's behind you. Either way, your past is there to be research and development. So now it's time to take those lessons and use them as wind behind our sails and make 2014 a year or transformation and fulfillment.

This week I dive into how to to crush the old stereotypical "New Years Resolutions" and start making solid steady progress that will make all other years jealous of the success you will achieve.

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Cheers to an amazing 2014!

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Great message Dean! I set goals earlier today so this message was very timely for me. Thanks for sharing your process for goal setting. Life is a marathon!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the EDGE and getting more involved in your community!!! I WANT TO HELP TRAIN OTHERS!


Fresh start

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Hi Dean,

Sweet! Thank you for another great weekly wisdom.
Great motivational speech!


2014 Kickoff

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Hi Dean,

Thank You for appreciating us......

And the DG Family appreciates you more than you could ever know.....Smiling

Happy New Year To All......


Its a Marathon!

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Hey Dean!

So true, I want it to go fast and become financially free very quickly but I know I have to keep reminding myself that it takes time and continued action to get there.

When I think back to my first marathon, I thought 26.2 miles was a LONG way but I trained and worked up to that distance and that gave me the confidence to not be overwhelmed.

Thank you for the tip on attaching emotion to my goals and making them smaller so they build up to something larger. One step at a time and before I know it I will have traveled miles!!!

Make it a great week!


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This is so very true about doing a little at a time.

Actually, when I see new people posting, "I HAVE to do this within 30 days..." it actually makes me pretty sad, because, most likely, they are going to be disappointed. There are a very few able to make that goal but it is not the norm.

But almost anyone who sticks with it, taking their one step at a time will eventually make it to their destination!

When you stop and take that look back, it will take your breath away!


Amazing message

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Thanks Dean for another message that drives home what we NEED to do to make 2014 our yr !! So many people get overwhelmed with all the pieces to put together. I love your pilot anology as it resonated with exactly how I felt when I started flying lessons AND when I first joined the success academy. It was like you said WOW look at all these instruments and WOW look at all the strategies and vocabulary I need to learn BUT if we eat that elephant one bite at a time and look back at each accomplishment we see that WE ARE INCREDIBLE !!!
Appreciate you and being a part of the Dg family

#269 Goals

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I couldn't think of a better motivation for the new year. Thanks for the "reminder",
To Dean, and all the staff, coaches, and all our DG Buddies,,,,,



Too Many Buttons in REI!

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Thank you Dean for another amazing Weekly!

When I first joined the DG family, that's exactly how I felt: too many buttons! But I remember one of your blogs where you said that if we talk the rei lingo every day, before we know it, it will become familiar language. That is exactly what's happened to me with everything I've been doing with rei. It didn't happened overnight, but by doing a little every day, and with the support I get from this site and the IE, I've been able to accomplish my goals!

I am looking forward to an amazing 2014!!

Thank you. We'll get the

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Thank you. We'll get the goals written down! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Inch By Inch Is How It's Done

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Dean I took your recommendation concerning diet and exercise. I run 1.5 miles per day, eat minimal carbs during the week, easing up on the weekends and managed to lose 28 lbs in one month. I still need to add a healthy Green drink to my diet. I listen to you on Weekly Wisdom and listen to everyone on Insider Elite, what a great learning experience. Tony Robbins is awesome on YouTube, I've learned so much. I may even be able to save my marriage, if not I can hold my head high and can honestly say I've done everything possible. This year I've learned chasing 2 rabbits , gets none. Listening to too many Real Estate Gurus clouds the mind and causes inaction. I've learned that it is not my job to make others problems or situations mine. This caused way too much stress and prohibits you from action. My most resent learning lesson which has been more expensive, is dealing with dishonest private money lenders who change the rules of the game in the middle of the transaction. Conclusion, make sure you get everything in writing, legal contracts are signed and documented, Absolutely No Verbal Agreements. Also make sure the Deed to the property can be used as collateral for the loan. Try to use someone local so you can see them face to face.
One last thing, I had a dream last night which was so vivid, you were in my home asking me why I wasn't doing all I could to succeed? My response, I was doing all that I could under my extremely difficult circumstances (Personal Issues, work family, private money lenders). You replied, Why are you not using Bandit Signs in my own neighborhood? Ooops!!! I agreed, I need to refocus my efforts and the results will come. I so much wanted to have my success video for the end of the year, but not yet. I will certainly be ready for next year. I promise myself to finish everything that I start. Be A Finisher!!! I will sleep when I'm dead. I will be traveling to San Tan Valley, AZ end of January 2014 to see my wife and sons to make a final attempt to save my marriage, maybe we could have lunch if you are in town? Thank You Dean You are a Pillar of Strength to me.

Great wisdom to hear heading

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Great wisdom to hear heading into a new year. I honestly admit I was one who thought you had to become a totally different individual overnight to become successful, but then I learned to take the small steps and then trying to change didn't overwhelm me, and before I knew it that's when things began to change in my life.


