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Hi Everyone, I have a question...
We finally met with a Realtor that we thought would be "The One". She is energetic, aggressive, loves to negotiate and has no problem putting in multiple low offers...She asked us to sign a 6 month exclusivity contract. (Is this normal)? Anyway, we were anxious to start working with her and gave her a list of properties we were seriously interested in. She slammed on the breaks and said we needed to get our financial ducks in a row first. She said in order to submit a contract we have to have proof of funds or a pre-approval letter. Again, it this normal or resistance? Is it possible to get out of a contract with them if we feel it is not a good fit? Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Deb

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The agent is right that you need to have proof of funds to lock up a contract. As far as signing a contract with an agent, I would not do that but since you already did it just make sure you find an agent who doesn't mention it. You can even let the agent know from the beginning that if they do well on finding you a good deal the first time then you will know how well they work enough to be comfortable with that agent to sign an agreement but I would only do it for a short term, but avoid it if possible. I hope this helps you & keep me posted on how your doing......Smiling

John A


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Hi DG Family,
I live in Central Florida but think I found a great deal in Birmingham Al. Is anyone from Birmingham that can help and possibly work with for %. Please Pm me. Thanks so very much.

Aloha & Mahalo!

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I live in B'ham

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Hey DArchino,
Just wondering if anyone ever helped with the deal you had in Birmingham. I know it's been a while since you posted that message but just thought I would check since I live here in B'ham, AL. I'm happy to help if I can.

My apologies .....

Hello Debbie,

My name is Ralph Brescia. I made a post last night in response to your inquiry for POF letter.

It was late and I may have acted/spoken too impulsively for which I am truly apologetic for calling your broker a "turkey". My heart was in the right place but obviously my head may not have been.

If I offended ANYONE, I truly am sorry! It's a lesson well learned by me to not act on impulse next time I feel strongly about someone standing in another's path to success.

Best wishes ... good luck and once again, I ask that you accept my most profound apology. I assure you there was no malice intended; just good intention having gone astray!!!


Ralph Brescia
Delray Beach