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Placing notes

Dean I have never placed a note with you although I bought your system over a year ago. I am about to start business and I need to know where to find the paperwork to place notes and find buyers. If you check your records you will find my file. I plan to get busy at the beginning of the year.

Have you checked Student Resources

On the left side of every page of this website. Take a look at Forms and Docs.

Buyer for Property

I have this client who wants to sell his Multi-Unit property Owner Occupied:Y he wants to sell. Sales Price is $280,0000 the Property Value is $615,000 Property Value Established By: BPO it has other Liens there was a $40,000 Down Payment Loan to Value:100
the Note Position:1st Original Amount:$615,000 Note Balance:$615,000 Interest Rate:7% Payment Amount:$3587 Date of 1st Payment:2007-10-15 Payments made:Monthly Original Length:360 No. of Payments Made:36 No. of Payments Remaining:360 Day of the Month Payments Due:15 Next Payment Due Date 2010-10-15 Are Payments on time Yes Balloon Payment Amount: N/A Ballon Payment Due Date:N/A Are You Personally Receiving Payments On This Note? N Payors Credit: 600-699. What do I need to do to close this deal. What should I charge and where do I find a buyer?

If I close this deal there are many more in line waiting for me. I don't have any more money to spend. I have not read evedrything in your books. SFL you sent me was a blank. What I need is the paperwork and how to put it together. I know how to fill in the blanks all I don't know I can learn. All I need to know now is how to fill in the blanks. After I learn how to fill in the blanks everything else you have to offer will have more meaning. What can you do to help me. I am a Financial Consultant everything I do is real simple. I explain How the contracts work and the benefits of having the products and how to keep them. Real simple. E-mail me the contracts or paperwork needed and I will figure it out.
Thanks for your consideration,
Douglas L. Gates