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Dear Dean, thanks for the appreciation--like I'm sure all of us appreciate you. Your "Life" is shooting for the stars. We are all shooting for the same.
Happy New Year,
Kevin & Jill

My Brother

Dean, As I sat Watching the weekly wisdom, I caught myself wiping away a tear. The reason is because, no matter how down I feel about myself or how rejected I feel from my career peers(Laid off electrician since April). Somehow, you seem to show me a new perspective on direction to my life. To me, you accept me for me, flaws or imperfections, failures, and shortcomings. This is truly a humbling moment. All of the information along with the life advice is welcomed, looked forward to, and much appreciated. One day I hope to meet you, and maybe spend some time with who I feel is a big brother who I look up to. Merry Christmas, and have a awesome New Year. Dan

I went through your training and bought a house

Dean, I went to the meeting in Livonia Nov. 22, I went to training in December, Marriott East Lansing, Mi., I closed on my home Friday the 27th, this past Friday. Isnt there a deal that if we close after 100 days, that we get a rebate from the training?

Thank You, Chris Lipkovitz

#269 2014 kick off.

Hi Dean, I have been a member since 2010, now in a better place in life and pressing forward.- now I am an insider elite member as well, I feel like this weekly wisdom's message is kicking me off in 2014 to a good start. I will take steps,study,learn,form an LLC.
and move forward--so in the future I can pay it forward to someone else..

Thank you

Tony from NH

Happy New Year! Thank you

Happy New Year!

Thank you Dean for the encouragement and for not giving up on me.

Blessings to you and your family in 2014.

Dean This Quote Reminds Me of You (-:

"I expect to pass through this world but once.
Any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."
~ Stephen Grellet(2 November 1773 – 16 November 1855)

You are above reproach May God Bless You and Yours.


Many thanks, Dean and all

This site helps counter balance the negativity in my life. I know this year has to be better. with education and positive responses every day. I feel like I know three quarters of the gages now, and its time to get the rest. It sure is good to be a part of something this big, and positive.

Things never happen in my time. I just need to keep preparing they always happen.

great information

Listening to your helped me reorganize my thoughts and plans for a better life than I currently am living. My thoughts touched on making plans for a great legacy for my daughter, other family members,
and friends.

One move at a time

You really want to know something, no matter what happens the rest of my time, I know that when I come back here,its like coming back to somewhere to "Focus,Pay Attention",and really get somewhere to clear my mind, and You,Dean G., always seem to make us want to push forward no matter what is happening outside of "Our D.G. Family.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and have a SUPER New Year.

one step at time

Thanks Dean: excellent blog. A reminder,new yr coming, set goals,pay attention, take action. I like the push for goals, one step at a time. Happy New year to you and your family, as well as your staff. Carol in texas


Thanks for the advice, I will accomplish all of my goals for 2014.

Making it happen

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Thank you Dean for sharing your encouraging video. There is times when you get overloaded and have to refocus. Doing 1 goal at a time is so great especially right now. My husband and oldest daughter just played a game and then I broke out the goal sheets for each of us. We each wrote down 3 goals in 5 different categories and then when we were done we read them to each other. This is to first step in making changes, writing it down. Then breaking down each one and how to achieve it is the next step. If we actually write it down and stick to it, we will make it happen.

Thanks Dean

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A great message that gives me ammunition to make it happen starting right here right now into 2014.


weekly wisdom

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Thank you Dean Smiling

2014 kickoff

It's Going to be a great year. Thanks Sam.

2014 IE

Hi dean.
Great message! I'm planning on making 2014 my biggest year yet!
Will you be offering reduced pricing for IE again? Unfortunately I didn't see your video in time. Please keep me/us informed, I am definitely interested in becoming part of IE.
I wish you and everyone here the best of luck in 2014!

You did not miss out!

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It's not to late for the training and to become a member of IE for the cost of a movie and soda. lol.. Kidding aside Dean did something amazing for his DG family..

Nick and everyone go back and watch the training and get involved as a strategy IE member right away. .Happy New Year all!



Reaching Goals One Step @ A Time

Awesome weekly wisdom....here on New Years Eve after watching this weekly wisdom and looking how far I have came and over came obstacles this Year 2013. Really Great year...worked on that stickin thinkin, read DG Books, Attended another Boots on Ground, networked and organized and reorganized Power Team in OH, watched weekly and daily wisdoms, purchased properties...etc.....
I have accomplished sooo much One Step @ a Time...
Looking forward to a GREAT 2014 and accomplishing more goals and doing what people will not do so that I can do what others only dream about. Thanks Dean/Staff/DG Fam. for all of your great wisdom AND Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year

I watch your wisdom.I like

I watch your wisdom.I like to watch them.I am going to retire in about 2 years or so.And owning another home.That would be perfect for a retirement gift.My back is not doing good at all.And having a house to rent out would help my future retirement.

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